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Narm / Emergence

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  • A lot of the narration due to how the story seems to think that its characters are more interesting than they actually are.
    • What's especially hilarious is hearing these characters suddenly go from cliché OCs to waxing philosophical.
  • The swearing. The characters swear nearly every other sentence. It's probably to make the dialogue more "realistic", but after awhile they just sound like middle school children who swear constantly to sound "cool".
  • Sam, Issac, and Ben just assuming that Ruby Rose is just a very in-character cosplayer becomes this when you ask yourself these questions: 1. If Ruby is a cosplayer, what is she doing nowhere near any sort of 'con? 2. If she is an in-character cosplayer, don't you think its kind of creepy that she's stayed in-character for this long?
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  • Aaron thinking that Ruby Jones, Anna Weiss, Bella Blake, and Linda "Yang" Anderson could actually be the real Team RWBY at the slightest hint can get tiring really quickly.
  • Same goes for Ruby/Weiss and Blake/Yang being Mistaken for Gay.
  • Gavin's insistence that Yang can't be sexually attracted to women because... she's too feminine. It's probably supposed to be Deliberate Values Dissonance, but his reasoning can just come across as ridiculous since he never elaborates on it.
  • Willow asking Blake if she's a lesbian because she goes by a boy's name.
  • The chapter dedicated to Monty Oum's death suffers some serious Mood Whiplash, when Connor, completely out of nowhere, brings up the superficial resemblances Ruby Jones, Anna Weiss, Bella Blake, and Linda "Yang" Anderson have to Team RWBY and thinks that they could be the same people. Keep in mind, just moments before, everyone was just discussing the rather serious matter that Monty was hospitalized.
  • During the Valentine's Day chapter, Yang and Gavin go see Jupiter Ascending. The author has stated that they haven't seen the film at the time of writing the chapter, and boy does it show in Yang and Gavin's comments after seeing a movie infamous for moments like this.
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  • The fact that the way Cinder and her subordinates are defeated can be summed up as: "Just shoot at them enough times and they can apparently do nothing about it."
  • Cardin saying that the Terran humans can "kill each other to death" for all he cares. If that wasn't enough, the statement can bring to mind Superboy-Prime's whining.

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