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Narm / Dragon Age: Inquisition

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  • Animation glitches give us a lot of fun:
  • In romance cutscenes in Skyhold, soldiers can appear.
  • Michel de Chevin loves to be in every cutscene in Skyhold. Like this one.
  • The game of Wicked Grace. While this scene has moments in it that are genuinely hilarious, the scene also goes out of its way to show that the characters themselves are having a good time - although this can be quite sweet, the awkward animation used to depict these characters smiling and laughing leaves a lot to be desired.
    • The worst part is whenever someone tells a joke. These jokes really can be fairly funny, and so the characters laugh. But, whereas in Real Life where most people laugh all at once, the characters in-universe take turns. Seriously, they get jump cuts to their faces, each with their own response, including close with their laugh and line being featured with no other comments being given. And this happens for every single character! It drifts into the Uncanny Valley and beyond.
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  • The cutscene leading to the penultimate level is amazing, but it sure does feature a lot of map-stabbing. Hope you didn't need those to get to the important battle!
  • In the cutscene during the "In Your Heart Shall Burn" level, just after you fire the second trebuchet, one of your party members slaps you on the back to congratulate you, then looks up in shock as the Red Lyrium Dragon attacks. Or at least, it's supposed to be shock. Since the cutscene was designed so that it can be used with any one of your companions filling the slot, the animations and expressions can be kind of hit-and-miss. For some it looks like genuine shock, for others it just looks like they're going "Dohohohouh!"
    • Sometimes (read: most of the time), a party member doesn't show up, leading to an awkward scene of the Inquisitor being slapped on the back by an invisible force, and then zooming in on a rather shocked-looking trebuchet.
      • The scene was scripted with the idea that it would be Varric doing the affectionate back-slap; basically, the developers failed to account for the possibility of anyone not having him along for the mission, so they didn't animate anyone else in the scene. If he's not in the party, you get the weird scene described above.
    • The mission name "In Your Heart Shall Burn" itself sounds like a pretentious line from a So Bad, It's Good fanfic; others are named after quotations from the Chant, but this phrasenote  is chopped in half in such a way as to make no sense on its own.
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    • Another moment occurs if you sided with the Mages in the story quests prior to this one: At one point, the newly-arrived Cole gestures to a far ridge, where the Inquisitor's nemesis Corypheus stands overseeing the ongoing siege. This is all well and good, but the... pose Cole makes when pointing makes it look like he is doing so in the middle of a dance routine, as if he were about to break out into song about how evil the Elder One is.
  • Corypheus's lopsided face and shattered jaw in the ending, which almost looks like a model bug over an intentional animation.
  • Any time Iron Bull says "Ride the Bull." Although some people think it's cute anyway.
  • Most of Sera's lines become very narmy thanks to her facial animations and voice acting.
  • The part where the members of the Inquisition sing The Dawn Will Come after the destruction of Haven would normally be a moving scene, but Giselle's extremely overbearing French accent and Cullen's very loud entry into the song can ruin the mood somewhat.
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  • The Codex picture of a Hurlock looks less like a terrifying monster, and more like someone who stubbed his toe.
  • Every single time Cassandra makes a "Disgusted Noise." Much like the "Ride the Bull" example, however, this too can fall into Narm Charm territory.
  • The Inquisitor's Form-Fitting Wardrobe in Skyhold is beige, as the only color which can lessen the dramatic effect in certain scenes such the "official" crowning of the Inquisitor or giving judgments. It does have some shiny metal accents, but when you see it from afar, it looked like you're wearing a beige jumpsuit in contrast to your advisers' attire, and it really highlights the scrawniness of the elf body model. No wonder players are calling it "pajamas". In fact, there are several mods where you can change the color (if you hate the color beige) or add several designs on your suit.
    • Its 'popularity' was acknowledged by creative director Mike Laidlaw in an interview with Game Informer about the Trespasser DLC and the addition of a wardrobe:
      I know people will probably miss the current outfit, so it’s still there for the people who are in love with it – all three of them.
  • The timing of some of the approval notifications can be a bit... off.
    Vivienne: (mournfully) Bastien's dead. I can hardly believe...
    Vivienne Greatly Approves
  • Josephine's use of the phrase "when you returned from the bogs" during Movran's judgement scene. While she's referring to the Fallow Mire, "the bogs" happens to be British slang for "the loo," so if the player is familiar with that expression, the phrase can come off as Josephine deciding to mention the Inquisitor's most recent use of the privy for no apparent reason... which doesn't fit well with the serious nature of the judgments.
  • Speaking of the judgments, the British female voice can be jarring during the Sit in Judgment scenes, especially if she's normally fairly polite and soft-spoken.
  • Briala's attire in "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts." Every other woman of note at the ball wears either a fancy ballgown or military dress uniform. Briala... comes in an ankle-length dress, and footwraps that look like white socks at a glance. It comes off as her having no dress sense, or even an understanding of the term "formal attire," and makes it a lot harder to take her seriously as a result. It's entirely possible that it's meant as a studied insult.
  • Also regarding Briala, if you first encounter her after fighting Venatori instead of in the ballroom, she's less than polite to the Inquisitor. In the case of a human noble Inquisitor, however, her rudeness comes in the form of her essentially accusing them of being an alcoholic, saying how she's "surprised they got you sobered up" for the occasion. There is no explanation given for why she would say this, you can't react to it in any way, and it has nothing to do with the scene at all - pushing it into Narm territory as well as Jerk Ass.
  • Cassandra's personal quest, where you search Caer Oswin, includes a mostly well-written scene where Cassandra finds her apprentice dying of red lyrium poisoning. When Cassandra mournfully regrets not taking Daniel away from the Seekers, Daniel replies pitifully, "You know me, I wanted that promotion." It's such an out-of-place joke, and so weirdly delivered, that Cassandra's Mercy Kill loses any emotional torque.
  • At the end of "In Hushed Whispers", the party battles Alexius in the Bad Future he's created. It's a tense, riveting battle with waves of demons and an insane, grief-crazed magister—that ends with him on the floor gasping out "Time's... up...". The fact that such a cheesy pun comes right between Felix's death and the rest of your party's Heroic Sacrifice can send the mood flying all over the place.
    • Once you've defeated Alexius, Dorian will kneel down sorrowfully by his mentor's corpse, mourning him. Depending on which companions were brought for the quest, either a rogue in stealth mode or a pair of apparently possessed pants with no owner may walk by in the background. The result is less than dramatic.


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