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Narm / Dragon Age II

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  • During the "Dissent" quest, Justice makes a dramatic entry which leads to a battle against a dangerous Templar. But then the battle is over, and Justice just keeps ranting like an angry child and getting into a squabble with a mage that you're trying to save, possibly killing her for being afraid of him.
  • Romance scenes can often turn into this. Particular standouts include the ridiculous Isabela scene, and the awkward body positioning of the Merrill scene.
    • Look at male Hawke's face in the Merrill scenes. He has this stoic, piercing stare throughout half of it, and when he is in bed with her, he's looking up with a Thousand-Yard Stare. Regrets much, Hawke?
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    • A male Hawke can comment to Fenris post-sex — while Fenris is very obviously on the verge of a total mental breakdown — that "it can be a lot to take in". There's no indication of the nature of the joke in the dialogue wheel, so you can do this totally unintentionally while trying to comfort your extremely distressed Love Interest.
  • Sebastian's cry of "MAKER, NOOOO" upon seeing the destruction of the Chantry is unintentionally hilarious to some people.
    • Add to this the fact that he is a DLC companion, meaning the scene had to be created to work even if the player does not have him. Therefore, his scenes show him separated from the rest of the party, and the other characters do not acknowledge him or what he is saying. It makes his threats to raise an army and return to Kirkwall seem completely ineffectual with the way the party appears to shrug him off.
      • Which in turn, becomes Fridge Brilliance in itself. By that point, just one of your companions is enough to take down a horde of enemies before dying. What's an army compared to a group of One Man Armies?
      • If he does leave the party, then the next game he actually tries this, and unless the Inquisition directly aids him, Aveline and the city guard effortlessly hand him his ass.
  • There's a particularly awesome glitch where Aveline's battle cries will delay for several seconds until after the battle finishes. Cue the party trotting happily down a completely empty street and Aveline randomly yelling "HAAAAAUGH" at nothing. It's always the same battle cry and it's always hilarious.
    • Party members, including Hawke, sometimes yell really hard when they activate a sustained ability. It's hardly noticeable in combat, but do it out of combat—in the middle of the busy Hightown market, for example, because the character got knocked out during the previous battle and you forgot to reactivate the ability—and it sounds hilariously over the top and out of place.
    • As noted elsewhere, there is an unusual glitch which sometimes causes characters' battle cries to become stuck, so that they essentially repeat themselves continuously throughout a fight scene. It becomes equal parts annoying and hilarious to hear "Never fear, Varric is here!" every thirty seconds while fighting your way from the Docks to the Viscount's Keep.
  • If you convince Fenris to side with Hawke and the mages, he listens to what Hawke has to say, gives an uncomfortable "I, uh..." and then turns to Meredith and says, in the most clipped and awkward way possible, "I have changed my mind, human. I stand with my friend." He then goes to your side as if nothing happened. There's the possibility that this was done on purpose, but the genuinely uncomfortable nature of it makes the entire thing hilarious. Meredith's unimpressed reaction makes it even funnier.
  • After Leandra's death, Hawke's current love interest can sit with them and attempt to give them some measure of comfort. This is sweet. However, unlike Hawke, the party members don't change their outfits when they're inside the Hawke estate, meaning that they're still armored - and armed. This can become pretty silly once they sit down, and their mage staves/giant swords seem to phase or pierce through the bedding in its entirety. This can be fixed with some mods, but still.
    • Some of the characters are quite competent at providing the appropriate amounts of comfort and compassion - others, such as Isabela (who explicitly says that she knows she's bad at these things and should probably leave) and Fenris (who says something along the lines of "erm, does that help?" if you ask him to say something) are a little less so. While it's all in-character and rather sweet in its own way, their complete mishandling of the situation can be rather amusing, but at least in the right way.
  • Sympathetic as Fenris is, it's a little jarring and funny when he responds to Hawke being a mage with a monologue about how awful magic is, before interrogating you on what you use your magic for. The speech itself sounds like bad poetry.
    Fenris: It never ends. I escaped a land of dark magic, only to have it hunt me at every turn. It is a plague burnt into my flesh and my soul... and now I find myself in the company of yet another mage.
    • A vast majority of the scenes that focus on Fenris burst into his own theme music; what makes this jarring is that he's pretty much the only character for whom this happens, and it's always the same piece of music regardless of what the tone is meant to be.

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