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Narm / Devil May Cry

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"These cuts represent the editors not knowing the term 'Unintentionally Funny'."
Hades Riffs on the Dm C Devil May Cry Developer Diaries

  • Devil May Cry has very inconsistent translators and thus has the unfortunate tendency to fall right into these. Fans still cherish Dante's sorrowful cry over Trish's dead body after the Mundus fight: "I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIiiiiiIGGGGHHHTTT!" For an edgy Stylish Action video game, the line wouldn't sound out of place in a Kingdom Hearts game, which tends to be filled with Anvilicious dialogue revolving around Light Is Good and Dark Is Evil, and it isn't helped by the fact that Dante's voice cracks halfway through yelling 'LIIIIIGGGGHHHTTT!', which then echoes dramatically as the music swells up at the same time.
    • Dante himself is a barrel of narm. Is he cool? Yeah, but that doesn't stop the fact that the dude is the literal embodiment of 90's action movie cheese. It's a wonder how he survived to this day.
  • In 2, Lucia's accent disappears mid-sentence.
  • Then we have the glorious, squealy Large Ham that is Arius:
  • 3 had some truly wince-worthy moments. The cutscene before the boss fight with Lady leaps to mind.
    • "...And now, my soul is saying it want sto stop youuu!"
  • 4 continues the tradition of narm with insanely corny one liners and a secret ending that looks like it came from Charlie's Angels.
    • It is worth mentioning, however, that many people are used to the overly narmy sequences in Devil May Cry, it becomes laugh-out-loud funny, particularly in the fourth installment. The cutscene in which Dante shows off Lucifer and the secret ending above leap to mind, especially when the Double Entendre (single entendre?) is that blatant...
    • Let's talk about the fact that Dante is dressed like some sort of cowboy. With crotchless chaps.
  • From the Reboot:
    • While Sparda's fate is supposed to give the players horror, nobody can get over the fact that he was nearly naked in his only shot and that he looked close to a sadomasochist.
    • Dante and Succubus' trashtalk is close to being Narm Charm thanks to the Memetic Mutation.
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    • The voice acting becomes laughable with the lack of emphasis when characters make insults. Dante's voice acting is often hard to understand which resulted in comparisons with a participant from Gordon Ramsay's show.
    • Vergil's car is quite funny looking and even has a V. It has been nicknamed as the "Vergil Mobile."
    • Vergil's also packing what was presumably meant to be a Fedora of Asskicking, but considering his rebellious group tries to come off as a pastiche of Anonymous, it makes him look more like a fedora-tipping hipster with a bad sense of fashion trying too hard to look cool. Notably, the Definitive Edition removed the fedora altogether.
    • When Mundus unleashes his rage over Dante he simply pushes him with his hands. It almost looks like he is trying to hug him.
      • Meanwhile Vergil is just down the hall waiting for an opportunity, and pokes his face around the corner making a rather strange expression with his mouth open. Just this moment alone resulted in people calling him things like "Vorgul" due to how ridiculous it looked.
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    • In the DLC Vergil's screams of pain during gameplay can result in good laughs.
  • 5 has a number of moments.
    • Nero's scream right after his Devil Bringer is amputated by the mysterious attacker can come off as a version of the famous Wilhelm Scream.
    • Based on comments about the Gamescom 2018 trailer, Dante's motorcycle transforming into two spinning chainsaw blades is utterly cheesy and 100% awesome.

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