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Narm / Detective Conan

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This series has been running for pretty much two decades. It's bound to have many, MANY moments that are more hilarious than scary.

  • The "Moonlight Sonata" case is a brutal mix of horror and Tear Jerker. But the ridiculous face that the first "victim" makes in the flashback when he learns that the soon-to-be Sympathetic Murderer is the child of the pianist he and others killed and then dies of a heart-attack is... distracting. If the viewer's in a somewhat more cynical mood, poof goes the drama.
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  • In the "Reunion with the Black Organization" episode (176), there's a moment where Haibara's hallucinating about Gin coming towards her, yelling her name in a supposedly creepy way. It's supposed to be creepy and scary, but the way Gin calls her name out makes it too narmy to watch without bursting out laughing. His voice is just too overdone. "Sheeeerrrryy".
  • The superhuman force of Conan kicking his soccer ball has more or less become a staple trope of the series, but there are times when even that gets carried a tad too far. Such as in the 17th movie, where Conan kicks a ball at a criminal jumping down from the top of a ship while he's on the front deck and the force of the ball is so strong that when it hits said criminal, it sends him rocketing right back upwards several meters to where he jumped down from.
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  • In the anime only case "A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs" there's the scene where Conan figures out how the culprit committed the murder. It involves a focus on scattering pearls, followed by Conan apparently getting knocked backwards and crying out due to his own realization. Technically, he wasn't actually knocked backwards, but the visual is still narmy as heck.
  • In the "Séance Locked Murders Mystery" three-parter, the reveal about one of the victims and her actual ties with the Sympathetic Murderer is made of tears. Bad thing, the Sympathetic Murderer's reaction to the revelation is so ridiculously exaggerated that it sends a genuinely sad scene into this trope.


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