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Narm / Detective Conan

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This series has been running for pretty much two decades. It's bound to have many, MANY moments that are more hilarious than scary.

  • The "Moonlight Sonata" case is a brutal mix of horror and Tear Jerker. But the ridiculous face that the first "victim" makes in the flashback when he learns that the soon-to-be Sympathetic Murderer is the child of the pianist he and others killed and then dies of a heart-attack is... distracting. If the viewer's in a somewhat more cynical mood, 'poof goes the drama.
  • A few of the Opening themes try very hard to make Conan look like an action packed series. The fact that the series generally isn't makes them look ridiculous. One of them has Conan hang-gliding...
  • Let's not forget that whenever there's a crime with more than one suspect, they try way too hard to make the other suspects seem suspicious in the dramatic thought scenes in Shinichi/Conan's head. Even if they have done nothing even remotely sinister or implicative besides be in the episode, it will still show an image of all the suspects angrily or smugly scowling while looking over the corner of their eyes. Even funnier if the suspect actually has a Slasher Smile.
  • Some of the terrified expressions plastered on the murder victims's faces are so exaggerated that they're too hilarious to take seriously.
  • In the "Reunion with the Black Organization" episode (176), there's a moment where Haibara's hallucinating about Gin coming towards her, yelling her name in a supposedly creepy way. It's supposed to be creepy and scary, but the way Gin calls her name out makes it too narmy to watch without bursting out laughing. His voice is just too overdone. "Sheeeerrrryy".
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  • The superhuman force of Conan kicking his soccer ball has more or less become a staple trope of the series, but there are times when even that gets carried a tad too far. Such as in the 17th movie, where Conan kicks a ball at a criminal jumping down from the top of a ship while he's on the front deck and the force of the ball is so strong that when it hits said criminal, it sends him rocketing right back upwards several meters to where he jumped down from.
  • In the case of the the first Latin-American Spanish dub, the Dub Name Changes were taken Up to Eleven and reached this trope. Not only some regulars in the cast got their name changes in almost every apparition, but sometimes the dubbers chose either antiquated or downright ridiculous Unfortunate Names to slap on either them or one-episode charas. The results went from just average, to stupid, to hilarious, to straight-up what the HELL levels. Thanfully the other two dubs decided to just keep the Japanese original ones.
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  • In the anime only case "A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs" there's the scene where Conan figures out how the culprit committed the murder. It involves a focus on scattering pearls, followed by Conan apparently getting knocked backwards and crying out due to his own realization. Technically, he wasn't actually knocked backwards, but the visual is still narmy as heck.
  • In the "Séance Locked Murders Mystery" three-parter, the reveal about one of the victims and her actual ties with the Sympathetic Murderer is made of tears. Bad thing, the Sympathetic Murderer's reaction to the revelation is so ridiculously exaggerated that it sends a genuinely sad scene into this trope.
  • The anime's censorship in regards to corpses. Now that the eyes of every corpse are closed, it heavily loses the impact of their death. While this is intended to make it look less brutal, it is still distracting in the long run and takes too much away from the drama.
  • The series kind of abuse Static Stun Gun trope that make some badass characters into helpless. Jodie was knocked out with stun gun by bank robbers and almost killed by their bomb when she's unconscious if not for Detective Boys and Scar Akai, of all people. The most notorious case is during the Policewomen Murder Case where the culprit effortlessly killed two policewomen (one of them being a judoka Action Girl, no less) when they're unconscious after he knocked them out with stun gun.


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