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Narm / Code Geass

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Pictured: An average day for Lelouch.

"Everything is Fabulous"

—A Gag Sub from the second opening of R2

Code Geass is an epic mecha battle between the forces of the Black Knights and the forces of Britannia. It's also infamous for the complete lack of subtlety and restraint that affects almost every scene in R2. Dramatic scenes are constantly ruined by bizarre faces that appear to be drawn by people who were having way too much fun. Also it has bizarre clothing designs by CLAMP that are basically the clothing version of the robots from G Gundam. The general over-the-top nature of the show, especially in the second season, makes it a very entertaining MST piece, depending on how cynical your viewpoint is.

Please note that many of these may also be considered camp or jokes that were taken too seriously. With this show, who knows? Or maybe we're all just too cynical for our own good.


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  • Can we just talk for a minute about how Lelouch's nickname "Lelou" is pronounced more like "Lulu"? Just... Lulu.
  • While the Product Placement managed to mostly avert this by not being too heavily overdone, it manages to become Narmy via Fridge Logic: This is an Alternate History, where the British took over America, flip-phones and Humongous Mecha exist in the 1960s... and yet, we still have Pizza Hut?!
  • The unnecessary whoring of Pizza Hut can be quite constant. Yeah, the place has good food, but we have commercials for a reason.
    • Especially great because "heil" is pronounced in German. Possibly deliberate, to make the Britannians evoke Nazis.
  • Anytime a character gives a big frown it looks ridiculous.
    • Plus the way Clamp designed their faces... whenever we get a profile shot of a character their noses look insanely huge, and their upper lips look to be a part of their noses and their chins look rather pointy.
    • Whenever a character widens their eyes or their pupils shrink.
  • This magazine art is not a promotion for Code Geass, the anime. It is a promotion for Code Geass, the porno. I mean, Lelouch and C.C.'s pose is suggestive enough, but C.C., WHERE is your hand going? Was Lulu not enough for you? Do you really need Suzaku too? (not that we blame you)
    • Actually the image falls apart the more you look at it since A) Lelouch is for no reason just holding onto a random bouquet of roses B) the Zero cape is buttoned at the top yet flowing wildly in the back despite only slightly going over the arm and you can see the cape ending right next to his leg C) Suzaku is drawn quite largely as a symbol of him being closer to the camera, yet C.C's hand is going in front of him, meaning that either he is leaning forward at the chest, or C.C. can bend her elbow in any direction D) C.C. has a shirt and skirt that are made of spandex and ride up her ass like it was made to do that E) her shirt does the same thing to her breasts F)Suzaku's index finger seems to happen independently from the rest of his hand instead of following on from his middle finger and G) Lelouch's right hand has the pointiest bones to have ever been drawn.
  • The use of "United States of" where it doesn't belong. No, Japan and China don't have States, so it's ridiculous to name them as such.
    • This was because the Japanese name for the United States of America literally translates out to something like "America Joined Populace Country," or the United Masses of America, but the translators apparently didn't pick up on this.
  • Schneizel is brilliant and formidable, but the fact remains...that his name is Schneizel.
  • Several times Lelouch frequently comes off like the "MY PARENTS ARE DEEEEEAAAAADDDD!" Batman meme.
  • Suzaku's spin kick. It earned him the fan name Spinzaku! Then again, the staff lampshades this in picture dramas, so they must have thought it was funny too.
  • Any scenes involving the Britannian Emperor and his ridiculous hair. In real life, British judges wear those kinds of wigs. The problems:
  • The designation of Japan as "Area 11" isn't too bad at first... but people screaming "eleven" in anger may remind some viewers of heated internet arguments.
  • The major theme of racism may range from being unconvincing, or even ridiculous, considering the series' art style makes Japanese and Britannians visually interchangeable!

    Season 1 
  • The part where Euphie tells Suzaku "I command you to love me" in Episode 20 of R1. It makes more sense in the context of the following dialogue, in which she helps him get over the shame he feels after retreating due to the "LIVE!" Geass (and because she knows that's the only way to get Suzaku to respond to requests like these), but it sounds quite funny when first said. Shippers tend to see it as Narm Charm most of the time.
  • Lelouch strikes some truly fabulous poses throughout Geass, but his best is in Episode 23 when he throws his arms out and cocks his hips to side while declaring "The United States of Japan." A casual viewer would be pardoned for half expecting him to challenge Emperor Charles to a dance battle for rulership of Japan. At the same time, many fans also happen to enjoy that pose and all the other gestures Zero makes.
  • At one point when Cornelia is trying to convince Euphie to pick a knight, she offers a list of approved Knights of Honour. The list, while containing few truly Britannian sounding names, is not too unrealistic... until we get to one name in particular. Ladies and gentlemen: Baron Schutenkin Gordiengo The Third. Make of that name what you will.
    • The other names, while not nearly as absurd, still aren't much better. Where else would you see "Zectole Vignal Jr" and "Viscount Les Maradi" in the same place? This was a problem with Britannia in general; despite it being a British empire based in North America, most Britannians have inexplicably foreign names (take Prince Schneizel, for one).
      • While on that note, apparently, names like Lelouch, Nunnally, and Euphemia aren't seen as strange and thus are apparently not unique in the world of Code Geass, despite the three surely being well-known because of their royalty. Nobody puts two and two together and realizes that the pair of siblings named Lelouch and Nunnally Lamperouge have something to do with the supposedly dead prince and princess named Lelouch and Nunnally vi Britannia. Nor does Suzaku realize that the woman named Euphemia may have something to do with Princess Euphemia.
  • The showdown between Lelouch and Suzaku at the end of Stage 25 goes over the top when Lelouch pulls out the liquid sakuradite bomb out of nowhere.
  • Tohdoh's name, which isn't narmy in itself until the English dub which occasionally sounds like "Toto" from Wizard of Oz.
    • Especially if you speak Mandarin Chinese, where "Toudou" is the Pinyin/pronunciation for "Potato."
  • Two words: Lloyd's voice. You just can't be taken seriously when you sound like a grown-up Stewie.
    • His Japanese voice actor is even goofier if you can believe that. The staff even calls attention to letting his VA do whatever he wanted with the role, so the fact he's hilarious at it makes sense. The guy sounds like a character from Ōkami! At least he doesn't sound like he's eighty in the dub...
  • Kallen's assertion to Suzaku that she's Japanese and not Britannian would be more dramatic if they didn't have her naked during the whole scene in an episode whose first half was mostly comedy.
    • On that note, how can anyone take what's supposed to a heartwarming moment between Lelouch and Euphie seriously when Euphie's nearly naked? There are certain scenes where Fanservice works; these aren't them.
      • It's implied that Euphie had been in the water, and in the scene where she and Lelouch are speaking, her clothes are clearly laid out on the rocks to dry. Thus, it is heartwarming, because it means Lelouch gave her his cloak to spare her dignity
  • Kid!Lelouch saying he will "obliterate Britannia" in episode one of the English dub.
  • In episode 16 of R1 after Mao messes with Suzaku, Lelouch gets pissed and orders Mao to "Never speak again!" Then when Mao went outside to meet C.C. who told him "I did love you, Mao" and Mao responded with "Grkhg gglgh grggkh glaarble!"
    • Another Mao and C.C. Moment is when Mao shoots at C.C. and each time she gasps like she's having an orgasm.
  • The green tassel on Lelouch's White outfit.
  • Ten-year-old!Lelouch marching in on his father, asking him why the hell he didn't lift a finger to defend Lelouche's now-dead mother. If a little kid acting this tough isn't hilarious enough, he does it wearing a black-with-red-trim-gigantic-upturned-collar-you-heard-me-it's-a-vampire's cape.
    • "My mother is dead!" "Old news, what of it?" Funniest Kick the Dog ever.
  • Someone from the writing staff of Code Geass thought it would be a good idea for Psycho Lesbian Nina hump the corner of a table to a photo of Euphemia. When did Vince McMahon begin writing anime?
    • Though it does introduce us to the legend that is Table-kun.
    • Nina's look of absolute terror when Euphemia announces there will be a Nippon settlement where the Japanese have equal rights.
    • Nina's expression when she learns that Euphemia was killed. It's the most disgusting facial expression in the entire series. Oh, just look already.
    • Not to mention when Zero is still alive at the start of R2. It's much funnier and adds to the (possibly intended) comedy of giving her such wildly exaggerated expressions.
  • The entire Euphinator incident, especially when she suddenly started gunning people down with a machine gun while kids cried in the background. Or when Euphemia is on her death bed and we cut from her dying moments to a crowd of Elevens shouting things like "Kill that witch!". Narm is subjective, but by the gods, Code Geass = Best (Unintentional or Intentional?) Comedy EVER.
    • Forget the scene itself, which was actually kind of tragic, if ridiculous. The issue is the massively contrived Ass Pull that led up to the event. Lelouch's Geass just had to permanently activate right when he made a forced joke that one would probably only make under the influence of bad writing.
    • The part where Euphie ordered the assembled Japanese to commit suicide but then said that she knew they wouldn't go along with it so she had to kill them herself was funny because of how cutesy (and at times, slightly catty) her voice sounded and how direct she was in making a command like that. In fact, it can be argued her attitude gives the sequence some Narm Charm or even Black Comedy value.
      • For Japanese language-savvy people, she's also speaking EXTREMELY politely. It is borderline Uncanny Valley.
    • How about the events that set it off in the first place? Lelouch, super-genius that he is, happening to remark "Why, I could command you to kill all the Japanese!" out of nowhere and that, a totally rhetorical statement, turning into a command? The entire thing is absurd.
      • Mind you, Lelouch does have an unusual tendency to mess up in spite of his formal intelligence. In a way, the sheer absurdity of this event has internal precedent, but it doesn't change that this one might still be too much for some folks.
      • What does it for me is that everything was going so well till Lelouch had to open his big mouth, and everything just snowballed from there in mere minutes. It passes tragedy and loops back around into being kinda funny. Then again, you could argue that can also be considered a case of tragicomedy at work, which some will see as Narm and others won't.
      • The scene of Euphemia on her death bed with Suzaku lying to her about her last hours of life would have been a really good emotional scene, if it wasn't for the cheesy J-pop song playing in the background.
    • And then, right afterward, there's Dietard and Rakshata hacking the television sets, thinking this was all of Zero's plan that went beyong anyone's expectations. And those in charge of such sets are shouting at each other to stop it as it was going out live to the ENTIRE WORLD.
  • The dub has Kallen's hilarious yet awesome line from the first episode:
  • Ryōga Senba has what appears to be a clitoris on his forehead.
    • For that matter, if you look closely, Tohdoh's face is almost comically scrunched.
  • In Episode 3, during Kallen's shower scene, Lelouch answers the phone and the person on the other line wanted to speak with Kallen. Instead of having her step out of the shower to answer the phone, Lelouch gives it to Kallen while she's still in the shower.
    • Of course, she was on the far end of the tub from the showerhead, so it's less likely to get wet (other than from the water on Kallen's hand, of course). And I mean, Lelouch was trying to be a gentleman and preserve her modesty.
    • ...but the animators weren't, so you could say the effect may have been ruined. Unless it's also part of the joke.
    • Many a suspense scene in Geass was downplayed by taking place half in the shower, or similar. How can you take anything Kallen says too seriously when she's often partially naked? The creators were admirably good at finding excuses for her to be so.
  • "JIBUN WOOOOO!!!" (the first words from the first opening).
  • Lelouch's fabulous white horse is the very definition of Narm.
  • The complete and utter lack of guards in the 24th episode of season one in any situation that would warrant guards.
  • In Episode 21, in what's supposed to be a lighthearted comic-relief episode are two hints of incest.
    1. While Cornelia had assembled the Glaston Knights, Schneizel speaks of her skills on the battlefield, but ends up sounding more like he's putting the moves on her.
    2. In just one random, out-of-nowhere question, Nunnally made a heartwarming moment between half-sisters completely awkward when she asks Euphemia about the time they got into a great big argument about who would marry Lelouch. Then she asks "So how about now?"
  • In Ep 13 of R1, Lelouch finally realizes that his declaration of war on Britannia might kill innocent people. Then he Wangsts about it by punching a wall over and over again...while naked in the shower. While bent over. Who said Kallen and C.C. get to have all the fun?
    • It's funnier when he resolves his deciding to kill more innocent people.
  • In Episode 7, we get this.
    Lelouch: V-8, this is Zero. I want a status report now.
    Guy on other end: Screw your status report! AAAAAH-!
  • Jeremiah getting fried by Kallen in Episode 10 of Season 1. His outraged expression is pure comedy gold. In fact, his outraged expressions, in general, could run a close second to Lelouch in facial hilarity.
  • Jeremiah is so over the top in the Season 1 finale that it's hard not to laugh during an incredibly tense episode. He literally screams every single line at the top of his lungs. Granted, he's gone insane at the time...
  • The Siegfried mecha, which not only looks like a giant pumpkin but also spins like a top.
    • Not a pumpkin—it's a giant orange! Though suddenly getting the Visual Pun will make whatever scene the Siegfried is extra funny. Possibly intended to be humorous, given the whole story between Jeremiah and the "Orange" in-joke.
  • The face Lelouch makes after he finds his mother dead in the flashback. Considering how horrible the characters' faces look whenever their eyes go small, you would think the animators would stop doing it and go with things that work, like the face Shirley makes when she dies. Lelouch's face worked well until his eyes got small again and made him look ridiculous.
  • The outfit that C.C. wore when they first met Mao. It's like an outfit you would put on a chimpanzee.
    • The outfit could do without the ridiculous hat. It looks like something Michigan J. Frog would wear.
      She ditched the white clothes. Now she looks like a cross between a French Maid and a Vietnamese hookernote 
  • Suzaku cutting the bomb in episode 16. He looks like Peter Pan. There should have been two sets of wires: one for the bomb, one for Suzaku.
  • Nobody wants to bring up the end of the very first episode of the series, where the music that plays after Lelouch's massacre of the soldiers is punctuated by the most ridiculous trumpet noise and 80s saxophone known to man?
    • To both this one and the other music one above, everyone was too caught in the moment to even care about the BGM or something. Or they actually liked it.
    • Well, maybe that commander just likes to shoot Marvin in the face a lot. I'm sure it was nothing...

    Season 2 
  • Practically everything that comes out of Jeremiah's mouth post him joining Lelouch, although it is effectively closer to Narm Charm since both fans and creators alike appreciated Orange.
    • "Taste the storm... OF MY LOYALTY!!!"
      • Even more ridiculous considering the storm of missiles just hits Suzaku's energy shield, so he's basically hamming up for hamming up.
    • One subbed version gives us this wonderful line from Jeremiah Gottwald, Large Ham Extraordinaire: "ORANGE IS THE NAME OF MY LOYALTY!!!"
  • Also in R2, Lelouch's downward spiral, wherein he turned to drugs and then asked Kallen for "the comfort only women can provide." Presumably this wasn't intended to be hysterical, but when those words are coming out of Lulu's mouth...
    • The incredible speed with which Lulu reaches rock bottom is also hilarious. It takes him all of one day to turn to drugs... Also, Rolo showing up right after the "comfort" scene, given how Rolo acts towards Lelouch, is rather amusing.
  • Lelouch becomes hilarious once you notice that Zero is the Large Ham version of Batman. Especially when you notice that his helmet looks like the Black Ranger's... and then you realize that his English VA played a Black Ranger.
    • On a related note, the director has said there was in fact some intended Kamen Rider influence in the series, which makes having a rather Campy masked vigilante who makes such overblown declarations oddly fitting.
  • Episode 21 has Charles turning into Cannonball. No wonder he's known as "The Emperocket". Even more hilarious once you consider that his voice actor also voices M. Bison. Basically, Chuck just performed the Psycho Crusher.
  • Clearly, CLAMP have collectively lost their minds by the clothes Lelouch wears in Episode 22 of R2. It's the Pope meets 17th century Sea Captain.
    • Nobility tends to wear outrageous stuff. But then we get to that hat. It's like he was going for a Nice Hat, but failed and ended up with a gold-lined pillow on his head.
    • Suzaku's isn't much better. Did Lelouch design it?
      • It could have been designed and sewn by Lelouch. Lampshaded in one doujinshi.
  • Schneizel El Britannia, the Big Bad, constantly looks stoned. After he's finally geassed by Lelouch, it's even worse. And Kanon, his aidé, isn't much better.
    • Kanon assists Schneizel in both his public and private affairs. Whaa?
      • He says he's joking, but...
      • He said Schneizel likes "strange" people which is synonymous with "queer".
  • Lelouch's sword looks like a plastic toy, which is probably the only reason he's able to lift the damn thing one-handed. This ruined his whole ultra-dramatic death scene for some viewers, or at least created a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.
    • The Mutuality short story gives us two: first, the description of Lelouch's sword (the one that looks like its a plastic toy from Wal-Mart) as "The King's Sword," which matches the Pope Outfit as an attire of death. To be fair, the CLAMP design is much better. Second, the picture itself which, while the sword is improved, has Lelouch wearing what appears to be a kite for a hat and Suzaku, in an outfit that appears similar to a clown's outfit, about to kiss Lelouch's sword while looking at it in a face that can only be described as lust. God Bless CLAMP's lost sanity.
  • The scene of Nunnally holding the control to launch the FREYA/FLEIJA/WHATEVER lost some impact because the switch is embedded a purple scepter that wouldn't look out of place in a Barbie Princess movie. It's even worse after you see animated gifs of Nunnally pressing the top button repeatedly and real fast, as if the launcher was a sex toy. Or some of the stills that make it look like she's smoking a bong. Her big eyes certainly do not help.
  • Nunnally's fallen, and she can't get up!
    • Nunnally's ultimate enemy… STAIRS!
    • Does anyone find her huge eyes, especially when she is smiling, creepy?
  • Lelouch in the dub of the first episode of R2 is hard to take seriously if you've seen the dub of Eureka Seven because of how much he sounds like Renton, which makes him sound a lot younger than he's supposed to and definitely younger than he usually sounds. (It doesn't help that he's given the line "Filthy lying adult.") Rolo, who is supposed to convincingly play his younger brother, ends up sounding older.
  • How many times have Britannians with guns had Lelouch in their sights but never fired on him, while he gave his long pretentious speech about power and then Geassed them into killing themselves?
    • Amusingly subverted in R2 13. V.V. emerges from the shadows and starts breaking down Cornelia and Bartley about the nature of god, only to be immediately knifed in the face - purely as a precaution against geass, of course. There is a reason fans love Cornelia. He even compliments her on that when he's pulling the knife of his forehead.
  • V.V constantly saying "oh yeah" while otherwise remaining serious had more than a couple of people chuckling.
  • After a while, the sheer number of times Lelouch has the exact same bizarre shocked face makes it start to become hilarious. You have to wonder if the animators didn't sincerely start to find it funny at some point.
    • Would this expression happen to be the utterly ridiculous-looking one at the top of this page?
    • And also Ohgi's face when Lelouch blows up Mount Fuji under the Ikaruga. It's the equivalent of someone's face when someone stepped into dog crap.
    • Also narm: "when Lelouch blows up Mount Fuji"
  • The love episode has some of the weirdest facial expressions, which make it just as funny or funnier than the attempts at comedy. For example, when Lelouch runs into Shirley, she's first smiling and making some snarky comment; then she's crying; than she's smiling while crying; and then she throws Lelouch's gift back at him.
  • Pictured above: Lelouch's face after the FLEIJA destroys the Britannian part of Tokyo in the TV version. They fixed it somewhat for the DVD release to make it less comical.
    • Made worse when posters at the Code Geass LJ whipped out some pictures with Lelouch's mouth photoshopped upside down so it looks like he's laughing instead of brooding. It is both hilarious and disturbing.
  • In Episode 6 of R2, Lelouch and Suzaku both try to save Nunnally (who only knows that Suzaku is there). The force of Suzaku arriving, and Nunnaly saying Suzaku's name, makes it look like Nunnally blew Lelouch out of the ship by saying Suzaku's name. Imagine how much fun Fushigi Yuugi would be if that happened there.
  • From the Code Geass guide book comes the Suzaku profile that mentions that Lelouch died to atone for the sins of killing his psychopathic parents, that Lelouch wanted to spend his future with Nunnally, and that Suzaku's wish was fulfilled by a punishment that was a Fate Worse than Death, which makes Suzaku come off as a Masochist. Erm...
    • The statement above is made funnier if you know that, during a certain episode in R2, Anya asks Suzaku if he's a masochist.
    • Killing BOTH of his parents probably counts as one of the horrible deeds he did do, but it's still admittedly funny.
    • This is made more ironic by the fact that Suzaku himself tried to kill the Emperor one episode before Lelouch did. Still, Suzaku's bizarre sense of honor, combined with his own past, may explain why he listed that first among Lelouch's sins.
    • Not to mention that Lelouch can be said to have died for the sake of his own death wish; he had nothing to live for after losing practically everything. Atoning by living on to serve as a symbol of justice would have likely caused less deaths than the Zero Requiem.
  • Anya calling Suzaku a masochist, if not interpreted as just an in-joke, is presumably meant to show how dedicated Suzaku is to his cause. It becomes quite funny once you see the last episode of the series and some of the extra materials that are full of Ho Yay between Lelouch and Suzaku, which suggest that Anya's assessment is hilariously accurate.
  • The scene where Emperor Chuck gives the Ten Commandments becomes hilarious once you imagine him trying to get it on with his neighbor's wife.
    • He does have 108 wives, and they may have all been neighbours' wives at some time or another...
    • Being The Emperor has its advantages.
  • Nunnally's statements when she's made Viceroy are hilarious once you remember that, other than Lelouch, everyone thinks Euphemia was some nutcase who tricked the Japanese so she could kill them. Nunnally asking if what Euphemia did was wrong becomes Nunnally asking Suzaku if massacring the Japanese was wrong. Suzaku answers no. Way to look out for your people there, Suzaku.
    • To be fair, Suzaku knows about Geass, and while he might not have told Nunnally all of that, she probably knows Euphemia didn't commit genocide of her own free will, and was under a gag order from the Emperor not to speak of it.
  • A Distress call from a Britannian:
    "Sir Kururugi, bubbles— AAAAHHHHH"
    • Wait, "bubbles"?
    • Probably intended to be funny, but you can never be sure.
    • It makes you wonder if Zero plans his daring manoeuvres with the intent of making people both shocked at the brilliance - but also at the sheer ridiculousness of some of his ideas.
  • Diethard's obsession goes from a follower to something like a Camp Gay lover being praised..
  • Lelouch blackmailing Viletta in Turn 5 is rendered hilarious by how smug he's acting. He constantly seems about one second away from bursting out into evil laughter.
  • The oldest Prince, Odysseus, is supposed to come off like a buffoon. Instead, he comes off like a pedophile, making Japan=Britannia jokes even easier.
  • Every single time a Eunuch speaks, it's Narm because they are Camp Gay. The episodes they appear in are easily the funniest episodes of the series, and are funnier than most comedies.
    • Then there's the Eunuch who is also a midget. Nothing is more hilarious than a Camp Gay midget with no balls.
    • As the Eunuchs reveal their plan to kill the Empress, you see the Anime Chinese Girl in bondage with a BALL GAG! Way to keep turning apparently dramatic moments into comedy through Author Appeal.
      • Not just the Anime Chinese Girl. Kallen is also subject to bondage in that episode. One of the first scenes has her strapped to a table, while another scene has her in the same straitjacket C.C. wore through most of season one. Who thought giving her food while having her mouth sealed shut was a good idea?!
  • Xingke promises to show the Empress the outside world. It is dramatic right up until they Pinky Swear.
  • Milly's Stripperiffic outfit during the engagement party for the Emperess of China and Odysseus is a bit inappropriate; every conversation she makes, no matter how serious, becomes hilarious. God Damn you, Taniguchi!
    • Even without that outfit on, the conversation with Milly and Nina is inevitably hilarious once Nina starts screaming her head off because Milly offered to help.
    • Cecile's outfit in the previous episode isn't any better and it looks like the animators increased her breast size just to fill it in. Even Nunnally's assistant asks her why she's wearing it.
      • Cecile's seemingly variable breast size has been noted by a number of fans. It seems that her flight suit style uniform conceals her chest and makes it look smaller, even though all the other flight suits in the show (or at least the ones that Rakshata designed) showcase the wearers' assets.
      • According to the DVD's audio commentary for that episode, the idea was that Cecile donned the Absolute Cleavage dress for a date, but Lloyd hauled her away to help with the diplomatic conference and didn't give her time to change. Which is completely in character for him.
  • Manboob jackets. Why does the airbag feature on the flight suits expand each half of the chest separately without inflating anywhere else?
  • The scene where Zero states that the whole "the King must lead" would sound more impressive if it was the first move and not near the end of the game. The sheer stupidity of the situation (apparently Schneizel never moves his King in Chess) makes it hilarious.
    • Schneizel moves his King into check to taunt Zero. This is hilarious if you have a minimal knowledge of the rules of chess.
    • Schneizel gets Xingke to agree to let him lead because he never lost to Lelouch at chess. Given how Schneizel plays chess, that's seriously disturbing.
    • Even in season 1, depiction of Chess was far from accurate (no, being a telepath doesn't allow you to take so many paws like Mao does, especially if you're a beginner and play against a master who knows you can read minds). So, the illegal moves may be Lampshade Hanging or parody about Chess in Code Geass in general.
      • This is somewhat explained in that Lelouch is constantly critiquing himself, so he was thinking about his moves and Mao's possible moves, as well as the holes in his defense. He's practically giving Mao an instruction manual on how to beat him.
  • The opening part of the battle Schneizel leads is incredibly stupid. Okouchi, are you even trying to have this series make sense at all? Just imagine D-Day if F.D.R and Hitler kept moving their forces forward and back.
    • I just blame Schneizel and Lelouch for treating it as though it were a chess game. Thankfully, it ended rather quickly.
  • Nina's assassination attempt, which sports the funniest face ever that isn't Off-Model. How much thought was put into this episode and that animation? It's barely better than one of those Epic Fail screenshots.
  • Tianzi/Empress's reaction to Xingke, which is to scream "Xingke, Xingke, Xingke" while holding her pinkie up in the air. She sounds like Pichu in Super Smash Bros. getting kicked off the stage.
    • Even more hilarious if you are German and understand "Schinken, Schinken, Schinken!" which translates as "ham, ham, ham!"
    • The above statement is even more hilarious when you know Xingke has the same seiyuu as Marth in Smash Bros.
      • And even more funny if you know Jun Fukuyama, Lelouch's seiyuu, did Roy in Melee.
  • V.V's murder of Marianne goes from drama to farce because the ten-year-old boy pulls a machine gun bigger than his body out of Hammerspace.
    • What, no teabag?
    • Are you kidding? You could hide a small bazooka under that hairdo.
  • After Xingke becomes Lelouch's ally/slave, we get another overblown scene with the tiny little Empress where she cries in a ridiculous manner, which makes the whole scene hilarious.
  • Lelouch fights with the power of the hearts. OK, it's unfair; Japan didn't get Captain Planet or the Care Bears. But that line is Narm even for overblown Shōnen speeches.
  • It's hard to take Lelouch and Shirley's relationship seriously during the Cupid Day's episode because the sheer stupidity of the characters in the rest of the episode ruins any chance of drama.
  • Does anyone notice in the Cupid's Day episode that, when Lelouch saves Shirley from a giant mecha piloted by Anya, and they roll down the library stairs, both of their poofy heart-shaped hats stay on their heads?
    • Earlier in the same episode, Sayoko, disguised as Lelouch, is jumping and flipping around, and the poofy hat still stays on.
  • Lelouch intermittently begs Rolo to stop his Heroic Sacrifice for being constantly being stopped by Rolo's use of his geass.
  • Pretty much everything about the Anti-Sakuradite trap that Lelouch lays out for Jeremiah. First, the trap is sprung by a button hidden in an oversized chess piece that is incredibly gaudy and stupid-looking. It's the predecessor for the stupid button that Nunnally has later. Then Jeremiah makes this idiotic face, followed by what is supposed to be Lelouch being smug but instead looks like Lelouch being high. It ends with Jeremiah making another stupid face while saying "Gefjun Disturber... !"
  • The scene where Lelouch and Suzaku stop Shirley from committing suicide becomes somewhat silly. Because CLAMP's character designs give everyone super-skinny limbs, they end up looking like stick people hanging off a cliff. Shirley's left arm almost looks longer than her right arm.
  • The whole Jeremiah/Marianne relationship is incredibly silly, especially the scene where Jeremiah is leaking oil. Leaking oil worked in Samurai Jack, but it fails here because this time, it stayed on the face and looked idiotic. Also, Jeremiah comes off less like a loyal soldier and more like a hilariously creepy stalker.
  • The fansub that had Suzaku saying, "I'll now proceed to pleasure myself with this fish."
  • When Lelouch asks Rolo to give back the locket he gave to him, Rolo immediately turns into a big wimp and he's about to start crying over it.
    • Which, in the dub, makes him sound exactly like Shinji Ikari, given that they share their voice actor.
      • This could be intentional from the company's side, since Rolo and Shinji do look a bit alike.
  • After Bartley dies, you see a group of researchers from far away. While they're begging for mercy, the viewer just sees small figures standing like a massacre isn't going on; than they blow up. It takes things from a tragic level to something out of 8-Bit Theater.
  • The scene where the nun gave C.C. her code. She laughed crazily and said (essentially) "Now it's your problem!" It doesn't help that C.C. was naked during the whole scene for no reason whatsoever.
    • The dub changed it by having her say, "I'm sorry dear, but I'm afraid I tricked YOU!!" This was just as random, and arguably more hilarious.
  • The whole mirror cluster thing for three reasons:
    1. It literally happens a minute after Lelouch asks "what do I do?" when the mirror cluster is an obvious setup for such just an occasion. Thus, the "what do I do" has no purpose but to be dramatic and wastes ten seconds.
    2. The return of that damn button. (What were they thinking?)
      • The same button used to activate a Gefjun Disturber and detonate a bomb in Rolo's Vincent also opens a secret compartment in the Shinkirou?! It makes you wonder if Lelouch has separate buttons for every occasion or just one multipurpose button.
    3. It looks like a damn laser show. Having Lelouch use something like a compact mirror would make more sense and not look as stupid. We didn't need the laser to show us that the geass is going towards Charles.
  • Lelouch appears to have a heart attack out of nowhere; a minute later, he's fine. He didn't have a heart attack? What the hell was that, a scream of joy that just happened to look like a freaking heart attack?
  • When Charles attempts to kill C.C. and steal her code, why does he hold her like they are going to slow dance?
  • After he's revealed to be alive, Charles shows that he can make stupid faces with a smile that can only be described as one of those smiles that are made for picture day while trying to show as many teeth as possible to show how much you're smiling. It looks like the animator has never seen another person smile before, or was perhaps just having too much fun while drawing that day.
  • After C.C. reverts to acting like before she got her Geass, Lelouch takes over as the role of Mr. Exposition for the episode openings. But the writing is basically the same as when C.C. was saying it, resulting in Lelouch speaking of himself in the third person like some egotistical idiot.
    • Fridge Brilliance because it showed that Lelouch could barely do anything without C.C. and had to use her template for all the duties of hers that he took over.
  • Lelouch announces the name for the UFN, which causes mass shocked faces. You can argue that they were shocked by the founding of the UFN, but the shocked faces and gasps happen only after the name is announced.
    • They were going to call it the Universal Brotherhood of no Britannians, but that got shouted down at the meeting. Just imagine them using the British Isles to recreate the 'No Homers' routine from The Simpsons.
  • Luciano Bradley's nikcname. "Vampire of Britannia"? Obviously Code Geass has a different definition of vampires than ours.
  • During the talk with Gino, Bradley mocks him for being an Upper-Class Twit. Gino asks him if he thinks it's easy to become a Knight of the Round just by family name alone. Well, considering how incompetent some of the Knights are...
    • Mind you, put aside Monica and Dorothea, all other Knight of the Round has proven that they are a great pilot, even Luciano has proven that he isn't one of Britannia's best pilots for nothing by defeating Shinkiro and puts up a longer fight than Gino could ever hope to pull while fighting a 9th generation Knightmare.
  • After Emperor Chuck returns, he surprises Zero with a video. During the video, a camera angle is used that gets the camera man an extreme closeup of Chuck's nostrils. You have to wonder why the hell they just didn't keep using the regular camera angle of a simple straightforward shot. We don't need to the see the contents of Chuck's nose.
  • The seriousness of Lelouch's exile from Britannia in the dub is somewhat ruined because of young Lelouch's loud, whiny voice, courtesy of Michelle Ruff.
  • Luciano Bradley's mech has beam hips. Beams that come out of the mecha's hips.
  • Suzaku telling Lelouch that he's tired of lying, and then going ahead with Zero Requiem. Way to stick to your principles there, buddy.
  • Lelouch's apology to Suzaku which is ridiculously overblown and ends with Lelouch eating dirt - and that's meant literally, not metaphorically. The episode is even titled "The Taste of Dirt", which might count as putting a lampshade on it.
    • The official English title is "The Taste of Humiliation", which fixes it somewhat.
    • Suzaku telling Lelouch to become a true agent of justice rang hypocritical, considering what Suzaku himself had been doing as a Knight of the Round. (Which of course was lampshaded mere episodes later by Bismarck.)
  • Lelouch used a Geass on Guilford to make him think he's Cornelia. It's not surprising that Guilford would think that Cornelia is begging to be rescued and try to help her, but it's still rather hilarious that his mind would immediately jump to that conclusion.
  • Lelouch's escape from Schneizel is so badly animated that the bullets are literally going right through him (without causing damage).
  • Charles' Freudian Excuse is a CARRIAGE FALLING ON HIS MOTHER! How the hell does that happen? Was she walking one day when a rival just pushed a carriage off a castle and it landed on her head? They should have just gone with the anvil instead.
    • That means falling over his mother. That is, falling on their side. Maybe she was standing on the edge of the road, or below the cliff down which they fell.
  • When the Sword of Akasha starts slaying God, Marianne makes a weird face as if she was in the middle of an orgasm or something.
    • And her line to stop Lelouch from foiling the plan? "Lelouch, you ungrateful child!". You kind of expected her to complete the line with "Go to your room and think about what you've done!" or something.
  • Lelouch returns from the depths of hell? Is Japan really that bad? I mean sure, the place has some problems, but the depths of hell?
    • He meant the emotional hell he's been through. The World of C is the closest physical place to Hell where he's been recently too though, and which he had planned as a place of permanent imprisonment for himself and his father.
      • Besides, Lelouch is just being his old, overdramatic self.
  • Suzaku's spin kick when Lelouch takes over Britannia. Not only does it somehow snap a bunch of metal spears in half, but where the hell does he come from? This is pretty much the only way it could have happened.
    • Lampshaded by the staff, who have revealed they also considered having Suzaku just come out from behind the chair, but then it wouldn't have been as awesome/hilarious.
    • Please tell me you drew that yourself, it's freaking hilarious.
  • Honestly, the sheer amount of Villain Decay Britannia goes through leads to some rather hilarious scenes. Suzaku defeating two of the Knights of the Round in about 5 seconds. Funny as hell? Yes.
    • Better knightmare.
      • Better Knightmare AND Suzaku had 'weaponized' his forced drive to live by Lelouch's Geass.
  • Schneizel saying "This is so sad" when the man clearly shows no emotion.
    • Sarcasm.
  • Everyone in Britannia setting up for war, including dramatically setting up a pink Lancelot, because apparently since C.C. is a girl she wants a pink mecha.
  • Although this should count towards Narm Charm instead, while Lelouch declares himself Emperor, the design of the chair behind him makes Lelouch look like he has ears!
    • The ribbon Nunnally wears in her hair in the last chapter of Nightmare of Nunnally (Page contains major spoilers) has a similar effect.
  • The scene where everyone talks about why the fight has music that can only be described as a combination of Chinese music and Porno music.
  • The scene where a Britannian calls Lelouch a dictator. As opposed to what? His father was basically Adolf Hitler! Lelouch's rule is an improvement!
    • With the exception of all the bad things he was implied to have done, the taking over of the world, and the fact that he was aiming to make himself so evil that everyone forgot about Charles and the Euphinator incident in comparison.
      • The Narm from that is mainly derived from the fact that the series did little to explain the system of government under Charles' rule; you'd have to get all the supplementary material in order to know that Charles had 2 houses of parliament which, although not actually powerful compared to the big guy, still warranted mention. When Lelouch abolished the nobility and the big, Zaibatsu-like corporations, he also likely did away with the upper and lower houses, which represented each interest respectively.
      • Even without the supplemental material it still makes sense given simple human nature. Sure, Charles was evil, but he gave certain groups special privileges. Lelouch did away with that by abolishing the nobility (an act that is mentioned in the main series). Under Charles, Brits thrived and everyone else suffered. Under Lelouch, everyone suffered. People are much more willing to support and oppressive regime when they're profiting from it, but if they were to end up becoming the victims of such a regime you can bet they're going to turn to hypocritical whining about the injustice of it all in a heartbeat. Yes, it is inconsistent, but it's hardly surprising or puzzling.
  • Right after they explain that Suzaku is going to kill Lelouch, they have this dramatic slow motion of Cornelia's group making her move. A little late for that isn't it since Suzaku is about to thrust the sword when this happens?
    • But not too late to clean up the troops on the ground before they start shooting people.
  • Due to the fact that Guilford wore sunglasses indoors most people assumed he was blind due to injuries since that's the universal way to show your blindness. Then without explaining why he is wearing dark glasses indoors they show him with a gun, making it look like they gave a blind Guilford a gun.
  • The part toward the end of the China arc, in which Xingke attempts to protect the Chinese Empress from enemy gunfire with the Shenhu's spinning harkens. No, that part itself is not the narmy one, it's the little Empress's reaction; she begins to writhe as if she's having a seizure while she calls out to him. It's shown in profile, too, so her character design causes her to look like she has a muzzle or something.
  • Bismarck's line "My Geass gives me the power... to see the future!" In both the original and dub, the actor sounds like he's trying not to laugh when delivering the line. You half expect someone else to say they have a Geass that gives them the power... to make good brownies. It's that jarring.
  • How about the flying origami crane that trails rainbows in "World End"? How in the world does that make any sense!?
  • Episode 6 of R2, at the end, when Nunnaly is rescued by Suzaku when Zero/Lelouch is in front of her. Lelouch gets very disturbed by the fact that Nunnally decided to go with Suzaku and not with him. Which can be translated to "I can't believe she decided to go with her personal elite guard instead of a menacing guy she thinks is a terrorist".
    • Since when does Lelouch think rationally around Nunnally?
      • Yeah, but when your plan is to attack a Britannian fleet and kidnap the new Viceroy, and you already know that it's Nunnally, you'd better be prepared to actually kidnap her, especially when the ship is about to crash. Kidnap first, reason later man! Did he actually think that she would come along willingly with the man who has been killing her siblings left and right, and who she believes might have killed Lelouch himself?
  • In the Cupid Day episode of R2, Villetta seems quite nonchalant while describing Shirley shooting her in order to protect Lelouch, almost like the way she would be when telling her kids about how she first met Ougi.
  • When Suzaku asks Lloyd for the Lancelot before asking Schneizel the permission to kill the Emperor, the scene has a very looney toonic music in the background. Sure, the scene wasn't the most serious of all, but it was definetly not played for comedy either, so... yeah.
  • Kallen's stepmother's hair. Who does she think she is, Marge Simpson?
  • In one scene taking place in the Chinese Federation (early R2), C.C.'s part in one of Lelouch's cunning plans is rather made light of due to her choice of ornamentation for her vehicle.
  • The Chinese Eunuchs' comparison of the common people to garbage and insects is not only hard to take seriously considering their voices, but is also comically over-the-top even for an Engineered Public Confession, particularly when they break out in evil laughter at the end (See the link for the scene with the Empress' "seizure").
  • Possibly intended to come across as funny, but Lelouch: "Get on the ground and do push-ups!"
    • Not to mention that one guy yelling "YEAH, WATCH ME MOVE!" That just makes it WORSE!
  • Lelouch's death scene was so ridiculously bombastic and exaggerated that it spawned more than one parody video.
    • You thought Spinzaku was funny? Come and meet Stabzaku!
  • The cell-phone throwing incident in Episode 19 of R2 is mostly Narm Charm, but for some ears original Japanese dub ruins the drama by making "GET OUT!" sound like "GET KINKY!" Also, keep in mind that Jeremiah is hearing all of this on the other end of the phone.
    • Depending on your view, Lelouch's Villainous Breakdown at the beginning of that episode may count as a narm as well.
      • Suzaku's LOLzaku's laugh, both English and Japanese.
  • The face that Kanon makes after Lelouch defeats and successfully Geasses Schneizel.
  • As epic as the battle was, Jeremiah's leap into the air from his self-destroyed mecha to reach Anya's cockpit became hilarious. The way in which he pointed his arm blade towards the Mordred during the jump made him look like he pretended to continue fighting the mecha by himself. It looked to increase his already high badassery in so many points that the counter was about to explode.
    • Also, he beating Anya used the words "memorize" and "memory" so often that you would probably yell "Stop saying that!" before it was over.
  • Having the prisoners in the final episode bound with huge gold chains. Since when does Lelouch care about blinging out prisoners?
    • It was probably subtle forshadowing to what Lelouch and Suzaku were planning.
  • Cornelia, to Guilford, during the final episode in her moment of reflection: "There may no longer be any dignity or morality in war." Yeah, and clearly massacring civilians is just peachy. Stay classy, Cornelia.
  • Word of God stating that the cost for world peace was Lelouch's life. Except, of course, when you consider that said path was the result of Suzaku's earlier foolishness as well as Ohgi being led by his irrational love for Villetta into betraying Lelouch.
  • Did Lelouch just name a plan in Pig Latin? It sounds like Uptay Allifeiay, which would translate as Tup Iallife. What language is that?
    • It's Greek, actually.
  • Out of all the laughable poses in Code Geass, the one Zero makes to the Chinese Empress at the end of the Chinese Federation arc is so ridiculous.
  • In the anime, Emperor Charles saying Lelouch's name sounds more like he's impersonating a car's engine, especially when it's heard in slow motion.
  • Kallen's beat down of Suzaku while wearing a frilly dress was awesome but also kind of funny especially here.
  • Another scene that was a combination of Narm and Narm Charm, from episode 14 of R2: when the Geass-powered children see Rolo and greet him with "Hey, big brother Rolo!", and he greets them back...before killing them. It's straight-up horrific, but at the same time funny, the latter especially if you happen to have a sadistic sense of humor.
  • The first appearance of Lelouch and the other Ashford students in R2 is ridiculous, what with Rivalz dressed as Lelouch (how the hell did they pull that off so convincingly in the first place?) and Villetta's over-the-top reaction to him skipping class. Are teachers allowed to jump on students like that at Ashford?
    • Considering what Lelouch put her through (getting shot by Shirley, costing Viletta her old job, making her fall in love with an Eleven) she's probably milking her new job for all its worth.
      • Considering her reaction to Anya crashing through her part of the building where the OSI was located, she took her job a little too seriously. Not to mention what she herself put Lelouch through, and of course, poor, poor Shirley.
  • Speaking of Villetta, the ridiculous amount of sympathy she's given by the final stretch, both by the story, and by fellow characters, considering the disconnect from what she tried to do and also had a hand in throughout the story. In particular, when she laments that she wanted somewhere to belong in the final episode during the final war that she indirectly caused by helping instigate the betrayal against Lelouch, it's hard to believe her.
  • Lelouch's magical contacts are ridiculously easy to take off.
  • When Rolo holds Lelouch at gunpoint near the end of episode 3 of R2, his quote is very narmy: "Now, it's time for you and your Evil Eye... to die."
  • In the last episode, they chained up Nunnally's legs. Why bother doing that?
  • Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, but what kind of troll puts stairs in a crippled girl's room?! Seriously, Schneizel? Did you get the idea from Homestuck or something?
  • Nunnally's wheelchair in R2 doesn't resemble a chair with wheels so much as a giant teacup robbed from the Disneyworld ride.

    Manga and CDs 
  • Thanks be to Nightmare of Nunnally: ALICE, THE CODE GEASS!!!
    • We also had the Code Geass theory for explaining how Lelouch could have survived by having the Code without losing his geass. It was then quickly mocked by switching the names with the series Cowboy Bebop, to explain that Spike did not die, because he has inherited the COWBOY BEBOP!
  • One of the picture dramas has Lelouch insisting that the proper way to pronounce "majesty" is with a ridiculous amount of emphasis on the second syllable. "Yes, your Ma-JEESSS-ty!!!"
  • Mao calling Shirley "the wicked witch of the West" in the manga, which elicited a "WTF?" from the scanlators. The part at the end of the chapter where Mao gets dragged away by the crane doesn't help, either.
    • The line in the anime dub goes something like "You took advantage of your lover for your own gain. Only evil witches do that." It's still got touches of Narm but it makes sense given Mao's childishness. That line is just completely random (where did he even learn about the wicked witch of the west?).
      • West refers to her Britannia heritage.
  • Suzaku survives getting shot by his CO because the bullet was blocked by his dad's pocketwatch, right? In Suzaku of the Counterattack, this same scenario happens only this time, his CO shoots him in his face.
  • The initial terrorism in the "Lelouch of the Rebellion" manga. There's no killing of dozens to hundreds of people or using giant mechas. Nope. Let's spray paint stuff and break stuff. Though that does count as terrorism, people's reactions to it are like they're doing what the anime counterparts do.
  • In Nightmare of Nunnally, Lelouch/Zero projects an image of the Geass insignia from his hand when he uses his power; no problems there. But projecting it directly over his crotch? While he's standing over Cornelia's ruined Gloucester and preparing to finish her off? Good luck taking that seriously.
    • That's nothing! He also had the power to stop bullets by posing!
  • In the same manga series listed above, while Nunnally is at Shinjuku looking for Lelouch (never mind how she got there when she's blind and handicapped), she falls out of her wheelchair.
    • And there's the part at the end of Chapter 16 when, after canceling her contract with Nemo, she's completely naked.
  • In the Nightmare of Nunnally manga, a mistake in the captions shows Nunnally asking "What's the life of 1 damn Britannian?", and it's quite amusing to hear someone like her using profanity.
  • Mao's facial expressions during her (yes, her) Villainous Breakdown in Nightmare of Nunnally are hilarious, as is her screaming "ALICE!!! GIVE ME THE DRUUUUUG!!!!!!".
    • Mao's death has the unintentionally amusing yet disturbing part where her body disintegrates from the top down, leaving behind her exposed buttocks.

    Akito the Exiled 
  • The amount of racism in the first episode: if there's a chance for a European character who's not Malca to be racist, they will usually try to take it. Some think it's a bit overblown, at least compared to the original series.
    • For example, when Akito threatens a person by employing a racist claim about how good his people are with sharp objects, although it later turns out he was actually half-joking. Or the scene where Akito shows his military ID to that one truck driver. Previously, the driver had treated him like a fellow EU soldier, but afterwards he looked upon him in disgust. And that's before Fridge Logic sets in: shouldn't the truck driver have recognized Akito as Japanese up front by his facial features? Perhaps he initially thought Akito belonged to another Asian ethnic group instead, but this isn't made clear.
    • The generally bad situation of Displaced Persons counts as Reality Is Unrealistic, but one can argue that Akito the Exiled takes the concept and drums it Up to Eleven. Only in Code Geass is it politically correct to use DPs as kamikaze units (not to mention sacrifice military equipment along with them), as well as go through the full Ghetto treatment (even in the resident Federation). Thankfully episode two plays this down considerably.
  • Akito is under the effects of a Geass order that makes him and anyone it spreads to scream "DIE" over and over.
  • Shin Hyuga Shing's extravagant golden centaur Knightmare is both this and Narm Charm by combining BlingofWar with Lightning Bruiser.
  • Julius Kingsley shouting "KOUTEI HEIKAAAA"note  repeatedly as Shin Hyuga Shaing watches can come off as this. At least if you assume it's not intended to be amusing, but it can be seen as part of the property's long tradition of knowingly making dual use of its own indulgence in Large Ham theatrics. Beyond that, Julius Kingsley in general is essentially Narm Charm for many viewers who sincerely enjoy his presence and actions.



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