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Narm / BioWare

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Games with their own Narm pages:


  • Knights of the Old Republic has a few instances of narm. For example:
    • The final dialogue exchange in the Bastila romance subplot is rendered narmy when the player character makes Bastila admit she has fallen in love with him, prompting her to say, "Now, shut up and kiss me, you fool!" followed by a few seconds where she bobs her head ridiculously, then the screen cuts to black.
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    • When the crew is captured by the Leviathan about halfway through the game, the player is taken to be interrogated along with Carth and Bastila; if you play Revan as male, Bastila will be tortured with electrical shocks and if you play Revan as female, Carth will get zapped. Their dialogue is narmy enough ("NO! THE PAIN! THE HORRIBLE PAIN!") but what underlines it is when the "torture" animation stops and the character calmy straightens back into their "neutral" pose as soon as the shock treatment stops.
    • "And now, let's see if Revan can stand against the true power of the Star Forge! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" Oh Malak...


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