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  • In Tailsteak's comic "Band", there are two Brian Smiths. They met when one got in trouble for something the other did; they vowed never to reveal their middle names and they've been friends ever since.
  • One's a male human and the other's a female gorgon but they're both named Elan.
  • There are two very, very different "Angels" comics with characters codenamed Bubblegum: Angels 2200 and United States Angels Corps. The former is reasonably worksafe. The latter is not even worksafe in Hell.
  • When British rapper Skepta created a pornographic music video called All Over The House, hits on the webcomic All Over The House went up 1000%.
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  • A briefly somewhat important supporting character in Wapsi Square is a singer-songwriter named Heather Mills. This is never Lampshaded.
  • An internal example among Andrew Hussie's many works: "Lil' Cal" is a name he often used for various rapper characters, but it's probably far more remembered as the name of Homestuck's Demonic Dummy.
  • Cloud from Sandra and Woo was explicitly named after Final Fantasy VII's hero Cloud Strife by his parents. Unintentionally, the squirrel Sid has the same name as the sloth in the Ice Age movies.
  • El Goonish Shive and Guys and Dolls both have main characters named Sarah Brown.
  • Alien Hand Syndrome features a diffident young woman named Mina. Its B-Side comic Idly Falling Feathers also features a similar-looking diffident young woman, who wasn't named in the first few strips. Finally the author decided she was basically just another version of Mina, so...
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  • Brawl in the Family shares its name with episodes of The Simpsons and The Loud House.
  • There are three different webcomics called Roomies: one by Dan Canaan, the other by Andrew Dickman, and a third by David Willis.


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