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Examples Needing Sorting

  • Underhalls is both a Doom II level and a Hexen II level. It is also a synonym of Catacombs, both another level in Doom II (coincidentally, one exactly 20 levels after Underhalls) and in Strife (the last commercial game on the Doom engine).
    • "Catacomb" is the also the series title of several early id Software titles. From one of these comes the name "D'Sparil", or "Desparil" as it was spelled in Catacomb.

  • Lau the Chinese grandmaster should not be confused with Law, as in Marshall and Forest.

  • An In-Universe example from The Elder Scrolls series. Reman Cyrodiil was the founder of the Second Cyrodiilic Empire, and is known by his Red Baron of "The Worldly God". Reymon Ebonarm is a god of war worshiped in the Iliac bay region. The similarity of their names (plus the series' tendency to literally deify important historical figures) has led to some fans claiming that the two are related. Likely an Epileptic Tree, however, as evidence beyond the similarity of their names is scant and circumstantial at best.

  • Mega Man ZX features two of these with Mega Man X: Command Mission. Aile is both the name of one of the protagonists of the first ZX as well as a minor character in Command Mission who performs a Heroic Sacrifice near the beginning of the game. Meanwhile, Nana is both the name of your Mission Control character in Command Mission, as well as a minor character in ZX Advent who explains Warp Points to the player.

  • The Sacred Stones is either the third NES Double Dragon game or the eighth Fire Emblem game.