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  • Over-exciteable shouty far-too-loud-for-mornings BBC radio DJ Chris Evans, a red-haired nerdy glasses-wearing type with an impressive track record in radio and TV is often confused with American actor Chris Evans.
  • The BBC employs a DJ on Radio Six called Jon Holmes. He has work to do to dissociate himself from the now-deceased legendary porn star John Holmes, renowned for his large and impressive erection. The BBC's Holmes also appears on Radio Four's The Now Show, where he is renowned for not being very large, although not in that sense.
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  • Veteran DJ Johnny Walker quite deliberately renamed himself after a sophisticated scotch whisky.
  • Many sports radio stations in the U.S. call themselves "The Fan," "The Zone," "The Ticket," and such.
  • A 1970s Radio Caroline and RNI DJ used the pseudonym Robin Banks. In the early 2000s the same name was used by a DJ on the Irish-based international station Atlantic 252.
  • BBC Radio 3 presenter Sarah Walker is not to be confused with the mezzo-soprano of the same name, who has frequently appeared on the channel.
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