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  • The World Wide Fund for Nature, originally called the World Wildlife Fund (which remains the organization's legal name in the US and Canada), has always been known as the WWF. Hence, when the World Wide Wrestling Federation shortened its name to the same initialism, a lawsuit ensued. The environmental organization came out victorious, so the wrestling company had to change their name to the World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE for short.note 
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  • In the 1960s and 70s, the highest profile fed of Australia was called World Championship Wrestling. Yeah, the same name as that later fed in the US.
  • Professional Wrestling itself has "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and just plain ol' Steve Williams, who changed his name to Steve Austin in deference to Dr. Death, who came first.
    • ALSO similarly, the fact that Steve Williams was known as Dr. Death at the same time pro wrestler David Schultz was also known as Dr. Death (shortened to Dr. D. as a result). Schultz was (in)famous (and later blackballed) for the 20/20 segment where he cuffed John Stossel for calling wrestling fake.
  • The Hart owned Stampede Wrestling promotion in Canada had two wrestlers named Kendo Nagasaki. One wrestled primarily in the UK's World Of Sport and used the kind of sword seen in sport of kendo. The other wrestled primarily in USA promotions like AWA, WCW as well as Puerto Rican WWC and used a "kendo stick" (Singapore Cane). For further confusion, both men also wrestled in Japan.
  • In an absolutely bizarre coincidence, former TNA wrestler/evil security guard Murphy's real name is Michael Cole. Oddly enough, the WWE commentator uses that as a Stage Name, as his real name is Michael Coulthard.
    • While we're at it, there are two Murphys, the one from TNA who no longer competes, and the former Matt Silva who is in NXT. Hilariously, after the NXT Murphy moved to the cruiserweight division, his old tag team partner Wesley Blake found himself in the Forgotten Sons stable. One of his cohorts was Jaxson Ryker, the wrestler who, as Gunner, got his start as the TNA Murphy’s partner.
  • Former WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion William Regal originally wrestled under the name Lord Steven Regal. He is not the same person as former AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal - rather, he intentionally took Mr. Electricity's name, never expecting to wrestle in the USA
  • Chris Candido, Chris Michaels and Johnny Hotbody teamed up as the Suicide Blondes, as did Christian Cage and Sexton Hardcastle. As did Jason Lee, Rip Rogers, Flash Flanagan and Derrick King. As did Jennifer Blake and LuFisto.
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  • Who are the Nightbreed? Glen Osbourne and Max Thrasher (ECW), Jackal and Cabal (GCW), Abaddon and Baltazar (WCPW), Snare and Nathaniel Creed (EDW) or Lucifer Grimm and Snakeman (EGW)?
  • Who are T&A? Tina Ferrari and Ashley Cartier, Test and Albert or Talia Madison and April Hunter?
  • There's also MVP, either a crazed baseball fan with a White Mask of Doom or the former United States Champion with a fondness for spandex. (Of course, the former eventually changed his ring name to Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz, but has since returned to his most famous persona of The Brooklyn Brawler.)
    • There's also a third MVP who eventually became known as the KISS Demon in WCW.
  • A wrestler from the USA, Widow Maker Angel Williams, also know as Dark Angel, is often stumbled upon by Canadian and Mexican fans looking for a very different Angel Williams and Dark Angel. To fans in the USA, they are better known as Angelina Love and Sarah Stock, so there is less confusion, Dark Angel instead inspiring words about an insanely long iron man match.
  • Rosa Negra of CMLL and The Black Rose Nikki Adams are of no relation to Black Rose\La Rosa Negra of WWC and Ring Warriors.
  • The Apocalypse of UPW fame is not the same one who had a stint in Ring of Honor.
  • The River City Wrestling promotion established in Winnipeg during 1993 and the River City Wrestling established in San Antonio, Texas in 2002 are not related to each other, despite sharing a name.
  • The International Wrestling Cartel has featured Matt Stryker, perhaps most famous for his unibrow, and Matt Striker, your teacher.
  • An infamous case that went to court revolved around the Místico gimmick in Mexico, CMLL vs the man who became known as Hunico (he lost). It was later used as the basis for their feud over the Sin Cara gimmick.
  • Companies referring to themselves primarily by acronyms leads to those that technically don't have the same name being called by the same name anyway, such as American Combat Wrestling in Florida and Anarchy Championship Wrestling in Texas (and that also has a traditional example in the Georgia based Anarchy Wrestling)
  • Is The United States Wrestling Organization Tag Team and Music City Champion Kevin Dunn, or is he that guy who does WWE's TV?
  • In Canada-based Top Ranked Wrestling, the Explicit Content Stable unleashed the tag team known as Double Platinum, made up of Disco Fury and Vance Nevada. In Ohio Valley Wrestling, Ryan Howe found a kindred spirit in Rock Star Spud, the two forming a tag team known as... Double Platinum.
  • Around 2003, two wrestlers known as Luscious Latasha who also looked almost exactly alike broke into the business. The easiest way to tell them apart was that one Luscious Latasha was nearly a foot taller than the other. The taller woman later became known as "La La". Before she did, this Luscious Latasha would also be mistaken for a Canadian wrestler who valeted for the Ballard Brothers as "Luscious" and veteran wrestler "Simply Luscious", even though she was black and the latter two were white(albeit, heavily tanned whites but still noticeably lighter skinned)
  • When NWA Mid-South briefly left the National Wrestling Alliance, it wisely chose not to go back to using its old name, Warriors Of Wrestling Federation, as another promotion called Warriors Of Wrestling had since sprung up in New York.
  • Both SHINE and Vintage Wrestling had tag teams known as "The Buddy System" around the same time.
  • Is Mandy Rose the women's runner-up of the 2015 season of Tough Enough now on the WWE main roster as part of Paige's Absolution stable, or the more feminine alter-ego of rising indy star "The Fallen Flower" Kikyo?
  • There were two Carmellas in WWE. One was the runner-up of the 2004 Diva Search, the other, more famous one debuted a decade later in NXT.
  • In the UK there is this model known as Madison Rayne who sometimes valets at wrestling events. No, not the one from TNA, even though they are oddly popular in the UK. Rayne should also not be confused with Rain, who teamed with UK wrestler Jetta and yet another Madison in Mexico.
  • There was once a professional wrestler by the name of Christina Ricci. As there was a more famous actress of the same name, the wrestler decided to shorten her name to Christie Ricci. Christie is probably known best outside of Mexico as Glory of Wrestlicious.
  • There were two wrestling personalities to use the name Gorgeous George. One was legendary male wrestler George Wagner, the other was Randy Savage's girlfriend/manager during the twilight of his WCW career.
  • The Japanese "Pro Wrestling WAVE" promotion has a wrestler named ASUKA, who once wrestled against Kana, who adopted the name "Asuka" when she went to WWE as a Shout-Out to Lioness Asuka. This caused confusion when WAVE's Asuka came out as transgender in December 2017, with some people wrongly reporting that it was WWE's Asuka who had done so.
  • Sting the wrestler is not to be confused with Sting the singer. Allegedly the musician pays a single dollar a year to the wrestler as a licensing fee, and if the wrestler wants to attend one of his concerts, the musician comps him tickets (while the wrestler owns the trademark, the singer came first and whatever agreement they came to isn't public knowledge).
  • "Brian" Adams should not be mistaken for the Canadian singer "Bryan" Adams.
  • There were two wrestlers who briefly used the name GI Bro. Booker T is well known for it, but a similar gimmick with the same name was used by jobber Al Phillips in mid-late 90s WWF. You can watch the Phillips version of GI Bro get squashed by Dan Severn here.
  • Michael "P.S." Hayes is the legendary leader of the Fabulous Freebirds stable and a mainstay of JCP and WCCW through the mid to late '80s. He should not be confused with plain old Michael Hayes, who is a war veteran amputee known for wrestling in OVW.
  • Mentioning a wrestler named Moose will likely first and foremost bring to mind Quinn Ojinnaka , the former NFL player known for his work in ROH and Impact Wrestling. But it was also the name Mickie Knuckles used during a short stint in TNA in 2008. Furthermore, it was the name used by OVW wrestler James Thomas during the short time the promotion was a developmental territory for TNA.
  • Kane was actually part of The Undertaker’s ring name during his first few WWF matches years before it was chosen as the name of his storyline brother. It was also a name that Stevie Ray used when he and his real-life brother Booker T first got their start in WCW.
  • Years before Terry Bollea even began a career in wrestling, Hulk Hogan was the name of a minor Marvel Comics antagonist in the Two-Gun Kid comic books.
  • There have been several Animals in Wrestling, such as George Steele, Batista, the Road Warrior, and Hamaguchi.
  • Barry Horowitz used the name Brett Hart early in his career long before anyone knew who the Hitman was.
  • Robert Evans in Ring of Honor can either refer to "Brutal" Bob Evans, the famous indy wrestling trainer, or Robert "RD" Evans, known for his work in CHIKARA as bandleader Archibald Peck.
  • Jack Evans is the well-known high flying wrestler who made his name in the lucha libre scene. But it also can refer to a jobber in mid-1970s WWWF.
  • Amber O'Neal, the wife of Luke Gallows, used the name "Charlotte" before Ric Flair’s daughter took on the name in WWE. Coincidentally, both wrestlers are from North Carolina (or maybe not, given Charlotte is the name of the largest city in that state).
  • Aside from Captain Charisma, the name "Christian" was also once used by Buff Bagwell.
  • Johnny Spade was a name John Morrison used early in his career. It is also the name of an OVW mainstay.
  • Danny Davis can refer to one of two wrestlers: "Dangerous" Danny Davis was the former WWF official who pioneered the heel referee gimmick and later becoming a wrestler of his own when he aligned with the Hart Foundation. "Nightmare" Danny Davis, meanwhile, actually was a wrestler from the beginning of his career, and is best known as the founder of Ohio Valley Wrestling.
  • Dawn Marie may refer to one of two wrestlers. There’s the well-known Dawn Marie Psaltis, who is known for her work in later-day ECW and for her early-2000s work in WWE. But there’s also the much more obscure Dawn Marie Johnston, who was a one-off from the first ever Survivor Series event.
  • Comandante Pierroth is a recurring Legacy gimmick in CMLL used by Mexican men who reject their nationality in favor of Puerto Rico. They are best known for leading Los Boricuas and Comando Caribeno. La Nazi, an admirer of the legendary El Nazi, frequently teamed with Los Boricuas out of a similar disdain for her own nationality. But CMLL eventually got into some trouble with Moral Guardians for having so many Nazi gimmicks so La Nazi officially joined Comando Caribeno and became Pierroth's Distaff Counterpart as La Comandante. In addition, WWC and IWA Puerto Rico have a Los Boricuas stable made up of actual Boricuas and lead by Savio Vega. Vega also lead a watered down jobber version of this particular Boricuas as part of the WWF's gang wars angle. WWC also have their own male Comandante, who is also Revolucion #1 in La Revolucion Power Trio. The World Wrestling League in turn have their own Revolucion trio who are a Take That! to the WWC group.
  • In 2008, IWA Puerto Rico wrestlers Cold and Death Warrant formed a Tag Team known as "Doom Patrol". In 2010, Chris Dickinson, Jaka, Pitboss and Robbie Roller formed a Power Stable called "Doom Patrol" in Beyond Wrestling.

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