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Mythology Gag / West of Loathing

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Note: this page is still under construction, feel free to add examples.

  • On a more meta level (even moreso than what you'd expect from this trope), when the game first came out, the word "Christmas" was mentioned freely despite the game being set in the same universe as Kingdom of Loathing. A few weeks later and when the first update was released, the first thing it did was to change all mentions of "Christmas" to KoL's "Crimbo".
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  • If you use the El Vibrato Chronokey later in the game, you can open up a time portal that leads to a jumble of areas, among these being the ruins of a pyramid with a jawbone that quietly whispers one word: UNDYING! Note that the rest of that area is also chock-full of Kingdom of Loathing references, with items and objects from that game scattered about. This includes, for example, a Mr. Accessory, which has exactly the same enchantment that it had in the previous game, and a BITCHN (meat)car.
  • The "skull with an odd tag in it" item is possibly a reference to the "bone with a price tag" item from Kingdom of Loathing.
  • The end of the narration for digging in the spittoon in the Lost Dutch Oven Mine describes the item you receive as being "the worst object I've ever been paid to think about, narrowly defeating a leather bondage harness made from the skin of a clown." This refers to the clownskin harness item from KoL, described there as "the single most horrible garment in the entire game".


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