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  • The RiffTrax for Batman & Robin contains a joke pointing out the resemblance between Dr. Woodrue and a certain character from Rifftrax's spiritual predecessor...
    Bill Corbett: (as Woodrue) Yes! Now to achieve my lifelong dream of launching a man into space and forcing him to watch really bad movies!
  • In the October 2, 2008 HoloNet News broadcast, when discussing the Separatists' new super weapon, there was mention of how big a ship had to be to mount an ion cannon capable of wiping out entire task forces. The minimal values that the commentators suggest were 8, 12, and 17... which happen to be the different lengths Super Star Destroyers have had in various official media.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device has some examples of one fan work referencing another:
    • The Emperor mentions a card-games-and-chess parties the top Magnificent Bastards of the 'versenote  have in the Webway. This is a joke from /tg/.
    • At one point, Torquemada Coteaz from fan-film The Lord Inquisitor shows up, leds a hand to the antagonist and then returns to finish his film.
    • In the second Q&A, one of the letters is from the Millennial, a character from fanfic Defrosted.
  • In the current version of the webnovel John Dies at the End, the protagonists are heading to a final showdown without really knowing what to expect, and the narrator is armed with a chainsaw. At one point, he wonders whether he could have gotten caught in his situation with a dumber weapon. This is a nod to the earliest version of the story, wherein the narrator is in the same situation, but armed with a sword.
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  • There Will Be Brawl is chock full of Mythology Gags from all over the Nintendo universe.
  • In The Brothers Mario by The Game Station, has the eponymous characters knock over an armored truck with a million coins. They mention how it's enough to buy a new life. It's enough to buy 10'000 new lives.
  • Lucky Day Forever has some visible influence from Alek's other animations, like the robots from "Smile", the strange attitude of "Polsupah", and 514's facial structure which is comparable to the poet from "Hanged Man's Elegy".
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged contains a plethora of in-jokes from its source material.
  • Ever After High is chock full of gags inspired by the source materials.
  • Vaguely Recalling JoJo
    • Before the recap of the 2nd part of the Rubber Soul mini-arc, Rudolf von Stroheim entered the Guile Look-a-Like contest and wins First Place, which is a reference to Guile being based on Stroheim.
    • Sort of. Jotaro mistaking Benimaru Nikaido for Polnareff is a reference to how Benimaru was explicitly based off of Polnareff (to the point that some of SNK's development team sometimes still call him Polnareff.)
  • Bonus Stage often made references to its predecessor series, High Score, especially in earlier episodes. In one episode, Phil makes such a reference to an evil robot ex-girlfriend. Joel responds by laughing and then gruffly saying that they don't reference High Score anymore.
  • GEOWeasel makes references to its past as a comic, particularly as a sprite comic.
  • SiIvaGunner, a channel made to pass off edited audios, remixes and arrangements of videogames songs as the real thing to unsuspecting viewers, does this with the channel it's based on (GilvaSunner). This happens on aspects from titling and thumbnails to even errors made in the original channel. For example, in GilvaSunner's rip of Mega Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros, a voice clip from Luigi was left at the start by mistake. On this edit by SiIvaGunner, he replicates said error as a gag.
  • Back when The Onion was a print magazine, it would have a page with a "continuation" of a non-existent article that simply repeats the sentence "Passerby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood." This sentence would make it into an actual article in 2008.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged is loaded with gags referencing the source material.
    • Krillin's nickname for Dende "Little Green" is a reference to the infamous Big Green dub, named so for inexplicably calling Piccolo "Big Green".
      • Similarly, Piccolo's line "Everyone in Gohan's race can turn into a giant monkey!" said at a fast speed references the dub's quick line reads to match lip flaps.
    • In Cooler's Revenge, Krillin doesn't want to see Korin because last time he saw him, he kept calling him "Whiskers the Wonder Cat". A reference to the obscure Harmony Gold dub of the three Dragon Ball movies and everyone having name changes.
    • In a reference to TFS' past work during Dead Zone, when Ginger dies he says "What a douchebag". Referencing their old Neighborhood Cluck dub where he was named Douchebag.
  • The Cry of Mann: One caller tried telling Jack that he had Lynks Disease, much to Jack's confusion.
  • The Weather: One caller, playing a miniature statue on a windowsill, noted that everyone on the lawn was face-down, before getting on with the skit.

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