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  • Super Robot Wars is rife with these, especially in the OG continuity. The first such occurrence is in Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2: Ryusei Date jokes about renaming the SRX "Dairyusei", or maybe "Dairaioh", when teammate Raidiese F. Branstein protests. The actual Dairaioh later appears in Alpha 3 as a completely different machine.
    • The Updated Re-release of Original Generation 2 has Lemon Browning mention people other than Beowulf/Kyosuke Nanbu who use the "Wolf" moniker, foreshadowing the appearance of Hugo Medio and Albero Esto (members of a team called the "Cry Wolves") from MX. Sure enough, the Cry Wolves appear in Original Generation Gaiden.
    • In Original Generation Gaiden, Aqua Centrum appears and says she'll never wear anything as Stripperific as Lamia Loveless, a nod to the fact that in her debut game MX, she actually wears an outfit even more revealing. In the same game, the epilogue has Axel Almer reference the Shadow-Mirror's "Project EF", a direct nod to the spinoff OG Saga: Endless Frontier.
  • Super Robot Wars BX:
  • Super Robot Wars V
  • Super Robot Wars X
    • The Hi-Nu Gundam sports a few:
      • The beam saber attack ends with it stabbing the enemy behind it in a nod to its Alpha Gaiden animation.
      • The beam rifle attack has it replicating the pose from its High Grade box art.
      • Its usage of its Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher, with the Fin Funnels shielding it before firing is similar to its EX Burst in Gundam Vs Series.
      • In the end to its All-Out attack its eyes glow pink and yellow upon reactivation similarly to the original RX-78-2.
    • The beginning of stage 24 is basically a remake of the climactic fight of the original Mazinger Z VS. The Great General of Darkness, with Kouji facing off against an army of Mycenae Empire enemies and having the odds stacked against him until Tetsuya arrives in Great Mazinger to save Kouji, with the rest of X-Cross coming right afterwards.
    • Mazinkaiser's Mazin Power activation during its Kaiser Nova animation reveals it has seven boxes inside it laid in the same 7 Chakras locations as Mazinger ZERO's.
    • The combination attack between Mazinkaiser and Mazin Emperor G is largely based on the Thunder Break and Photon Beam combination attack used by Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger in the final chapter of the Shin Mazinger ZERO vs. Great General of Darkness manga.
  • Super Robot Wars Z series
    • Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee's CDs are equippable parts. However, there is another CD in the game from Fire Bomber.
    • In Hakai-hen, the Dynamic Kill of the Nu Gundam's Fin Funnel attack ends with it performing the "Last Shooting", the term used for the "firing straight upwards" pose Amuro uses with the original RX-78-2 Gundam to finish off Char in the Zeong.
    • Any originals and series not returning in the Second Z are directly referenced, although the only series that don't come back are Mazinger Z, Grendizer, Getter Robo G and Eureka Seven TV series. One example includes Kamille asking the current Kouji how Duke Fleed and Tetsuya Tsurugi are doing, before realizing this Kouji has never met them. In regards to Eureka Seven, its ADW-counterpart being different becomes a Plot Point. Still, it helps prevent the problem that was present in the Super Robot Wars Alpha games, where a series appearing in one game and didn't appear in subsequent ones (Giant Robo and Brain Powerd) aren't mentioned at all, as if they were Exiled from Continuity.
    • In an interesting nod, during the "Seikan Hikou" event, Apollo gets into the song so much he almost wants to do the memetic "KIRA ☆!" bit from it. In Another Century's Episode: R, where Genesis of Aquarion and Macross Frontier are in the game, Apollo repeats this line near-verbatim during the same event.
    • The Shin Mazinger plot in Jigoku-hen takes ideas from Shin Mazinger Zero, such as speculation regarding what would happen if Kouji loses control of the Mazinger or if the Photon Power keeps leaking. There's also a mention about Tetsuya, while Professor Yumi states there's another Mazinger existing in the world.
    • If the player unlocks the Byalant Custom in Jigoku-hen, Four Murasame will be its pilot. Irony abounds because a Byalant is the very machine that kills her in the Zeta Gundam TV series.
    • If Shinji reaches ace pilot status in Jigoku-hen, the enigmatic "AG" re-enacts the "Congratulations Shinji!" scene from the original TV series.
    • In Jigoku-hen, Kei convinces Z-BLUE to believe in Zen Fudou, claiming he knows him best. It makes sense because Kei has spent the most time with Zen throughout the Z series, as Zen is really Gen Fudou.
    • During Scenario 17 of Jigoku-hen, Heero offers to take the Bonta-kun suit back to base, but Sousuke notes Heero will miss lunch. Heero states he'll be fine and pulls out a fruit-flavored "Calorie Friend" energy bar. This is a nod to the pair's previous meeting in Super Robot Wars W, where Sousuke offered Heero the snack after they decided to trust one another.
    • When Amuro returns in Tengoku-hen, AG references how the former addressed Sayla Mass, dying to a random shot from a beam bazooka and making a locket out of Sayla's pubic hair. All this comes from the original Mobile Suit Gundam novel.
    • In Tengoku-hen, Rand receives a letter from a man with the moniker "Black Southern Cross" stating he's busy fighting off Sidereal with his allies. This is none other than Gain Bijou, and it provides the explanation why King Gainer characters are Put on a Bus for Tengoku-hen.
    • The "Double Shine Spark" performed by the Shin Dragon in Tengoku-hen looks like the same gesture the Getter Dragon does in the first game when the latter uses the "Shine Spark" attack.


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