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As a celebration of id Software's 30-year run-in with shooting bad guys, monsters and aliens alike, it should come to no surprise that this twitchy deathmatch crossover shooter has a lot of references to Id's past.

Wolfenstein series

  • The game's iteration of B.J. Blazkowicz has his ability and passive being game mechanics from MachineGames's iterations of the franchise.
    • His default outfit is the "Bomber Jacket" outfit he wears in The New Order. He has also costumes for his Wolfenstein 3D appearance ("Liberator" - his default outfit in that game - and "The Legend" - his appearance on the boxart for the classic Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny, also known as his appearance at the beginning of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood), and his Return to Castle Wolfenstein self ("Combat Fatigues", also the soldier outfit he wore in the 1946 bit of The New Order).
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    • He gets plenty of knife accessories across his costumes (and one of them, the RtCW one, is a Vanity accessory), referencing the MachineGames's Wolfenstein games and B.J. having plenty of them to get rid of the Nazis in creative ways.
    • One of his Vanity accessories is the chainsaw he used to kill Keller within The New Order.
    • A later update gives him the "Terror Billy" skin, which references his beheading and Super Soldier-based new body in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.
      • Another "call-forward" to TNC can be found in a Dual Wield activation voice line which references the scene where he shoves his hatchet into Frau Engel's head.
    "You among wolves now."
    • Also a reference to a phrase B.J. quotes a lot in The New Order and The New Colossus after being fragged:
    "Death at the gates, again."
    • And a scene of The New Order where B.J. has to explore the Nazi-conquered moon:
    "Been to the moon, but this place is stranger, still."
    • His awards for killing two enemies in a row with the dual-wielded Railgun and killing an opponent using his Dual Wield ability are called "Mein Leben" and "Get Psyched", the first being a common death scream of the Nazi soldiers back in Wolfenstein 3D and the latter being the loading screen of that game.

Doom series

  • The Doom II double-barreled Super Shotgun is a selectable skin for the Super Shotgun, as the "Boomstick".
  • The Doom Slayer's ability mixes the Berserk item from his home series with the Glory Kill mechanic.
    • His final lore entry depicts an artifact resembling a rabbit's foot, referencing Doomguy's pet rabbit Daisy as seen in the endings of Episodes 3 and 4 of the original game.
    • He gets the Metroid Prime-esque Double Jump from the 2016 game as a passive ability.
    • His intro mirrors the beginning of the 2016 game, with him getting his fist ready to punch the camera as if Samuel Hayden was talking to him behind it.
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    • He gets his "Praetor Suit" from the 2016 game as his default costume, and also has his Doom 3 ("Doom Marine"), Quake III: Arena ("Arena") and classic ("Doom Guy") attires as alternates. The Doom 3 and Doom Guy attires even have a helmetless variation!
    • Of note is his "Doom Marine" attire, filled with references to its source game. For starters, the description of the skin mentions the recent arrival of the marine and Dr. Betruger's betrayal, the helmetless variation is either a nod to Resurrection of Evil or The Lost Missions, the "Flashlight" armor attachment mentions its impossibility to illuminate and fire at the same time (akin to the more Survival Horror-esque Doom 3 versions before Doom 3 BFG) and the "Spare Mags" are shaped like the Machinegun ammunition for that game (though clearly only for show) and the PDA and Air Tanks are there as boot accessories.
    • Meanwhile, the classic armour set has two helmetless variations inspired by the HUD status icon of the original Doom games.
    • Finally, his Vanity accessories are the Doomguy doll (like the one he picks up in the 2016 game) and a Cacodemon head mask.
    • His award for shotgunning an enemy in the second jump is called "Daisy" after his pet rabbit who died at the end of the original Doom's campaign.

Quake series.

  • The game's weaponry is composed of most of Quake I's arsenalnote  with Quake II's Machinegunnote  and Railgun, Quake III: Arena's Gauntlet,note  and Quake Live's Heavy Machinegun. The skin variations for the weapons themselves include:
    • The Quake III: Arena ("Pummel") and Quake IV ("Redeemer") versions of the Gauntlet.
    • The Quake I ("Oscillator") version of the Nailgun.
    • The Quake III: Arena ("Cess Rifle") version of the Machinegun (Heavy Machinegun).
    • The Quake II ("Trespasser") version of the Super Shotgun.
    • The Quake I ("Perforator") and Quake IV ("Constructor") versions of the Nailgun (Super Nailgun). The Plasma Gun from III is also an alternate skin for the weapon under the name of "Disruptor".
    • The Quake I ("The Original") and Quake III: Arena ("QR3-LL") versions of the Rocket Launcher. The name "The Original" is carried over from Valve Software's Team Fortress 2, where the officially-licensed-by-Id Quake I weapon for the Soldier (which itself is simply a reskin of the default Rocket Launcher, barring the centred weapon alignment) was called exactly that.
    • The Quake I ("Thunderbolt") and Quake IV ("Strogg Lightning Gun") versions of the Lightning Gun.
    • The Quake II ("Strogg Railgun") and Quake IV ("Violator") versions of the Railgun.
  • Ranger's ability allows him to teleport to any area at any time. The ability is called "Dire Orb". This references the final battle against Shub-Niggurath, where he obtained the orb.
    • His "Raider" costume harkens back to the Quake II multiplayer skins, especially Grunt. It also gets "Fiend bones" as an armour accessory for this costume.
    • His "Gladiator" costume, available by purchasing the Champions pack, is his Quake I appearance, complete with plenty of references. His "Damaged" head accessory gives him the face the status icon has after picking the Quad Damage. According to the description, his "Bracer" armour accessory was forged in the House of Chthon, the first boss map of the game. Also, the description for his "Nail Bandolier" says that the eponymous nails are "Nine inches of cold steel used to crucify the vile"note . The Battle Axe is also included as an armour accessory, "ready and waiting, but full of nightmares he'd rather not revisit"note . The "Ammo Box" leg accessory also references the Nailgun (and has runes closely resembling the NIИ logo as well.). Finally, the "Archaic Keys" leg accessory is the Earth rune itself, and its description is a full-on shout-out to the Dimension of the Doomed ending.
    "You grip the rune of Earth Magic tightly. Now that you have conquered the Dimension of the Doomed, realm of Earth Magic, go forth, seek the totality of the four Runes!"
    • His Vanity accessories are a Shambler Head, and "Spoils of War" which gives him the sword and helmet of a Death Knight as hip accesories. Furthermore, one of his voice lines reference the Shambler enemy:
    "When you're twenty feet tall and throwing lightning, then you can face me."
  • Anarki's stimpack ability mirrors the Adrenaline item from Quake II.
  • "The Camping Grounds" is back under the name "Blood Covenant".
  • Slash's passive allows her to do crouch-sliding akin to Quake IV.
    • Her default costume ("Dragon Blade") is an updated look from her Quake III: Arena appearance.
  • Visor's "Eternal" costume is an update of his Quake III: Arena appearance. It even has the Quake III logo!
    • His default design is lifted from the Tactical Strogg enemy mook from Quake IV.
  • Galena's appearance is inspired in the Crusader team of Quake III: Team Arena.
  • Nyx's design brings up to mind Callisto and Janet from Quake III: Team Arena, as well as Mynx from Quake III: Arena.
    • Her "Wings" Vanity accessory is based on the Strogg insignia from Quake II.
  • Sorlag's "Brood Keeper" costume is a recreation of her Quake III: Arena self.
  • Keel's default costume, "Revenant", is an updated look from his appearance in III.
    • His "Light Flare Filtering Shades" for his "Revenant" (default) costume reference Klesk, another foe from III.
    • The "K-9000" costume is the bright Keel from Live, which also refers his own team skins from III.
  • Strogg & Peeker's default skin, "Infiltrator", is based on the Strogg Infiltrator class from Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The ability where Peeker is summoned is also one of the abilities of the Infiltrator class in that game. His passive also references a mechanic from ETQW where Stroyent packs are generated from enemies. This particular skin also has a "Hacking Tool" accessory based on the tool the Infiltrator class used in ETQW.
    • There's also an "Oppressor" skin based on the eponymous class from ETQW as well.
    • The "Gladiator" skin is based on the mook as it appears in Quake IV. The skin includes a head accesory called "Rebreather", referencing the eponymous item from Quake II. Meanwhile, the "Wrist Locks" hand accesory reference the lightweight Quake II Machinegun and its tendency to aim upwards.
    • The "Cerberon" skin for Peeker as a Vanity accessory references the capital city of the Stroggs, Cerberon, and the events of Quake II.
    • The "Tyrant" costume references Quake II song "March of the Tyrant" and the Enforcer mooks from Quake II.
    • Several of the armour shaders' colour schemes reference the Quake II multiplayer skins.
    • His award for highlighting a kill for an ally while using Peeker is called "Psi Radar", named after one of the Infiltrator's devices back in ETQW.
    • The entries of his Lore Codex are a retelling of the events of Quake II. The first entry mentions that they are sent into Gekk-clearing duties. Gekk are creatures which first appeared in the Expansion Pack The Reckoning for Quake II which can be summed as a weaker version of the Mutant with a ranged blaster attack.
  • Death Knight's Lore Codex mentions a "Speaker Under the Soil", most likely referring to Shub-Niggurath, the Final Boss of Quake I.
  • Athena's grappling hook ability is lifted from the Threewave CTF official mods for Quake, Quake II and Quake III Arena.
    • Her passive ability, which allows her to do a double jump on top of certain elements, is lifted from the same movement back in II.
    • Her default costume has the GDF insignia. This insignia first appeared in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.
  • Speaking of Threewave CTF, the flags of the Capture the Flag mode are based on the flags as they appeared in the Quake and Quake II versions of the Threewave mod.



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