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For the 30th anniversary series of the franchise, every mecha and villain, from the lowest mook to the biggest bad, is a Shout-Out to various Humongous Mecha from prior Super Sentai shows (the exceptions are J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, Dai Sentai Goggle Five, Choudenshi Bioman, Dengeki Sentai Changeman, Kousoku Sentai Turboranger).
  • Goodomu = Variblune
  • Gajah = Variccune
  • Haniwa Warrior Mogari = Battle Fever J's Battle Fever Robo.
  • Quester Robo Radial = Daidenzin and Denzi Tiger
  • Quester Robo Blaze = Sun Vulcan Robo
  • Quester Robo Turbo = Dyna Robo & Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger's Deka Wing Robo.
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  • Quester Robo Cannon = Flash King
  • Ultimate Artificial Lifeform Homunculus = Galaxy Robo, while its combined form's design is based on Great Five.
  • Gagadom = Live Robo
  • Quester Robo Elite = Five Robo, while its armored form's design is based on Super Five Robo.
  • Demon Bird = Jet Garuda
  • Ryuwoon = Daizyuzin
  • Jaryuu Soldiers = Dragon Caesar
  • Lindom = Gouryuzin
  • Dorudo = King Brachion
  • Furious Fiend Gai = Ryuuseioh
  • Quester Gai = Dairen'oh
  • Grand Beast Rei = Won Tiger
  • Quester Rei = Kiba Daioh
  • Tarlon = Daijinryuu
  • Hyoga = Daimugen
  • Yaiba of Darkness = Muteki Shogun
  • Shizuka = Kakure Daishogun
  • Super Shizuka = Super Kakure Daishogun
  • Gekko = Tsubasamaru (he also resembles Mirai Sentai Timeranger's Tac)
  • Desperato = Ohranger Robo
  • Gajahdom = Oh Blocker
  • Karths = Tackle Boy
  • Golem = Gunmazin
  • Mamorigami = King Pyramider Battle Formation
  • Kawazugami = Victrailer
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  • Zukangami = Galaxy Mega. His Finishing Move, Zukangami Saber Cutter, which is a direct reference to it.
  • Dryken = Gingaioh
  • Naga = Bull Taurus
  • Zaludo = Giga Rhinos
  • Girado = Giga Phoenix
  • Akutagami = Liner Boy
  • Time Demon Chronos = Providus
  • Quester Robo Turbo Grand = V-Rex
  • Kanadegami = V-Rex Robo
  • Ouga = Gao Hunter
  • Hyde Gene = Gao Icarus
  • Stringross = Gao Kentaurus.
  • Jogami = Senpuujin
  • Takumigami = Gouraijin
  • Nendogami = Fuuraimaru
  • Zorad = Top Galer
  • Prince = Killer Oh
  • Madness Weather = Bakuren Oh
  • Denbei = Abarenoh
  • Goodorum = Magi King
  • Lemurian Mythical Beast = Magi Legend



  • The ending of almost every episode, starting with episode 4, had a 30-second tribute to a Super Sentai crew of years past - and then went on to make special mentions of firsts in the franchise, such as the most notable Sixth Ranger characters in addition to the first. It ended with Juken Sentai Gekiranger, the next season, as the last segment.
  • The title might be a shout-out to the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme song, "Go Go Power Rangers".
  • Of note, one of the series whose mecha got no 'enemy representative' is Goggle V. However, Boukenger still gives them a Shout-Out in form of any of their mecha's completion quote, "(insert mecha name here), Gattai Kanryou (Combination Complete)!"
  • The arc where Natsuki's origins are revealed contains plenty of connections to previous yellows. First off, she's the princess of Lemuria, which is the civilization represented by Goggle Yellow. And her parents? Kirin Ranger and Mega Yellow. And aside of that, she also has more similarities with other Yellows, she's a Big Eater like Kiranger and Vul Panther and uses a bulldozer for her combiner vehicle like Yellow Racer.


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