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Mythology Gag / Dead by Daylight

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There are MANY references, nods, ect. to some of the licensed content that has been added overtime.

Expect unmarked spoilers for the following franchises below.

  • Michael's name in the game is "The Shape" just like in the credits.
  • One of Michael's add-ons is Judith Myers' Tombstone.
  • The offering for the Haddonfield map is the Strode Realty Key.
    Left 4 Dead 
  • The original survivors get the attire of a few Left 4 Dead survivors.
    • Meg is Zoey.
    • Jake is Francis.
    • Claudette is Rochelle.
    • Dwight is Ellis.
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
  • "Franklin's Demise" is named after the famous chainsaw death of Franklin from original film. Th emblem of said perk shows him dropping the flashlight he was holding at the time.
    A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) 
  • Freddy's add-ons include:
    • His gardening rake.
    • Nancy's drawings.
    • Kris and Nancy's dresses.
    • The Zoneral pill bottle.
    • The class-photo which Nancy and Quentin discover in a secret drawer.
    • The paintbrush Freddy used to paint in the Secret Cave.
    • The black box which Quentin and Nancy find towards the end of the film.
  • The map offering is The Pied Piper, which Quentin talks about in the film.
  • The main part of the Pig's power is to put the iconic Reverse Bear Traps on downed survivors.
  • The Jigsaw Box has Billy the Puppet, the series' Mascot, on top of it. It even does the laugh when you search the wrong box.
    • The Jigsaw Box also seems to be based off the Blood Beaker trap from Saw V.
  • The Pig's add-ons include:
    • Amanda's self-harm box.
    • The blackmail letter Hoffman wrote to her.
  • The map has:
    Ash vs Evil Dead 
  • Ash's alternate outfits include:
    • His Value Stop outfit, along with his wooden hand.
    • His Jacksonville partying outfit, along with the Ashy Slashy puppet.
  • Ash's title is "An alone wolf.", a reference to a scene in Season 1 where Ash calls himself that before Kelly tells him it's actually "lone wolf".

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