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My God What Have I Done / Western Animation

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  • Sheen in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episode "Sheen's Brain" after he nearly kills Jimmy and Carl.
    • Another example (although not word-for-word) is when Jimmy himself (accidentally) becomes a hall monitor in "Hall Monster". He goes... a little too far. Like, locking people in detention IN CAGES "too far".
  • Zummi says this in the Grand Finale of Adventures of the Gummi Bears, after his carelessness results in Duke Igthorn capturing most of the Gummis, learning the secret of Gummiberry Juice, and taking over Dunwhyn Castle.
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  • Played without dialogue in American Dragon: Jake Long. In the episode "Professor Rotwood's Thesis", just the looks on Trixie and Spud's faces say it all after they discover that Jake and the dragon they just sold to Rotwood for a cash reward are one and the same.
  • In an episode of The Angry Beavers, Norbert delivers this line in a neutral, almost bored, tone.
    • Daggett does a comical one in "Zooing Time" when he committed a crime and got Norbert sent to the zoo for it.
      Daggett: Oh, no. What have I done accidentally on purpose?
  • Animal Behaviour:
    • Jeffery the bird undergoes regression therapy, and flashes back to a time when he was a chick and pushed his newborn baby brother out of the nest in a fit of jealousy.
    • Victor the gorilla gets one when he briefly thinks he killed Dr. Clement by making him jump out the window.
  • A comedic version happens in Animaniacs short "Temporary Insanity", twice to Mr. Plotz. The first time is when he realizes that instead of calling a temp agency, he's called the Warners and told them he needs help in the office while his secretary is out sick. The second time is when he ''agrees' to the Warners helping him out. Needless to say, his fears do not go unwarranted.
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  • Subverted in the pilot episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. After the Rabbot that he personally built escapes and goes on a rampage, Dr. Weird dramatically exclaims "What has science done?!" Also played straight by Frylock in the episode "Super Birthday Snake". (And yes, this is the source of the Internet-popular quote, "What Has Science Done?!")
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Zuko had an extended one for the first half of the third season. His hasty actions at Ba Sing Se started to seem less heroic and more despicable, culminating in his defection from the Fire Nation and goodbye speech to Ozai during the invasion. Even right after making the decision in the second season finale, he seemed almost in shock that he had betrayed his own uncle.
    • Sokka doesn't say this out loud, but after seeing him relive the memory of his dad leaving after he kicks Aang out of the group for hiding his father's map, his face tells he's thinking of something like that.
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    • Right after yelling at Aang in the episode The Waterbending Scroll, Katara immediately feels ashamed for doing so. The look Sokka gives her plainly says "What the heck is wrong with you?!"
    • Aang's reaction to burning Katara in The Deserter. It was so bad that, until season 3, he swore he'd never use Firebending again.
    • This was Sozin's reaction to starting the war during the twilight of his life. He asks himself Was It Really Worth It?, and concludes that no, it wasn't.
    • Played for laughs in Sequel Series The Legend of Korra, when Tenzin helps his son Meelo train his lemur Pokey...only for Meelo to have soon trained LOTS of lemurs! Tenzin merely mutters "I've created a monster".
    • Suyin's reaction when her attempt to avoid arrest ends up scarring her sister Lin, which led to Lin hating her guts for years when mama Toph chose to protect Suyin instead of punishing her, which only hurt Lin more and further damaged their relationships with one another.
    • Downplayed. It appears that Bolin is so focused on stopping Kuvira that he is not allowing himself to think about how he messed up by trusting her, but he is upset when he meets the innocent people Kuvira is interning in her camps, realizing that he has had a part (albeit unwittingly) in ruining their lives. Played Straight in episode "Remembrances", where he spends the episode depressed because he left his friends and family to join up with a psychotic dictator, and fears that his girlfriend Opal will never forgive him.
    • Zaheer's reaction when Korra reveals how his assassination of the Earth Queen allowed despotic dictator Kuvira to rise to power, he is subtly but still visibly disturbed.
  • Dark Heart says this in Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation after discovering that, in a fit of blind rage, he's mortally wounded his only friend, Christy. Saving her leads to Love Redeems for him.
    Dark Heart: What...have I... done?
  • In an episode of the Clifford the Big Red Dog cartoon, T-Bone has been trying to learn to be tough since he's gotten tired of everyone cooing about how cute he is. He eventually succeeds and goes about growling at anything that gets in his way. When he gets back to his house, his owner has a lady friend over and T-Bone is eager to show off how tough he is. But when he does...
    Woman: (climbing onto her chair and obviously frightened) Sheriff, there's a mean dog out here!
    T-Bone (horrified) Mean? I didn't want her to think I was mean; just tough!
  • A tearjerking moment in the second season of Castlevania: While fighting, Dracula and Alucard end up in Alucard's childhood bedroom. Looking at the room he built with Lisa, Dracula realizes that he's trying to kill his own son.
    Dracula: I'm killing my boy...
  • Code Lyoko:
    • This happens to Jérémie Belpois in the episode "Zero Gravity Zone". He harshly berates teammate Ulrich for declining to be part of the episode's Lyoko mission in favor of going to his soccer game, assuming that Ulrich is only interested in being a glory hog. It's not until Ulrich's left that Jérémie finds out Ulrich just wanted to impress his dad since his father isn't pleased with Ulrich's poor grades; Jérémie is appropriately upset with himself (albeit in a subdued fashion) and is quick to apologize to Ulrich at the first opportunity.
    • Jim has one in "Code Earth" when, after chasing Jeremie down a flight of stairs, the genius falls down the stairs and hurts his ankle, later leading him to get fired.
      • Jeremie gets one, but it is Played for Laughs, as he places the wrong CD into his mainframe and it plays one of Odd's music videos instead.
    • In season 4, Yumi gets angry at Hiroki for her diary being lost, and yells at him, saying she'll "never forgive him". Later, however, when she's separated from the others in the Digital Sea, and it's very possible she won't survive, she regrets it, and realizes if she dies here those terrible words will be his last memory of her. Fortunately, she's rescued by the rest of the team at the last minute.
  • On The Critic, Eleanor Sherman utters this when she finally sees firsthand the humiliating effect her book, The Fat Little Pig, has on Jay's life.
  • DCAU:
    • An episode of Batman: The Animated Series features a robot clone of Batman that seeks to kill Batman and take his place. Once he (apparently) succeeds at this, he goes through an existential crisis since the real Batman wouldn't kill anyone. He cries out "What have I done? I've taken a life!" and proceeds to smash the console evil supercomputer HARDAC was attempting to use in its evil ploy, both stopping the program and electrocuting himself, prompting the real Batman (who was hiding on a conveniently placed cliff crag) to wonder if his robot duplicate actually had a soul.
    • In Justice League Unlimited, when the League's Kill Sat not-all-so-accidentally fires upon Cadmus HQ, Superman rounds up the founding members and questions: "What have we done?" Doubly subverted, though: First, they tell him that they haven't done anything, since someone else hijacked their main computer. However, he replies that it was their choice to keep the orbital cannon, therefore all of them must take the responsibility.
    • Done earlier in Justice League in the episode "Hereafter" when Superman was shot into the future. He finds the last human alive, Vandal Savage, who recounts how he destroyed the entire solar system in his quest for power. When he prepares to send Superman back to his time to stop him, they have the following exchange.
      Superman: What happens to you?
      Savage: Redemption, if I'm lucky.
    • "Only a Dream". Stuck in a nightmare by Dr. Destiny, Superman thinks he's destroyed Metropolis and killed Lois Lane, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen with his out-of-control superpowers. Superman doesn't actually say the words, but his tone, expressions, and body language show his devastation over what he thinks he's done.
  • In the Defenders of the Earth episode "The Deadliest Battle", Rick starts dabbling with drugs in an attempt to relieve the pressure of having to live up to Flash's reputation. However, all the drugs do is totally mess him up, leading to, among other things, his failure to finish installing a new early warning system in Monitor. When Kshin is nearly killed (by a supercharged Ming) as a result of Rick's negligence, Rick finally realizes that Drugs Are Bad.
  • Dexter's Laboratory:
    • In "Way Of The Dee Dee", Dee Dee tries to make Dexter behave more like her, but she realises she's gone too far when he gets into it and begins smashing up his laboratory; she begs him to stop (which he does), wails "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" and runs off sobbing. Dexter solemnly begins to repair the damage... and the cartoon ends.
    • In another episode, Dexter tells Deedee he wishes her "imaginary friend" would go away so she sarcastically asks him "Why don't you just imagine him away?". Drama ensues.
    Dexter: Koosalagoopagoop! I imagine you... away!
    Koosalagoopagoop: Goodbye, Deedee. You'll never see me again.
    Deedee: Dexter...
    Dexter: What have I done?
  • Dragon Booster: While it did not happen in the show due to cancellation, fans on the official forum all agreed that they explicitly did not want Moordryd's obviously-going-to-happen Heel–Face Turn to include a situation where he said "What have I done" in any way shape or form. Since the series was Screwed by the Network, we'll never know, but he seemed to be shaping up to be able to do without it.
  • In the first season finale of Dragons: Riders of Berk, Mildew has one when Alvin decides that he's outlived his usefulness, throws him in prison with Hiccup, and prepares to serve him his pet sheep as his last meal. Turns out to be a subversion as it was part of a Xanatos Gambit so Mildew could learn Hiccup's knowledge on dragon taming to teach Alvin and his men.
  • In the DuckTales (1987) episode "The Golden Fleecing", Scrooge obsessively ignores all his nephews' protests about his behavior as he tries to get the titular treasure, but when he's confronted up close and personal with the fact that his lust for the Golden Fleece will cost Launchpad his life, he is horrified and immediately repents.
    Launchpad: Mr. McDee, help, please!
    Scrooge: What have I done? Nobody's life is worth this! I let my greed pull the wool over my eyes.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Edd says "Oh dear, what have I done?!" in "Pain in the Ed" after accidentally destroying Ed's violin while trying to save it from Eddy. It even sends him into a tear-filled Heroic BSoD.
  • Family Guy takes a peg from Arrested Development, after Stewie sends away a babysitter who possibly could've been his soulmate.
    • Played for laughs in "The Kiss Seen Around the World" where Chris says this almost word-for-word after saying "poo".
  • Bloo of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends has one when his actions inadvertently cause Terrence's imaginary friend Red to have an emotional breakdown.
    • Bloo has another one when he realizes how horrible he was treating Coco when she starting laying collectible baseball cards.
      Bloo: Big, Insensitive, Jerkface...?
  • Futurama:
    • Parodied in one of the "Anthology of Interest" episodes, wherein Leela kills the professor by pushing him into a pit of man-eating anteaters:
    Professor: Ohhh, you've killed me! You've killed me!
    Leela: Oh God, what have I done?
    Professor: I just told you; you've killed me!
    • Also played straight after framing Fry in destroying a bottle-ship in the episode "30% Iron Chef":
      *Sad violin solo* Zoidberg: What have I DOOONE!!!
      • Although a few laughs are mined out of it; the punishment Fry has received for said destruction is negligible and Fry doesn't seem incredibly bothered by it, but Zoidberg reacts as Fry is being sent down for murder,
    • And when Leela has to hunt penguins due to severe overpopulation. After firing into a crowd of penguins, she freaks out. But it turns out she only shot Bender.
    • The Movie / Mini Series "Bender's Big Score", when Bender kills Fry under the control of an evil computer virus. It screws him up that he manages to regret it rather emotionally despite the virus's effects.
      "Bwahahaha! Hahahaha...haha... Oh, God! What have I done?!?"
    • Happens again in the third installment "Bender's Game", where Leela sort of kills an Eldritch Abomination incarnation of Zoidberg under the belief he is an evil monster, only to learn he is not and swears off violence for a portion of the film.
    • Played with again in "Jurassic Bark", after Bender throws the fossilized dog into a lava pit:
    Bender: Oh, what have I done?
    Zoidberg: You didn't do anything, don't beat yourself up.
    • Yet again, in "Law and Oracle", when Fry discovers he will shoot Bender in the future, parodying Minority Report:
  • Galactik Football: Rocket says this almost word for word in the season 2 episode "The Fallen Star", after realising his Netherball opponent is actually Tia. (He thought he was playing against various previous opponents)
  • Subverted by Demona in Gargoyles when she sees her clan has been destroyed (and later given an Ironic Echo by John Canmore):
    "What have I...what have THEY done to you?!"
    • Inability to admit her responsibility for anything that's happened to her is Demona's defining trait, and the only way she can deal with the endless guilt. The same thing is later said by John Canmore, one of the siblings from a long line of gargoyle hunters, which Demona also happened to be the source of, making it pretty ironic.
      • Word of God is that eventually she will have that epiphany that all of her misery and suffering is ultimately her own doing, and when that happens she'll have some change of heart and go a little mad. Considering all the times she almost realizes it and shoves it away, that epiphany is going to be difficult to cause, but she is immortal.
    • Talon gets this after becoming an Unwitting Pawn to Xanatos.
    • Xanatos himself has such a moment when he realizes in horror what he unleashed in creating Thailog from his Machiavellian smarts and Goliath's brawn.
    • And in the pilot, the wizard who originally cursed the Gargoyles to stone sleep when he thought that the princess was killed, but soon realizes his mistake after she turns up alive. Worse, because the page that contained the spell to undo the curse was burnt up.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • In "Scary-oke", Dipper has one when he unleashed a zombie horde.
    • In "Society of the Blind Eye": It was revealed that McGucket worked with the author of the Journals on a project that was supposed to help the world. The disaster produced this reaction from McGucket, enough to drive him to erase his memories to the point of insanity.
    • "A Tale of Two Stans" gives us a twofer; in the flashback, Stan and Ford get into a fight, and during the tussle the Universe Portal activates. Ford gets this when he pushes Stan onto the heated control console, burning him horribly, and Stan does it when his counter knocks into the Portal and out of reality.
    Ford: STANLEY! Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! Are you all right?!
    Stan: Stanford? Stanford, come back! I didn't mean it! (Begins fiddling with Portal controls) I just got him back, I can't lose him again! STANFORD!!
  • Appears to be this in the episode "A Dumb Wish" in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy with Mandy when she accidentally wishes everyone on Earth away into oblivion ...but then she gives an devilish smirk and goes home to watch TV.
    • Then played straight in the episode "Billy and Mandy vs. The Martians". Grim has this moment after he willingly helped the Martian Grim Reaper, Morg, invade Earth and turn everyone into zombies, and used Billy as a way to control said zombies. He begins to have his Heel–Face Turn after discovering that Morg had destroyed the Reapers of all the other planets and kept their scythes as trophies, and that he might possibly do the same to Grim after he successfully conquered the universe. And surprisingly, it's Billy of all people that finally talks Grim back to his senses.
      Billy: Sometimes our best friends are people we really don't like.
      Grim: Then you guys must be my best friends ever.
      Billy: Well, if there's anything I've learned from destroying Fancy Jake and stowing away in your trunk to Mars, and returning in a last-ditch effort to save the planet, is that you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose. You have to let them be who they are, and pick it themselves.
      Grim: ...What have I done?!
  • In the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) episode "The Problem With Power", Skeletor tricks He-Man into believing he's killed an innocent bystander (really a minion who was Faking the Dead) with his carelessness. In the Heroic BSoD that follows, He-Man retires. Fortunately, Orko finds out about the trick, and tells He-Man.
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • During a Halloween Episode, the kids go trick-or-treating disguised as aliens. Unfortunately, a The War of the Worlds-style radio broadcast convinces the adults that it's an actual alien invasion, who then form a lynch mob out to get the kids. (It doesn't help that they accidentally used exterior latex paint instead of facepaint, which doesn't rub off.) At the climax, Bob Pataki grabs Helga by the neck and starts choking her, only to realize his mistake when it starts raining and the paint finally washes away.
    "I almost killed my own daughter. I'm a monster!"
    • Arnold felt this when he blinds Helga on April Fool's Day.
    • In the episode "Arnold Betrays Iggy", Arnold accidentally discovers that Iggy wears bunny pajamas, and Sid and Stinky find out and quickly blab it to everyone; Iggy, believing that Arnold did so, is so pissed that he repeatedly blows off all of Arnold's attempts to earn his forgiveness, ultimately deciding that the only way Arnold could possibly do so is by putting on the bunny pajamas himself and grovelling at Iggy's feet in full view of the entire neighborhood. It's only when Arnold does so, and is subsequently humiliated in public, that Iggy overhears that Sid and Stinky merely figured it out on their own and realizes his mistake. Unfortunately, when he arrives to apologize to Arnold the next day, Arnold angrily blows him off; in the end, even though Iggy regretted his actions, it was too late for him to fix anything.
  • Jackie Chan from Jackie Chan Adventures yells this in the second episode of season 3 when he realizes that destroying the talismans which results in its powers to be transferred to the animals is not really a good idea.
  • When Captain Hook gained the power to turn stuff into gold in Jake And The Neverland Pirates, he went crazy and accidentally turned two of his crew mates into gold. He uttered those words. And ended up just running around turning Neverland into gold.
  • Kaeloo: Kaeloo's reaction to seeing her friends (usually Mr. Cat) severely beaten up by her after transforming.
  • In an episode of the Krazy Kat animated series, Krazy is Born Lucky, and Ignatz is jealous and wants her luck for himself. Then he comes up with the perfect solution — he'll give her some Cement Shoes, get her to sign her luck away to him, then dump her underwater. Only after he's already done this does he have this reaction and dive underwater to save her.
    "I must have been insane!"
  • In episode 2 of The Legend of Prince Valiant, Valiant stumbles into the territory of a large man who angrily orders him to get out and attacks him. Valiant defends himself, but loses his temper and nearly beats the man to death. While Arn says he was justified, Valiant is horrified and atones by treating the man's injuries and taking him to his mother.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • One of the best known examples is in the short, "What's Opera, Doc?" where Elmer Fudd, after spending the whole short exulting in Wagnerian time that he would "Kill the Wabbit!", laments what he's done after he does it. (He also does this in some other shorts, but this was the most recognizable instance.)
    • This goes back to the very first Bugs short, "A Wild Hare", in which he shoots at Bugs and then Bugs plays dead, causing Elmer to break down in tears and call himself a murderer.
    • Which asks the question of why does Elmer even go hunting?
      • It could be that Bugs' "death" scene is played out with so much gusto and pathos that Elmer is left feeling ultimately guilty. Or possibly that Elmer's used to Cartoon Logic by this point (i.e, Daffy Duck being only humiliated when shot).
    • Spoofed in "The Wabbit That Came to Supper"; Elmer is willed $3 Million, On One Condition; that he not harm a living creature- especially rabbits. Bugs proceeds to be The Thing That Would Not Leave, until Elmer tricks him into going out the door. Bugs feigns death from the cold, leading Elmer to lament that he's indirectly killed his nemesis; "Ohh, what have I done!? Three miwwion bucks! Shot to pieces!"
    • The dog in "Hare Ribbin'" does this after he takes a bite of the rigged "rabbit sandwich" Bugs makes for him and Bugs plays out his "death" scene.
    • Bugs himself zig-zags this in "Falling Hare" as he almost takes the Gremlin's mallet to a blockbuster bomb.
  • In the episode "Fatherklok" of Metalocalypse, Skwisgaar says this after pushing his stepfather in a fit of rage and causing him to hit a coffee table - it breaks underneath him, and he groans in agony as he looks at the shards of glass embedded in his hand.
  • In Marvel's Spider-Man, Peter cries out in anguish "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" when he catches the criminal who killed his Uncle Ben and realizes it's the crook he let get away earlier.
  • In the segment opening of the cartoon of The Milton the Monster Show, Professor Weirdo says this when Milton — made kind and lovable after having too much kindness added to him — arises.
  • At the beginning of the Moonbeam City episode "Lasers and Liars", Detective Dazzle Novak snarks about Chief Pizzaz Miller's menstrual cycle and accompanying mood swings, and cluelessly muses about his and Pizzaz's annual romantic/intimate tryst during the previous year's weekend-long "Cop Con". He then accidentally hints that the two conceived a child, but that Pizzaz lost the baby during the first trimester. Pizzaz is so enraged at Dazzle for letting this info slip that she viciously slaps him silent, shrieking "THAT'S ENOUGH!" and leaving a visible hand print across his face. Yet for all the threats she usually makes to Dazzle, Pizzaz becomes immediately and incredibly horrified at the fact that she just physically assaulted Dazzle, remembering that angry slapping is the preferred form of interpersonal violence for Pizzaz's four malicious, sadistic, and abusive older sisters.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In the episode "Lesson Zero", Twilight Sparkle has this reaction after her insane attempt to create a friendship problem via an Apple of Discord goes horribly, horribly, right.
    • In "Sisterhooves Social", Rarity totally loses it with her sister after an entire day of getting on one another's nerves (including when Sweetie Belle makes a picture out of the rare gems Rarity had been saving for a dress for an important client), resulting in a huge argument which makes both swear that they wished they were only children and storming off. Later on she's tidying up and looks at the picture again, shown for the first time to be a picture of the two nuzzling inside a shining blue heart. Rarity’s reaction is almost word for word.
    • She sings "what have I done" in "Rarity Takes Manehattan," when her friends don't show up for her fashion show and she thinks she has alienated them. They actually just overslept because they were exhausted from helping her sew new dresses the night before.
    • "Secret of My Excess": Spike doesn't come right out and say it, but the emotion is conveyed by his reaction to seeing Ponyville devastated, and his own giant footprints.
    • Happens in "Hearth's Warming Eve" when Clover the Clever (Twilight), Smart Cookie (Applejack), and Private Pansy (Fluttershy) discover that the blizzard that destroyed their homeland and is now threatening Equestria is caused by Windigos, winter spirits that have been feeding off of the hatred between the three tribes of ponies, meaning their pointless hatred for one another was the cause of everything that has happened.
    • In "Baby Cakes", despite being only a month old, the Cake Twins are smart enough to realize they've gone too far when they see Pinkie bawling.
    • The entire town of Ponyville gets one in "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", when their support of the Flim Flam brothers almost causes the Apple family to lose their entire livelihood.
    • Fluttershy gets one in "Putting Your Hoof Down" after being a huge bitch to Pinkie Pie and Rarity, due to taking her assertiveness lessons from Iron Will.
    • Twilight has one in "A Canterlot Wedding" when everyone calls her out on calling Cadance evil. The twist is that it wasn't really Cadance at all, but an impostor posing as her. Thus, when she reveals that the first Cadance she met is an impostor by helping the real Cadance escape, everyone else has this when they realize she was right. The impostor, the changeling queen Chrysalis, rubs into their faces that if they had just listened to Twilight, she could have been stopped. Applejack goes to apologize to Twilight during the Near-Villain Victory, but the latter brushes it off and doesn't hold against them, stating that Chrysalis had fooled everypony and that it wasn't their fault.
    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders, fed up with Babs Seed bullying them to impress resident bitches Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, set her up for a humiliating fall. Then they learn from Applejack that she's being bullied herself back in Manehattan.
      All three: WHAT'D WE DO!?
    • Discord of all people has one of these moments in his returning episode when he realizes that Fluttershy, the only pony to have shown faith and trust in his rehabilitation, takes his jokes and her patience too far when he floods Apple Acres.
    • Twilight says "What have I done?" in "Magical Mystery Cure" after discovering that her careless use of magic has ruined her friends' lives and made all of Ponyville miserable, and she doesn't know how to undo it..
    • In Twilight's Kingdom Part 2, Discord is obviously having second thoughts during his team up with Tirek. But this trope doesn't hit him completely until Tirek, unsurprisingly, betrays him and takes his power, just like he did to Fluttershy.
    • In "For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils" Sweetie Belle gets a massive one, as due to a tiff, she sabotages Rarity's hat that she is to present to a celebrity that will make or break her career. Luna shows Sweetie Belle what would happen if she doesn't fix things before the presentation. Which includes, the hat being a complete joke, Rarity being the laughing stock of Equestria, losing her confidence as she couldn't figure out what she did wrong, going literally insane and isolating herself from all of her friends to the point of being a crazy cat lady.
    • Starlight Glimmer gets this reaction in The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2, When she learns the hard way what her diabolical plan to change history will eventually lead to. Equestria becomes a completely barren wasteland, and hardly the grand utopia of equality she imagined.
  • Sunset Shimmer has one in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls after transforming into a "raging she demon", turning a high school into her own personal army, and nearly killing Twilight Sparkle, triggering her Heel–Face Turn.
  • While not uttered, Rabbit from The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has one of these moments after realizing Pooh was trying to help him in fetching honey (Before this, he had tricked Pooh into thinking he's moving away due to Pooh's constant borrowing for honey.) what follows is one of the show's more heartwarming moments.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted", Candace cries this out through Tears of Remorse when her brothers have had their personalities wiped clean due to her actions. Luckily, the episode is All Just a Dream.
  • Pinky and the Brain:
    • The Brain starts to realize that he has a problem when he goes a little crazy and accidentally pushes Pinky off of the table (or whatever it is that they're on):
      Brain: What have I done? Pinky! Are you all right?
      Pinky: Uh huh. Narf! But I'm afraid my secret playhouse will never be the same... (he had landed on top of it)
      Brain: Oh, it's all my fault. This obsession with taking over the world is causing me to hurt the ones I... tolerate.
      • This event prompts Brain to go to an organization called Megalomaniacs Anonymous in an attempt to get over his obsession with world domination. In a subversion, he decides in the end to return to his quest, since it's actually "a mission of mercy" — if he ruled the world, it would be a better place for everyone. (This ties in with a subdued, implied Mind Screw of the series: the title song only promised that "one is a genius, the other insane" but never stated which was which.)
    • Played for laughs when Brain concocts a scheme to use a time machine to alter the past in order to make mice the dominant species, therefore making it easy for him to take over the world. He succeeds, but unfortunately, all the mice citizens are basically Pinky clones, horrifying Brain. He quickly tries to reset everything back to the way it was as he didn't even want to think about ruling a world of idiots.
      Pinky: But why, Brain? With things like this, it should be easy for you to take over the world.
      Brain: That may be true, Pinky, but who would want to!?"
    • Played without dialogue in the Christmas Special, after Brain ignores Pinky sobbing over his "stupid letter" to Santa he never got round to delivering, and eventually confiscates it in anger. Just before his plan is set in motion, he reads it out of curiosity, to find it is in fact a heartwrenching speech about his "best friend in the whole world, the Brain" and pleading for Santa to give every present intended for Pinky to him instead, since he never gets any reward for his hard effort. By the end of the letter, Brain is left in blubbering tears from remorse and aborts the scheme.
  • In one episode of the 2010 Pound Puppies, Niblet says it when he sees that his angry outburst at his hyperactive little sister caused her to hitch a ride with McLeish's dog-hating mother.
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • The girls have this moment at the end of "Twisted Sister". Bunny dies after she saves the girls. Earlier in the episode, the girls had been mean to her, treating her like a mistake - which was, in itself their fault. Even the narrator is saddened.
    • The girls again have this moment in "Candy is Dandy" after they give Mojo Jojo a severe No-Holds-Barred Beatdown after he hords the Mayor's candy jar from them.
    • The Professor has this moment in "Criss Cross Crisis" after his latest experiment causes everyone in Townsville to switch bodies.
    • Even Princess Morbucks goes through this in the revival episode "Aliver." She cheats her way through a reality contest in which the girls are participating as well. Princess claims victory but finds that the final challenge had apparently killed the girls. Princess tearfully confesses she cheated but never intended for this to happen to them. Then the girls wake up.
  • Quack Pack: Gil goes through this in "Koi Story" when Daisy points out to him that his pet fish Winston is not really happy.
  • ReBoot:
    • Played for Laughs in The Medusa Bug when Hexadecimal sets out to infect all of Mainframe with the Medusa Bug and... succeeds. She's quite pleased with herself until Bob, who's immune to the bug, points out that, with everything in stone, Mainframe will be predictable, quiet, peaceful, and calm forever. Realizing he's right, and having none of that, Hex has a mini-freak out and undoes the bug.
    • Captain Capacitor says this in a direct reference to Star Trek III: The Search for Spock while watching his ship, the Saucy Mare, get shot out of the sky onto enemy forces while packed with explosives.
  • Rugrats plays with this. Chuckie says this when he's told to release a balloon holding Angelica's doll. Susie said it was Angelica who released it as punishment. Phil and Lil, well...
    Phil: I thought Chuckie let go of the balloon.
    Lil: No, Angelica let go of the balloon. You just weren't paying attention.
    Phil: Oh.
    • A few straighter examples happen towards Angelica, though they usually don't stick. One episode had Angelica running away to get back at her being punished only to find Drew at Tommy's house laughing and having a good time (she thought he was happy she was gone; he hadn't realized Angelica left) but it still hurt her enough to realize she made a mistake. Another time had Angelica covering herself with "vanishing cream" to make herself "invisible" at the same time Didi got Drew to enforce ignoring her to get her to stop. Again, major coincidences got Angelica to realize how horrible she'd been.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Glimmer blows it in spectacular fashion in the fourth season, and her realisation of how badly she screwed up is pretty rough. Furious at Adora, fixated on defeating the Horde at all costs, she gambles with the power of a First One superweapon to break the back of the Horde's army...and while she manages to win the battle, the weapon starts powering up in earnest, and she immediately admits that this is all her fault and does her level best to fix it. It doesn't work - the weapon is only stopped by Adora destroying the Sword of Protection - but at least she tried. Catra, whose own response to nearly destroying the world was to double down, and who was raised in an environment where admitting error was discouraged, seems so astonished by this that she can't help but follow Glimmer.
  • The Simpsons
    • Parodied in the episode "Simpsons Tall Tales". In a retelling of the Johnny Appleseed story, Homer realizes he singlehandedly hunted the buffalo (their main food source) to extinction:
    Homer: What have I done? What have I done???
    Bart: Dad! Look! There's still two left!
    [Whip Pan over to two buffaloes who are promptly shot dead]
    Homer: (holding a still smoking shotgun): What have I done? What have I done???
    • Also parodied in "Homer's Odyssey", when he steals and breaks open Bart's piggy bank for beer money:
    Homer: Oh no! What have I done? I smashed open my little boy's piggy bank, and for what? A few measly cents, not even enough to buy one beer. Wait a minute, lemme count and make sure... not even close.
    • Parodied again.
    Homer: What have I done?! What am I doing?! What will I do?!
    • Also in the episode "24 Minutes" Martin betrays the good guys by handing Bart over to the bullies in exchange for his Ant Farm. After realizing what he did and the consequences of it, he says "What have I done?!" out loud. Martin goes to a nearby room by himself as dark, sad music plays. We then see him hanging himself... until the camera pans out revealing he's hanging from his underpants, thus giving himself a wedgie
    • In "Bart The Lover" Bart answers Mrs. Krabapple's personal ad by pretending to be the world's perfect lover, ultimately setting her up for a Prank Date. This is his reaction when he sees just how hurt his teacher is.
    • Played straight in "When Flanders Failed". Homer, jealous of Flanders' success, wishes that Ned's Leftorium falls apart. When he sees Flanders' business doing poorly, and doesn't bother to tell his left-handed friends about the products they need, and to twist the knife, smugly buys Flanders' stuff for cheap. He reacts this way to seeing Flanders family forced to live in their car.
  • South Park:
    • In "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes," one of the creators of Wall-Mart exclaims, "Jesus, what did we do?!" and then shoots himself. And then craps his pants.
    • The mayor of South Park also utters this after surveying the Hippie Music Jam Fest that she signed the permit for in "Die, Hippie, Die."
    • The sellers of Ritalin use this exact phrase (well, in plural form) when they learn that by prescribing it to everyone, they now have a town full of children who like Phil Collins.
    • "Raising the Bar" has everyone realizing just how low they sunk in life and wondered what on earth had made them act like such lowlives once the bar was raised.
    • Kyle experiences a textbook case of this in "Toilet Paper" after TPing a teacher's house.
    • Mr. Adams reacts this way in "The Poor Kid" when he sees how awful the foster home he sent some children to is.
    • Sergeant Yates leads a mission to arrest "Mr Jefferson" after reading on his file that he's rich and black. When his target arrives home and is revealed to be white, Yates is horrified at the injustice that he nearly committed, causing him to vomit and to consider quitting his job.
    • Kyle's dad experiences one in "Chickenpox". After fighting with Kenny's dad, he explains to his son that the world runs on a hierarchy of gods and clods. Then he sees a note written by Kyle thinking that the world would be a much better place if the gods got rid of all the clods...
    • Another one Kyle's dad experienced was in "The Damned", when he found out the Danish breast cancer survivor he's been trolling online commited suicide. It's then subverted when it becomes clear that he doesn't give a damn about the fact his trolling caused someone so much emotional pain, he's just afraid of getting caught and into trouble because of it.
    • Kyle has one after his action led to Garrison to nuke Canada in a fit of anger. It basically makes the aforementioned TPing look like an afterthought.
  • In Space Ghost Coast to Coast, one episode deals with a pledge drive that's not going very well. Frustrated, Space Ghost orders the audience to give him money, or he'll shoot Brak. Brak starts crying, and Space Ghost feels ashamed of what he's doing. Brak calms down and tells him that "it's okay", which Space Ghost cheerfully takes as permission to shoot him.
    • In another episode, Space Ghost takes revenge on Zorak for thrashing his apartment by blasting him so many times he ceases to exist (or so he thinks). When he realizes that he actually killed him, Space Ghost shouts "Heaven help me, what have I done?!" before casually following up with "Oh well" and continuing the show without him.
    • In a third episode, Space Ghost's pet sea monkey Banjo grows to immense size and starts blasting Zorak, causing Space Ghost to bellow "What have I unleashed?!" Then Space Ghost kills Banjo, which prompts another moment.
      Space Ghost: Banjo. Banjo! BAN-JOOO!!!
  • The 1990's Spider-Man: The Animated Series took a number of steps to making J. Jonah Jameson more sympathetic, but one of the more meaningful to fans of the comic was his pulling this when Mac Gargan, aka the man Jameson turned into the Scorpion to defeat Spider-Man, went on the rampage.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In "Band Geeks", after everybody that Squidward gathered for 4 nights of band practice, and on the final night, fought over differences and hurt Squidward's feelings:
    SpongeBob: What kind of monsters are we?...
    • Mr. Krabs also goes through this in the episode "Born Again Krabs" after Squidward calls him out for trading SpongeBob for just sixty two cents.
    • In the episode "Have You Seen this Snail?" when SpongeBob realizes he made Gary run away from home after he neglected to feed him. Patrick lampshades this.
    • In the episode "Procrastination", SpongeBob cries this when his procrastination ends up getting his house set on fire.
    SpongeBob's House: Why, SpongeBob?! Why didn't you just write your essay?! STOP WASTING TIIIIIME!!
    • And in the Season 6 episode "Giant Squidward", he and Patrick actually feel guilty about turning their titular neighbor into a giant.
    • In "Frankendoodle", SpongeBob and Patrick find a magic pencil that can make their drawings come to life, and SpongeBob draws a doodle of himself to prank Squidward. The doodle then proceeds to beat up Squidward, steal the magic pencil, and run away, causing SpongeBob to utter this line once he realizes what he created.
    • In "Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?", all of SpongeBob's friends (except Squidward) and pet are left in saddened regret when they find out he left because they got mad and chewed him out for the accidents he caused, not to mention called him an "idiot boy".
    Mr. Krabs: (after reading SpongeBob's farewell letter) "IDIOT BOY"?! It is SpongeBob! What am I gonna do without me fry cook?
    Patrick: What am I gonna do without my best friend? I never should have been mean to you! (cries)
    Sandy: I should have never kicked you out of my house! (cries, with her tears filling up her helmet)
    Squidward: (near tears) If I knew that was the last time I've seen SpongeBob— (happily) I would have slammed the door in his face even harder! (laughs)
    • Gary has one in "Gary's New Toy" when his obsession with his new squeaky ball toy drives SpongeBob into packing up and leaving home.
    • In "Funny Pants", Squidward tricks SpongeBob into thinking he lost his laugh box. SpongeBob is eventually left crying hysterically thinking he can't laugh anymore, causing Squidward to utter this line.
    • Squidward has one much earlier in "Fools in April" after making SpongeBob cry with a rather painful April Fool's prank.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: In the Umbara Arc's "Carnage of Krell", the clone troopers of both the 501st and the 212th show signs of this after realizing that General Pong Krell had tricked them into attacking and killing each other by separately telling each battalion that the enemy was disguised as the other battalion. Captain Rex, who is usually cool and collected, visually breaks down. Tup puts it into words:
    "This can't be happening. What have we done?"
  • Steven Universe:
    • Played for Laughs during "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies". Ronaldo realises he's convinced the thing that was keeping Beach City weird to leave, at which point he howls "WHAT HAVE I DONE?" at the ceiling; of course, being Ronaldo, he's upset that it means he won't have anything to blog about. Inelegant Blubbering ensues.
    • Also used seriously. Such as in "Cry for Help", where at the end of the episode Pearl realizes that by lying to Garnet in order to create situations in which to fuse with her, Garnet is now betrayed and absolutely furious. We have a long shot of her eyes wide open in terror as she clutches her stomach. The next episode, "Keystone Motel", also features Ruby and Sapphire realizing that their arguing has been hurting everyone around them, especially Steven, who now blames himself.
    • In "Message Received", Peridot has this reaction as she realizes that she called Yellow Diamond a clod. To her face. Unlike most examples, this is a positive use of this trope.
    • Sardonyx has a sizeable moment of this in "Know Your Fusion", after spending the episode hijacking Smoky Quartz's big debut and comparing them to other fusions, causing Smoky to start taking self-depreciating shots at themself as their insecurity rises to the surface. Sardonyx is so upset by her own behavior that she unfuses on the spot.
    • "Now We're Only Falling Apart": In the backstory of Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond experiences this when she realizes that her colonization will destroy all life on Earth. This eventually prompts her to assume a new identity and start the Gem Rebellion as Rose. Also occurs later in the same episode when Sapphire realizes she left Ruby alone after yelling at her.
    • In "Change Your Mind", Blue and Yellow Diamond have this reaction, after Steven ask them two Armor-Piercing Questions in separate scenes, prompting them to have Heel Realizations.
      • The first was "How many times did you make her cry?" asked to Blue Diamond. Blue replies she never did that to Pink Diamond... then it slowly dawns on her how many times she actually did, and she's essentially trapped herself in a cycle of hurting Pink. And is doing so again that very moment. This realization finally cements her Heel Realization, making her realize exactly why Pink decided to abandon Homeworld to live on Earth as Rose.
      • The second was "Does this look perfect to you?" to Yellow Diamond when she tries to justify attacking Blue Diamond and smashing Yellow's palace as being necessary to preserve the "perfect" Gem Empire. This question makes her realize that the "perfect" empire is fundamentally broken and that her actions are driving away the only people she cares about and ruining her life. This in turn causes her to realize why Pink would rather live on Earth in the first place, to break down in tears, and to finally progress to a full Heel–Face Turn.
  • A HUGE one happened in the episode "Before the Dawn" of Young Justice: Miss Martian, who lately has been VERY trigger happy with the Mind Rape button, attacks Aqualad and leaves him a drooling vegetable... only during the Mind Rape, she glances into his memories and realizes that Aqualad never betrayed the team, but was a deep cover mole for both Young Justice and the Justice League, and all the supposed bad stuff he did were actually diversionary tactics to earn The Light's trust. Cue Heroic BSoD.


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