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  • Wyatt from 6teen always has coffee every day. One time he couldn't get coffee, which let him have very little energy.
  • Bob's Burgers: A Compressed Vice version of this is shown in the season 3 finale "The Unnatural"; when Bob gets an espresso machine, Tina tries the first cup, and she gets instantly addicted to coffee. While the effects of the caffeine are the usual, her symptoms of withdrawal seem more akin to much harder drugs.
  • Danger Mouse: The episode "Ee-Tea!" has society as a global whole ground to a halt after Baron Greenback steals all the tea there is.
  • One episode of Dexter's Laboratory shows how Mom and Dad are in the morning before they have their coffee. (Yikes!) Once they have their coffee they magically transform into their "normal" selves.
    • And the plot of the episode is, of course, that the kids have stolen their coffee overnight, Dexter being curious how coffee changes them.
  • The Fairly OddParents!: Hilarity ensues when Cosmo and Wanda turn into humans and Mr. Crocker introduces them to their first cup of coffee (bordering on Caffeine Bullet Time)
  • Futurama episode "Three Hundred Big Boys" involved Fry's attempt to use his 300 Tricky Dick Funbucks (read: "tax refund") on 100 cups of coffee. Despite getting unbelievably jittery, irascible, and otherwise fucking wired, he arrives at this goal. Somehow. Apparently, when you hit #100, you attain Caffeine Bullet Time.
    • In Beast With a Billion Backs, the crew is shown to have a pre-mission ritual of receiving scalding-hot coffee enemas.
  • Bobo (especially after a rough night) in Generator Rex. In "Crash and Burn", he finds the coffee maker is empty, so he eats the coffee grounds.
  • In Jackie Chan Adventures, Uncle orders either Jackie or Torhu to "Get in kitchen and make coffee! Uncle need caffeine!"
    • He gets very irritable if he doesn't get it. "You forgot to make coffee this morning! Coffee is the only thing keeping Uncle's ancient heart beating! You want dead Uncle?! NO?! THEN YOU MAKE COFFEE!!"
  • In an episode of Justice League, Doctor Destiny is able to trap people (and the other league members) when they fall asleep. Batman's been up for three days straight, and he needs to stay up long enough to find and defeat DD. He winds up driving to a restaurant and demanding the most caffeine laden drink they have. NOW!
  • Used as a one-scene gag on Kaeloo, where the eponymous character gets addicted to coffee, which is never brought up again.
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  • Bugs Bunny, of all people, in an episode of The Looney Tunes Show. He has at least five cups of coffee a morning, which makes him jittery, high-strung and paranoid, and when his doctor makes him go off caffeine he switches to an energy drink of questionable legality. In The Stinger for the episode, he reveals that the doctor told him one cup a day couldn't hurt...and is shown pouring coffee into a cup the size of a foot bath.
  • In Men in Black The Animated Series, the "worm guys" entire function at MIB seems to involve making coffee (and getting into wacky shenanigans at the worst of times). It is revealed that on their home planet, only royalty can drink coffee, leading to their quick addiction to it once they reached Earth (Forbidden Fruit and all that). One episode has them saving their king's life and requesting the right to freely drink coffee as their reward.
  • In The Powerpuff Girls episode "Power Lunch", Lil' Arturo drinks a cup of coffee followed by the whole pot.
    • The revival episode '"Super Sweet 6" has the Professor going on a frantic coffee binge at Princess Morbucks' birthday party.
  • The Simpsons:
    • The Simpsons Movie has an AA reunion going berserk after the coffee machine is broken.
    • An episode sees Bart slip into this phase when his parents are away and they're left with Grandpa Simpson to watch them...
      Bart: Hey grandpa, top me off.
      Grandpa Simpson: Are you sure your parents let you kids have coffee?
    • Another one has Barney switch to coffee for a while before inevitably returning to beer.
    • "Mountain of Madness" starts with Mr. Burns arriving at work all chipper and energetic; when Smithers offers him his coffee, he turns it down, saying he doesn't need it. Then, over the span of about five minutes, he slowly nods off, and starts to fall asleep, until he weakly says, "Smithers... cof... fee..." (He snaps back awake when he gets it.)
  • Tweek from South Park is absolutely addicted to coffee, and as a result is very twitchy. His parents (who give him the coffee) think his twitchiness is due to ADD.
    • Things are different now that we now know that Tweak's not addicted because young kids shouldn't drink coffee - he's addicted because the secret ingredient is Meth. His dad slips it in his coffee and Tweak has no idea.
  • In Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Brak famously states "I don't like coffee. It makes me jittery. Here's an impression of me on coffee: DS;5w23LFKJP70IEU@Q)O($*#@05rsldkfjxxx. Hey, whaddayadoinwhaddayadoinwhaddayadoinwhaddayadoin? I don't know what I'm doin', cause I've had too much coffee! AAAAA! Don't drink too much coffee, kids."
    • In the Cartoon Planet episode 'Tom Foolery', Zorak explains that his bad temperment is from giving up coffee;
      Space Ghost: Uh oh.
      Zorak: My whole biosystem is in utter turmoil. There's an all-out war raging inside of this crusty shell and I'M LOSING!!
  • Star Wars Resistance: In "Signal from Sector Six", Kaz is woken up before dawn and immediately makes a beeline for the caf machine.
  • At the start of the Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat episode "Nightmare on Oak Street", Roscoe is trying to drink as much coffee as possible so he won't fall asleep and be at the mercy of the episodes villain, a dream-weaving monster named Jeepers Creepers. It doesn't work though—he ends up falling asleep anyway.
  • We Bare Bears: In "Coffee Cave", the bears start a coffee house in their cave. Ice Bear, the one making the coffee, gets warn out, so his brothers give him some of the brew, despite Ice saying the Coffee does not agree with him. Soon enough Ice Bear becomes addicted to the point where he starts eating coffee beans whole and eventually tries to kill his own brothers to get more.
  • Dr. Bergs from Ready Jet Go! loves coffee, and is always shown with a cup of it in his hand. It's implied he can't function without it. Also, this exchange from "Comet Fever".
    Sean: You have enough coffee for an army.
    Dr. Bergs: An army of one, my friend. An army of one.


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