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  • A lack of coffee drives Quantum Cop to police brutality.
  • In Holiday Wars, Tegan, the comic's protagonist, is a coffee junkie and declares so in this episode.
  • A girl in Mandatory Roller Coaster asks "Have you ever drank so much coffee that your pee smells like coffee?"
  • Subverted in PVP, where Brent Sienna is initially addicted to coffee but has to give it up for health reasons. Then when PVP magazine is in crisis, and Brent insists on coffee to "give him his edge", it turns out it was decaf in a classic example of "the magic was in you all along."
  • Antihero for Hire normally has the action taking place at night. When the hero has to get up during the day, he needs his coffee. He ends up spending most of the arc looking for some.
  • User Friendly uses this trope from time to time, particularly with the Crud Puppy.
    • Early strips of the comic have tech support member Greg harassed by a Kool-Aid Man-esque can of diet cola when he decides to try to cut back on caffeine.
    • "I just rewrote the Linux kernel!" "When did you learn to program?" "This morning!"
    • After attempting to make a truly Uninterruptible Power Supply powered by uranium, Pitr reveals that as of recently he's been making coffee with heavy water.
    • What's the first thing they restore power to after moving their operations into an abandoned nuclear silo? Nope, not lights... "Ahhh, truly dark roast."
  • Vanamonde von Mekkhan from Girl Genius spends all his time in a coffee shop in Mechanicsburg, and certainly does enjoy his coffee. He has even written a textbook on coffee preparation (under a pseudonym): Bean There, Done That.
  • This Questionable Content shows a justified example. Really surprising the trope doesn't crop up more often since QC centers around a coffee shop.
    • In another strip, someone offers Faye coffee first thing in the morning, and she drinks it straight from the carafe.
  • From The Order of the Stick, the prequel book Start Of Darkness reveals that before he became a lich, Xykon loved coffee (he even refused to let Redcloak and Right-eye tell them about their plan until he had some), and extolled the virtues of bad coffee (as he puts it, when you drink truly horrible coffee, you force yourself to re-experience every good cup you've ever had to block out the slop you're currently pouring down your throat). When he tries to drink his first cup of coffee after becoming a lich and discovers he no longer has a sense of taste, he reacts... poorly.
    • A strip in the actual comic has Belkar get into this state after waking up with a hangover after a New Year's Celebration. Unfortunately for him, Vaarsuvius not only filtered the coffee through Roy's sweatsocks, but he also rigged the coffee can with Explosive Runes. "Good to the last boom," indeed.
  • What convinces Blaine's employees in Charby the Vampirate that he's been possessed or replaced is his pouring copious amounts of milk into his coffee, since he drinks his black every morning.
  • Wes in Here There Be Monsters turns in a report that is just scans of a butt after a long night and excuses this by saying:
    "I'm like a zombie without my coffee!"
  • Exterminatus Now: If you touch Inquisitor Eastwood's coffee, he will break your arm.
  • This strip of El Goonish Shive.
  • Dante, the Head Programmer in Angst Technology, can tell from nearly fifteen feet away if the coffee in the office machine has been replaced with decaf.
  • Rooster Teeth Comics has a Running Gag about Matt having died from lack of caffeine.
  • Margaret Browning from College Roomies from Hell!!! is a textbook example, her bucket-sized coffee cup being known as "The Browning" and formerly known as "The Suicide".
  • The Whiteboard is a great example. The main character "Doc" brews his own Mt Dew because the normal stuff is too weak.
    • One arc involves Doc drinking energy shots by the quart after he runs out of Dew and coffee, resulting in one of the more "realistic" portrayals of Caffeine Bullet Time.
  • An early Ozy and Millie strip, from when the writer admits she was going for the newspaper comic audience.
    Millie: I don't care if it does stunt my growth. I. Need. COFFEE.
  • Lynette from Sharing a Universe quickly got hooked on the stuff and turned herself into "The Coffee Hunter" stalking the city after those precious beans when Alison decided to intervene and stop supplying her addiction.
  • Freefall:
    • Florence Ambrose tends to take exception to having her coffee taken away, as only a carnivore can. She also explicitly cited the availability of coffee as a benefit of restoring power to Sam's ship. Amusingly, another strip indicates that she can't (or at least shouldn't) actually drink coffee due to her canine physiology, but as an engineer she craves the smell of it.
    • The coffee maker still brewing is implied to be the reason that the compound where Dr. Bowman is being held wasn't able to get above 50% readiness in under 60 seconds.
  • The Last Days of FOXHOUND: Psycho Mantis.
  • Ralph from Melonpool is an avid drinker of the stuff.
  • Ruth in Altermeta has rarely been seen not holding a cup of coffee. In fact, everyone around him carries emergency caffeine sources, just in case.
  • This strip from the blog of the french cartoonist Boulet.
  • Monica of Wapsi Square gets like this sometimes. So does Bud.
  • In General Protection Fault, part of the test to see if a geek is 'The One' is a test of caffeine addiction. Fooker passed it by enjoying coffee that has congealed to the consistency of tar. Sharon passed it by chewing coffee beans and washing them down with more coffee.
  • In Sluggy Freelance when Torg and Riff briefly got regular 9-to-5 jobs they became coffee zombies in the morning.
    • Later, making everyone addicted to high-octane "coffee" (that is explosive in its undiluted state) is just one form of Government Drug Enforcement in 4U City. And cutting off the coffee pipeline sets off a massive revolution.
  • In one contemporary arc strip of Arthur, King of Time and Space, Arthur, who is decidedly Not a Morning Person, is shown pouring coffee on his cereal. It's left ambiguous how intentional this is.
  • Ada from Jackies Fridge likes her coffee very strong!
  • White from Grey is..., especially in the mornings but it seems to be his drink of choice all the time. When he first gets back after two years away, the first thing he does after greeting Black is search the house for coffee
  • Baby Blue holds it while demonstrating Not a Morning Person in Sinfest. Then, she is disgruntled for additional reasons.
    • Monique moves from "Kill me now." to "I can move mountains!"
  • In Three Jaguars, Business Manager lives on it. She even is drinking coffee in preparation for the actual launch.
  • In Cthulhu Slippers, do NOT summon Hastur before he's had his coffee.
  • In Blue Milk Special Darth Vader is addicted to coffee (which he drinks with a straw out of his favorite Star Trek mug), to the point where a) he had a temporary truce with Admiral Ackbar so they could get coffee, b) he placed a higher priority on getting the coffee machine on the second Death Star fixed than the second Death Star, and c) it triggered his Heel–Face Turn, as Palpatine forcing him to fight Luke led to his beloved 'Muggy' getting shattered.
  • "Evolution Of A Coffee Addict.