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  • The old man near the start of Pokémon Red and Blue and remakes is very grumpy until he's had his coffee, and wouldn't let you pass until he's had it.
    • In the original Japanese version, he was drunk and had to sober up. Becomes Fridge Brilliance when you realize that coffee is a popular method of doing this, so the translation still managed to maintain the joke.
    • The titular Detective Pikachu has coffee as his Trademark Favorite Drink and knows a surprisingly good deal about it.
  • In one point in the story of Super Mario RPG, you befriend an innkeeper, who lets you stay the night at her inn. When you wake up, she asks Mario how he's feeling, and you have two ways you can respond:
    1. "Like a new man!"
    2. "Need coffee, keep away...
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  • In Day of the Tentacle, Dr. Fred's hands are jittering constantly since he's on a continuous caffeine high. In fact, he drinks coffee all the time to avoid falling asleep, nightmares and sleepwalking, and hasn't slept for ten years! As a result, when you need him to fall asleep to solve a puzzle, all you have to do is pour some decaf into his mug, and that by itself is enough for Instant Sedation.
  • Francis York Morgan in Deadly Premonition relies upon coffee not just for a quick pick-me-up, but to predict the future. Hence the meme, "F...K! In the coffee!"
    • Coffee and caffeinated soft drinks also refill York's sleep meter, so it's possible for him to go the entire game without ever going to sleep outside of a cutscene. Then again, there are consequences to staying up too late...
  • In Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, the Wizard stays up until 2 AM, and is obsessed with stargazing. Not surprisingly, his favorite items are all coffee-related.
  • Hawke in the Advance Wars series has black coffee on his 'likes' list. It's otherwise not mentioned in-game.
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  • An old DOS game Toxic Bunny featured a, well, bunny... obsessed with "weaponry and caffeine". Seriously, it's difficult to find a plot-related speech that doesn't mention coffee.
  • Halo: Dr. Catherine Halsey's personal journal (included in the special editions of Halo: Reach) is peppered with amusing one-liners one would expect to hear from Kathryn Janeway, including "Need more DARK coffee. Why can't they grow decent coffee on this planet?!", "No work before coffee" (with all the notes preceding it scratched out), and "She will answer for making me drink decaf." The word "decaf" is underlined in an angry squiggle. In the novels her offices are often littered with days old coffee cups.
  • This could be true for the Scout in Team Fortress 2. In an early trailer, his motto simply reads "Too. Much. Caffeine." Plus, two of his unlockable weapons are energy drinks.
    • Forget the Scout. The Meet the Sniper video shows him, as the hours go by, drinking cup after cup after cup of coffee. Where else do you think the Jarate comes from?
      • Averted. It's decaf. Observe the video at around one minute in. The coffee pot has an orange handle.
      • It does still explain the Jarate, though.
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  • Some casual flash games use coffee as their mode of energy-boost.
  • The fan game Space Quest Incinerations opens with Roger Wilco stumbling out of a broom closet in search of coffee. It isn't until he's caffeinated himself that he notices half the kitchen is missing thanks to his ship being under attack.
  • In the browser game Twilight Heroes, superheroes rely on sugar and caffeine to stay awake while adventuring at night.
  • There's a twist on this in Shantae: Risky's Revenge. In the first game, Shantae met a number of zombies, but they didn't attack her on sight and were as intelligent and as coherent as any human. Risky's Revenge reveals the reason for this: the zombies drink coffee, and the coffee makes them smart. If they go too long without coffee, however, they degenerate into mindlessly violent zombies. So in their case, caffeine really is a necessity. In Half-Genie Hero, Hypno Baron manages to get his hands on a spell to summon unspeakable evil by trading Abner a large sum of coffee for it. Much to Hypno Baron's ultimate frustration and the player's amusement, said "unspeakable evil" is Squid Baron.
  • In This War of Mine, some of the survivors are addicted to coffee, and their mood will go down if they can't get any.
  • In a flashback chapter of Octodad: Dadliest Catch, drinking coffee somehow gave Octodad the ability to stand up straight and impersonate a human.
  • In Stardew Valley, coffee gives the player a speed bonus that stacks with other speed bonuses (such as the horse, or spicy food). In the late-game, when energy is not a problem but daylight is, that speed boost can prove so useful that players may wonder how they managed without it. Sebastian can also mention in casual dialogue that coffee might improve his focus (which is the case for some ADHD sufferers).
  • In Shadow of the Wool Ball coffee pots are pickups that are the equivalent of armor, giving you resistance from damage.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies, mushrooms fall asleep during the day unless they are given a Coffee Bean.
  • Kirsten Geary of The Secret World suffers from a crippling addiction to lattes, and requires regular doses of coffee just to keep her in a good mood. Plus, she can only start her day with a very rare and expensive blend brewed from genetically-altered dark roast beans passed through the digestive tract of an endangered wild cat and harvested from its droppings; starting her off on anything else can only end in tears.
    [Geary] reportedly oversaw a wetwork operation while sipping Dunkin' Donuts. There were no survivors.
  • In Feral Fury, coffee is a health pickup, which heals all injury. Medkits, for comparison, only heal half of a square.
  • As befitting his tech-head position, Reed Wahl of BioShock 2's DLC campaign Minerva's Den is something of a caffeine junkie. His office is littered with unopened bottles of Hop-Up Cola. And yet, he blames the ADAM for his insomnia...
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda: One of the very first things Sara Ryder says in the game is "can't explore space without my coffee." A coffee machine can be found in her quarters on the Tempest. Her brother Scott, conversely, does not share the enthusiasm (it gives him the jitters).
  • Borderlands 3: An entire sidequest on Promethea is devoted to getting Lorelei, Rhys's second in command, a cup of coffee, with her growing increasingly agitated as the quest continues.


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