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  • In Airplane II: The Sequel, the spaceship passengers remain totally calm when informed of the various crises facing the flight, but fly into all-out panic when it's also revealed that there is no more coffee.
    Capt. Oveur: Damn! If I've told them once, I've told them a thousand times: load more coffee!
  • One of the more famous moments in Men in Black is when Kay, after asking Jay if he wants some coffee, steps into the break room and has a brief argument with the "worm guys" (according to the books their species is Vermar), a group of coffee-and-cigarette-obsessed aliens. The MIB operates on a 37-hour day, so it's not a stretch to imagine that the coffee room is always well-stocked.
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  • Coffee and Cigarettes is a series of vignettes with various comedians, actors, musicians and artists engaged in dialog over coffee and cigarettes, or about coffee and cigarettes. In one segment, clean and sober Wu Tang Clan advise Bill Murray, obviously attached to both coffee and cigarettes, to give them up for healthy "herbals".
  • In the live-action George of the Jungle film, George sees a commercial for coffee on TV and runs through Ursula's San Francisco apartment looking for coffee. When he finds it, he starts eating the ground beans, saying "Javajavajavajavajavajavajavajava!"
  • In Moscow on the Hudson Robin Williams' character goes a little bit insane at the supermarket — he's grocery shopping on behalf of his host family and he's supposed to buy "coffee", but there's an entire aisle filled with nothing but coffee. Which one is he supposed to get?!
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  • Played with in Down Periscope where Lt. Pascal forces Chef Buckman to get rid of all the cooking lard and replace it with lots of coffee.
  • There's a part in Repo! The Genetic Opera where Luigi threatens a guy who offers him decaf coffee and, moments later, stabbing some other sap because the likely caffeinated coffee seemed to not be to his likings.
  • The Paper has journalists addicted to Coca-Cola (since real life reporters like coffee and cigarettes a lot), complete with a soda machine on the newspaper's building.
    Martha: Why don't you just pour battery acid down your throat?
    Henry: No caffeine.
  • Marge Gunderson's diet in Fargo is more or less normal—she might be willing to eat bigger meals, but not excessively so (averting Wacky Cravings). However, it seems that she simply cannot operate without coffee.
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  • I Remember Mama is about Norwegians, so of course it's full of references to coffee. One of the subplots is about deciding when you're old enough to drink it. Even tiny children get "coffee-sugar", a sugar cube dipped in the sacred brew.
  • In PCU Jeremy Piven's character is introduced while sleeping off a hangover. When the main character wakes him up and tries to introduce himself, Piven will only respond with increasingly loud demands of "Coffee!" before finally screaming, "Coffee now!"
  • Naturally, coffee becomes a literal survival technique for teenagers in the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, who need to stay awake or risk being murdered in their dreams. In the opening sequence of Dream Warriors, Kristen doesn't even bother to brew hers, but spoons instant coffee grounds directly into her mouth and washes them down with a slug of extra-caffeinated soda.
  • In You've Got Mail, Joe Fox explains his business plan: "we're going to sell them cheap books and legal addictive stimulants."
  • In Godzilla (1998), the lead French investigator drinks the New York coffee his assistant gives him, despite finding it awful.
  • In Split Second (1992), homicide detective Harley Stone goes on a diet of coffee and chocolate after his partner is murdered. When he and rookie officer Dick Durkin discover the killer is a supernatural entity, possibly a demon, the rookie is affected the same way.
  • In 10 Things I Hate About You, there's a group of students obsessed with coffee. When Michael points them out to Cameron, one can be seen yelling at another for spilling what was apparently a very valuable blend. Michael strongly advises Cameron not to make sudden movements around them.
  • In UHF, during the U-62 telethon, the crew is beginning to run out of steam, especially with their big gun, Stanley Spadowski, missing in action. At one point, the cameraman is seen making a pot of coffee, and then taking the whole thing and chugging it.
  • The titular character of Pokémon Detective Pikachu is, he assures you, not addicted to coffee, he can stop drinking it any time he wants to. He prefers the stuff from the cafe across the street from his apartment, which conveniently has a Pokemon barista - evidently he's not the only non-human bean fiend in the neighborhood.


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