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  • Too Much Coffee Man is a superhero whose power is that he drinks too much coffee. The addictive side of this means it is a weakness, too.
  • The Question's mentor, Aristotle "Tot" Rodor, had quite a thing for coffee in the O'Neil/Cowan series.
  • Iron Man: A surprising amount of Tony Stark Fanon holds that, having put alcoholic addiction behind him, Tony has turned to coffee.
    • Truth in Television: This is actually very common among recovering alcoholics, exchanging an extremely harmful addiction for a harmless and socially acceptable one.
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    • Given the fact that practically all he drinks in the movie is either alcoholic or coffee (except for that weird green concoction during the painting decision for the armor), this may be veering into canon in at least one medium.
    • He spends much of the second movie chugging various green concoctions, presumably to alleviate the paladium poisoning.
    • There's also a scene in one comicIron Man #1 of the Extremis arc — where Tony is woken by a call from one of his many secretaries, who is entirely unsympathetic to his grogginess. Defeated, he requests that she at least hook him up with "the gallon drum of coffee. And possibly some kind of intravenous drip."
  • Practically all of the cast in Gotham Central runs on caffeine, being cops. The coffee machine holds a very important place in the MCU's interaction life. Seriously, how hard is it to fill the coffee maker again when you finish the damn coffee?!
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  • In the new (2010-11) The Flash comic book, Iris Allen is seldom seen without a coffee cup in hand. Her IM icon is even a cup of coffee.
  • Invoked by the villainous Neutron Bum in issue #4 The Awesome Slapstick, who goes on a city-destroying rampage when no-one can give him some money to buy a cup of coffee.
  • Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman (cited as an inspiration for Too Much Coffee Man) is not a morning person, and his need for coffee is great.
  • Abby from Love and Capes. It becomes especially apparent in What to Expect when she has to have to give up coffee while pregnant.
  • Many Warren Ellis protagonists live on caffeine. The man himself purports to be quite an example.
    • For example, Jacklyn King in The Wildstorm requires coffee first thing on arriving at work in the morning. She doesn't accept explanations like "there were people ahead of me" as reasons for there not being any.
      King: (to her assistant) You are allowed to shoot people who get between me and my coffee.
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  • In The Multiversity #2, thanks to Annataz of Earth-13, the Blood League of Earth-43 are now vampires who feed on coffee instead of blood.


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