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  • As though Negi, an English tea drinker, didn't have enough reasons to hate his Arch-Enemy Fate in Mahou Sensei Negima!, Fate turned out to be an avid fan of coffee as well, drinking seven cups per day. The two almost came to blows having a serious debate about the quality of milk tea and coffee. This has its roots in a rather tragic story, when Fate was rescued and cared for by Shiori's older sister. She gave him coffee during this time, and he liked it. She died before she could make it for him a second time, and he constantly drinks coffee to find a cup that gives him the same feeling.
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  • In Aoi House, Elle Mathers is seen with a cup of coffee or a Frappucino in her hand.
  • Yu Han-Sung from Tower of God. Favourite brand: Maxim instant coffee. Seen: More than every second panel he's in. In-Series Nickname: Coffee Machine.
  • BJ from Soul Eater. The man drinks it 24/7, carries a brewing pot in his travel case, and made a deal with the (benevolent) God of Death in exchange for coffee-related paraphenalia. Not to mention (he claims) his work suffered because his favorite coffee shop was no longer open.
  • Andrew Waltfeld from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED is legendary for his fondness for coffee, to the point that his XO once suggests ventilating his office.
  • L from Death Note is very often seen with coffee or tea, perhaps even more than the trademark desserts. He also seems to have a dubious relationship with sleep. Although his sugar obsession crosses over to his coffee and tea (6 cubes or more, every time without fail), he has been known to be so deep in thought that his cup has overflowed with sugar.
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  • Detective Conan: Fanon always like to depict Conan Edogawa as one, who supposedly brews coffee so strong that only policemen and detectives can drink it... and he drinks it whenever he can. This is probably a Shout-Out to Sherlock Holmes' addictions.
  • Sailor Moon
    • Mamoru is a coffee drinker, to the point where he interrupts a romantic moment with Usagi to get a cup. In The '90s North American English dub, his preference was changed to cocoa.
    • Villainous Professor Tomoe shares this preference, which was likewise altered.
  • When not Dueling, Jack Atlas from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's is seen at a coffee shop often, especially after the Dark Signers arc. He usually drinks Blue Eyes coffee, a shout out to Seto Kaiba's favorite card. And it's expensive as all hell. (3,000 yen per cup, or about $30 USD currently; note, however, this takes place a few decades into the future, so some inflation might have occurred by then.) Lampshaded and mocked to hell and back in "Tag Force 5".
    Jack: Do you know my favorite coffee, Blue Eyes Mountain, do you know how much it costs?
    Correct Answer: Three Thousand DP!note 
    Jack: Exactly! You know, that number somehow puts my mind at ease...
    • He tries making his own coffee in one episode; its okay, although Stephanie, the waitress at the shop, is very unhappy when he doesn't show up. (She, Carly, and Mina are constantly competing for Jack's attention in the second season. In the end, Jack really isn't interested in any of them, but they all part on good terms.
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  • Chaud/Enzan from MegaMan NT Warrior/Rockman.EXE is seen drinking coffee quite frequently throughout the series. As in, it's the only thing we actually see him consume on screen until the 2nd season, Axess, and even then that piece of cake was pushed on him by Lan/Netto's mom. We don't see him consume anything other than coffee of his own accord until the 5th season, Beast.
  • Yoshimori Sumimura from Kekkaishi is a bit more G-rated — since he's a Triple Shifter, he needs a lot of coffee milk to get him through the day.
  • Since Tachibana of Gate 7 is Not a Morning Person, he's useless (and scary) at morning until he drinks at least one cup of tea.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion. After Kaiji's death, Hard-Drinking Party Girl Misato switches to copious amounts of canned coffee, perhaps because she's now motivated to work all hours to find the truth about NERV.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul, coffee is literally the only thing Ghouls can consume besides human flesh. As a direct result, they are as a species insanely fond of drinking coffee and much of the series centers around a cafe run by a group of peaceful Ghouls. The protagonist is greatly relieved to discover he can still drink coffee, after his transformation into a Half-Human Hybrid.
  • Taken Up to Eleven in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. Due to chronic sleep deprivation, Shirogane has to have at least one cup of coffee every 3 hours or he will instantly pass out.
  • New Game! is a Work Com about a game studio, and of course this persists in real-life video game studios. There are however a few specific examples:
    • In the anime Kou appears to be drinking a large amount of energy drinks, particularly Red Gull. This is very subdued in the manga.
    • Chapter 22 is basically about Umiko asking Nene (and Aoba) to buy energy drinks for the whole debug team, since Umiko expects the entire team to work overnight.


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