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Zouzounia (English: Bugs) is a Greek children's band, founded in 1986 by educator Katerina Giannikou, who also wrote the lyrics to their songs, and Manos Vafeiadis. The latter is also responsible for other bands under the ownership of former publisher Kostas Giannikos (now imprisoned for debts), such as Mazoo and the Zoo and Candy Girls. The band is currently owned by Baby Walrus, a UK-based company founded by Giannikos' children, which manages YouTube channels of Zouzounia in English, Greek and Japanese.


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Albums by Zouzounia

  • Ah Kounelaki note  (2000)
  • Lyke Lyke, Eisai Edo? note  (2001)
  • Milame gia tous Arithmous note  (2001)
    • Let's Talk About Numbers note  (2007)
  • Ta Zouzounia Tragoudoun gia ta Zoakia note  (2003)
  • Christougenna Me Ta Zouzounia note  (2003)
  • Milame gia ta Schemata note  (2003)
  • Ta Zouzounia Tragoudoun gia ta Chromata note  (reissue of "Milame gia ta Chromata note , which was first released in 1986) (2004)
  • Ta Zouzounia Tragoudoun gia ta Schemata note  (2005)
  • Otan tha Pao, Kira mou, Sto Pazari note  (2005)
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  • Christougenna Irthan Pali note  (2005)
  • Akandoo (2006)

Zouzounia songs and music videos contain examples of:

  • Beary Friendly: Hector the bear is a friendly bear who ends the "Brown" song sung by him with "I love you a lot!".
  • Breakout Character: Unlike most of the band's members, Anna Rose and Amanda Stefatou got some independent albums with English songs and Greek adaptations of them.
  • Christmas Episode: Certain C Ds and DV Ds by them have songs with a Christmas theme.
    • Carnival Episode: The company has released some songs themed after the Carnival.
  • Dub Name Change: The English versions of the books and songs call Hector "Buddy" and Paris "Mo".
  • Medium Blending: Most of the music videos combine the live-action children with computer backgrounds (earlier videos used 2D backgrounds, while later ones use 3D CGI backgrounds).
  • Pantomime Animal: Some animals like the Donkey in "Itan enas Gaidaros" note  and the Wolf are represented by this.
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  • Pop-Star Composer: The band sung the theme songs for several Greek dubs of cartoons aired by the now-defunct ALTER Channel.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: While most of the animals are children in animal costumes, they still look pretty endearing.
  • Series Mascot: Hector the bear and Paris the mouse.

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