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Clockwise: Tamika, Kandi, Tiny, and LaTocha
What I need from you is understanding
How can we communicate
When you don't hear what I say?
—"Understanding," Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha (1992)

Xscape is an R&B girl group that was formed in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1990s. Xscape was signed to Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Recordings and released their debut album, Hummin' Comin' at 'Cha, in 1993. The album was a commercial success, spawning the hit singles "Understanding" and "Just Kickin' It".

Xscape released their second album Off the Hook in 1995 and their third and final album, Traces of My Lipstick in 1998. Despite their success, Xscape faced internal struggles, which led to their initial disbandment in 1998. The group members pursued individual endeavors, with some venturing into songwriting, producing, and reality television. The love and support from their fans prompted a reunion in 2017, and they subsequently embarked on a highly successful comeback tour.

Don't confuse them with Michael Jackson's posthumous album and title track Xscape, which was recorded and released long after the group's peak in popularity.


  • Kandi Burruss: Kandi is the youngest member of the group, joining while still finishing high school. She is known for her low voice which helps round out the group's harmonies and her distinct tone. She also possesses a whistle register which she displays on songs like "Understanding" and "My Little Secret." Kandi, along with LaTocha, sang many lead verses across the group's albums. She often found herself at odds with the Scott sisters during her time in the group. Her groupmates eventually voted out the group and she was replaced by Keisha Miles for a brief period. She managed to find success outside the group by writing songs for other musical acts such as Destiny's Child, P!nknote , TLC, and *NSYNC. In 2009, per Tiny's suggestion, Kandi landed herself on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in its second season. She departed the series just ahead of Season 16 but not before she managed to become the longest-running Housewife of the entire franchise. Kandi has displayed herself to be a successful businesswoman, wearing many hats including music producer, restaurateuse, sex toy-CEO, group developer, playwright, film and stage producer, and boutique owner.

  • Tameka "Tiny" Harris (née Cottle): The first of the two Tamekas in the group received her nickname due to her small stature, standing at a grand 4'11. Tiny is a soprano, often singing either the top note or the one just under it if LaTocha takes the top. She along with Kandi penned the hit "No Scrubs" which earned the two of them the Grammy for Best R&B Song in 2000. She married rapper T.I. in 2010. The two of them can be seen raising their seven children on their show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (2011-2017). Along with The Family Hustle, Tiny has also starred in Tiny & Toya, Tiny and Shekinah's Weave Trip, and T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.note 

  • LaTocha Scott-Bivens: The elder Scott sister and the eldest member of the group. LaTocha is known for her highly flamboyant and dynamic singing style with her frequent use of melisma. She often switches between the top and middle notes in the group's harmonies. Similar to the aforementioned members, she went on to do a little reality television. She joined the cast of R&B Divas: Atlanta in its second season in 2013. In 2023, she released her gospel debut, The Invitation: A Conversation with God. She currently has stepped away from performing with the group in order to focus on her solo endeavors.

  • Tamika Scott: The other Tamika in the group is the younger Scott sister. She normally sings the note between her sister and Kandi in the harmonies. This means you may not hear her when she's singing but you'd notice the difference when she isn't. Outside of Xscape, Tamika has starred in Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns as Milay Brown. She also released some solo music including a cover of Milira's "Go Outside In The Rain" (2019); "Tonight" (2023) featuring Method Man; and her Family Affair EP which features her daughters, OSHUN and rapper Young Niyah. Entertainment aside, Tamika has also gone on to work in the food business. In 2022, she published her first cookbook, Table Set Cooking with Tamika Scott: A Taste of the South in Your Mouth.


Studio Albums

  • Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha (1992)
    Singles: "Just Kickin' It," "Understanding," "Love on my Mind," and "Tonight."
  • Off The Hook (1995)
    Singles: "Feels So Good," "Who Can I Run To," and "Do You Want To/Can't Hang."
  • Traces Of My Lipstick (1998)
    Singles: "The Arms of the One Who Loves You," "My Little Secret," and "Softest Place on Earth."

Extended Plays

  • Here for It (2018) note 

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  • A Cappella: "Tonight."
  • Breakup Breakout: Kandi and Tiny moved on to reality television and other business ventures which allowed them to build notable careers outside of Xscape. The Scott sisters on the other hand are still primarily linked to their time in the group. However, they have still done things on their own.
  • Cover Version: "Who Can I Run To" is one of their biggest hits and signature songs. It was originally performed by The Jones Girls.
    • "Is My Living In Vain?" originally by The Clark Sisters on their debut album.
      • They auditioned for their record label with this song!
    • "Am I Dreamin'" from Traces Of My Lipstick from originally performed by Atlantic Starr.
    • "In The Rain" from the Love Jones soundtrack, led by Tiny and backed by Kandi, was originally performed by The Dramatics.
    • "All This Love" for New York Undercover: A Night At Natalie's, originally performed by DeBarge.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Kandi and LaTocha sing so many of the lead verses that Tiny and especially Tamika don't often get as much shine. Here's some of their leads:
    • Tiny:
      • "Do You Want To?"
      • The chorus of "Keep It On The Real"
      • "All I Need"
      • "Hold On"
      • "In The Rain"
    • Tamika:
      • The hook of "Love On My Mind"
      • "Who Can I Run To?"
      • "All I Need"
  • A House Divided: There has always been tension between Kandi and LaTocha, the biggest personalities of the group. The two of them can never see eye to eye to this day. Although close to Kandi, Tamika naturally sided with her sister most of the time. Tiny would often have to play peacemaker. Tamika eventually started a rumor about Kandi—one that she still can't shake—in defense of her sister that pushed her away from them completely and contributed to the group's demise. Kandi and The Scott sisters went without contact with each other for nearly fifteen years.
  • Intercourse with You: "Softest Place On Earth" from Traces. This is one of their most beloved songs.
  • Lipstick Mark: Traces Of My Lipstick invokes this with its recurring theme of infidelity.
  • Meaningful Rename: When the group released the Here For It EP, the group went by the name XSCAP3. This is because Kandi asked them not to use the name Xscape without her.
    • Averted now that LaTocha isn't performing with the group anymore.
  • Melismatic Vocals: LaTocha is known for her fondness of this technique. The other three are more reserved in this fashion.
  • The Mistress: "All About Me" and "My Little Secret" from Traces.
    I like being in the same room as you and your girlfriend
    The fact that she don't know really turns me on
    LaTocha, "My Little Secret"
  • My Secret Pregnancy: Tamika was pregnant with her eldest daughter, Oshun, when the group filmed the music video for "Love On My Mind." They attempted to cover it up.
    • Averted with Tiny in the "Can't Hang" video.
  • Put on a Bus: Kandi when the group voted her out.
    • Invoked again by Kandi herself. She didn't want to record new music so she is absent from the Here For It EP.
    • LaTocha as of late 2022. She decided to step away from the group following more internal conflict.
  • Sampling:
    • The remix of "Just Kickin' It" samples "Let's Do It Again" by the Staples Singers.
    • "Who Can I Run To (Mr. Dupri Extended Remix" samples Teddy Pendergrass's "Love TKO."
  • Signature Line: "Every man wants a woman..." courtesy of Kandi in "Just Kickin' It."
  • Song of Prayer: The group often covers "Give Me A Clean Heart" in their live sets.
  • Take That!: They were on the receiving end of a diss from The Notorious B.I.G. on "Just Playing (Dreams)"; where he called them ugly, and said he'd rather sleep with Ru Paul before considering sleeping with any of them. The group took great exception to the remark, and while Biggie did attempt to apologize in person at a Soul Train Awards afterparty, Kandi refused to talk to him. Unfortunately, Biggie was murdered later that night, and Kandi later admitted she regretted not accepting his apology.
  • We Used to Be Friends: This was Kandi's main issue with Tamika though they have since mended fences.
  • What Ever Happened To The Mouse: Kiesha Miles. She was added to the group as Kandi's replacement but it seems as if they have lost contact with her in the current day. She is the only member of Xscape to not appear in an interview for their episode of Unsung.
    • Averted with OG member Tamera Coggins. She appeared with the group in their audition tape as well as their performance of "Hold On" by En Vogue on BET's Teen Summit in 1991. As explained on Unsungnote , she was voted out of the group because the label did not want her. However, she went on to become a successful businesswoman and is still very close to Kandi.