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Arguably the most internationally known finnish folk band, Värttinä started with sisters Mari and Sari Kaasinen performing mostly for fun of it in the early 80s, and continues to this day. During the 30 years of career there have been many lineup changes, and now Mari is the only staying founding member. The 2013 lineup, at least singer-wise seems to be here to stay.

The vocals are normally female, harmonized, with the rest of the members providing the instruments. There is effort in preserving old traditional songs, but the majority are original compositions written by members current at the time. There is usually at least 1 instrumental per album.



Tropes dealing with the band and their music:

  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Though the words to Travuska are traditional, the definitely Slavic chorus sung by the girl away from home (who the song is about) lacks the proper Slavic grammar (grass needs to be feminine).
  • Instrumentals: Usually 1 per album, to give the non-singers in the group a chance to shine. 2015 release Viena has Kiri by the newly joined accordion player.
  • Long-Runners: Has been around since the late 80s (despite only 1 constant member remaining).

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