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The Wrecking Crew was a loose collective of extremely prolific Los Angeles-based studio musicians. They began as Phil Spector's house band in the early 1960s and were instrumental in the creation of his famous Wall of Sound. They went on to become highly in-demand session musicians, playing on thousands of recordings in the 1960s and early 1970s.


  • Bill Aken (guitar)
  • Doug Bartenfeld (guitar)
  • Ben Benay (guitar)
  • Vinnie Bell (guitar)
  • Max Bennett (electric bass)
  • Chuck Berghofer (upright bass)
  • Hal Blaine (drums)
  • Jimmy Bond (upright bass)
  • Bud Brisbois: Trumpet
  • Dennis Budimir (guitar)
  • Allan Buetler (saxophone)
  • Larry Bunker (percussion)
  • James Burton (guitar)
  • Red Callender (upright bass)
  • Glen Campbell (guitar)
  • Frank Capp (percussion)
  • Al Casey (guitar)
  • Roy Caton (trumpet)
  • Gene Cipriano (saxophone)
  • John Clauder (drums)
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  • David Cohen (guitar)
  • Jerry Cole (guitar)
  • Gary L. Coleman (percussion)
  • Mike Deasy (guitar)
  • Al De Lory (keyboards)
  • Steve Douglas (saxophone)
  • Gene Estes (percussion)
  • Victor Feldman (percussion)
  • Chuck Findley (trumpet)
  • John Goldthwaite (guitar)
  • Jim Gordon (drums)
  • Bill Green (saxophone)
  • Milt Holland (percussion)
  • Jim Horn (saxophone, flute)
  • Richard "Slyde" Hyde: Trombone
  • Plas Johnson (saxophone)
  • Carol Kaye (electric bass, guitar)
  • Jackie Kelso (saxophone)
  • Jim Keltner (drums)
  • Barney Kessel (guitar)
  • Larry Knechtel (electric bass, keyboards)
  • John Lowe (saxophone)
  • Lew McCreary (trombone)
  • Mike Melvoin (keyboards)
  • Jay Migliori (saxophone)
  • Ollie Mitchell (trumpet)
  • Tommy Morgan (harmonica)
  • Lou Morrell (guitar)
  • Dick Nash (trombone)
  • Jack Nitzsche (arranger, conductor)
  • Joe Osborn (electric bass)
  • Earl Palmer (drums)
  • Don Peake (guitar)
  • Bill Pitman (electric bass, guitar)
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  • Ray Pohlman (electric bass, guitar)
  • Joe Porcaro (drums, percussion)
  • Don Randi (keyboards)
  • Mac Rebennack (guitar, keyboards)
  • Lyle Ritz (upright bass)
  • Howard Roberts (guitar)
  • Michel Rubini (keyboard)
  • Irv Rubins (guitar)
  • Leon Russell (keyboards)
  • Louie Shelton (guitar)
  • P.F. Sloan (guitar)
  • Billy Strange (guitar)
  • Tommy Tedesco (guitar)
  • Nino Tempo (saxophone)
  • Tony Terran (trumpet)
  • Al Vescovo (guitar)
  • Julius Wechter (percussion)
  • Bob West (electric bass)

Bands and artists that have worked with the Wrecking Crew:

Tropes associated with the Wrecking Crew:

  • Anonymous Band: They were almost never credited, and their existence was virtually unknown outside of the industry until Hal Blaine published his autobiography in 1990.
  • Breakup Breakout: Some of the members went on to have very successful solo careers, such as Glen Campbell and Leon Russell.

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