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The Senseless is the solo project of Sam Bean (previously of The Berzerker). The music is described as Extreme Happy Metal and blends the harsh and heavy sounds of death metal with a more upbeat and wistful style of major chord riffing without sacrificing the speed and intensity of extreme metal. Their 3 albums can be found on bandcamp.


  • In The Realm of the Sensless (2007)
  • The Floating World (2012)
  • The Buried Life (2017)

The Senseless provides examples of:

  • Careful with That Axe: Naturally, this being a death metal project. Vocals can range from a low growl to top-of-the-lung shrieking.
    • Also averted with many clean vocal sections scattered throughout the project, enhancing the impact when this trope does occur.
  • Darker and Edgier: The Buried Life compared to the previous two albums, with some of the major themes of the album being loss and depression.
  • Lighter and Softer: Than most extreme metal, at least lyrically. They maintain the intensity of the genre with songs about hating your job.
  • Signature Style: Sanguine death metal
  • Soul-Crushing Desk Job: Vacation from the first album.
  • Subdued Section: Common, especially in the later albums.
    • The halfway point of Let Me Sleep gives us just over 30 seconds of slow distorted guitars over the sound of rain.
    • Shows up a lot on The Buried Life with some songs gradually slowing down almost to a complete stop before starting up again, such as the 3:30 mark on Idle Wild.
  • Take That!: The song Death to Metal is this to the seemingly uninspired and stagnant modern metal scene:
    Two hundred riffs do not a song make
    Watching these stoners live the cliché
    Iím praying you dickholes ignore my band
    We still blow you pricks away