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The Death of Cool is the third album by Kitchens of Distinction, released in 1992. Its often cited as one of the most underrated albums of the 1990s.

The album was written with themes about AIDS, LGBT culture, and love in mind. The title was a play on words of Miles Davis' 1957 album Birth of the Cool, as he had just passed away. The album was greeted by critical acclaim, but was ignored until over 20 years later. It still often gets swept under the rug, despite its lyrical depth. It's not known if it is a concept album or a Rock Opera. The lyrics seem to be telling a story, but Patrick Fitzgerald still hasn't clarified anything regarding this. He felt cursed that the album never really caught on.



  1. "What Happens Now?"
  2. "4 Men"
  3. "On Tooting Broadway Station"
  4. "Breathing Fear"
  5. "Gone World Gone"
  6. "When in Heaven"
  7. "Mad as Snow"
  8. "Smiling"
  9. "Blue Pedal"
  10. "Can't Trust the Waves"

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