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The world could come together as one, if everybody under the sun would add some music to his day....

Sunflower is the sixteenth studio album by The Beach Boys. Released in 1970, it did relatively well in Europe, but performed disastrously in the US, peaking at #151 on the charts. It has since been Vindicated by History though, and rightfully so. Its generally considered to be one of their strongest albums, and a showcase of the growing songwriting talents of the individual Beach Boys without major involvement from Brian Wilson. It spawned the hits and fan favorites "Add Some Music to Your Day" and "Forever".


Tracklist: note 

Side One

  1. "Slip On Through" (2:17)
  2. "This Whole World" (1:56)
  3. "Add Some Music to Your Day" (3:34)
  4. "Got to Know the Woman" (2:41)
  5. "Deirdre" (3:27)
  6. "It's About Time" (2:55)

Side Two

  1. "Tears in the Morning" (4:07)
  2. "All I Wanna Do" (2:34)
  3. "Forever" (2:40)
  4. "Our Sweet Love" (2:38)
  5. "At My Window" (2:30)
  6. "Cool, Cool Water" (5:03)


Principal Members:

  • Al Jardine - lead vocals, guitar
  • Bruce Johnston - lead vocals, bass, piano, celesta
  • Mike Love - lead vocals, percussion
  • Brian Wilson - lead vocals, piano, rocksichord, bass, organ
  • Carl Wilson - lead vocals, guitar
  • Dennis Wilson - lead vocals, drums, tambourine

Tropes in the Morning:

  • Break-Up Song:
    • "Deirdre"
    What could I say
    That you ran away
    Don't you think it's time that you stayed right near me?
    • "Tears in the Morning"
    Well you know I lit a candle
    It's in my heart now where it glows
    Day and night feel my light it's gonna stand till
    My heart believes in what you chose
  • Cover Version: "Cottonfields" is a cover of a Lead Belly song. Also, its a remake of "Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)" from their 20/20 album.
  • Executive Meddling: Sunflower was the group's first album for Reprise, who were very meticulous about what they wanted. The group's first three attempts at a tracklisting were rejected by the label, who felt that there wasn't enough strong single material and not enough Brian Wilson compositions. There was a reason for this - the group was concurrently working on a final Capitol album to get out of their contract, and thus had saved a number of good songs for it. This record wasn't completed, so to create the fourth and final tracklisting, the best songs were moved onto Sunflower, replacing the ones the label disliked. The group had so much leftover material that they actually were going to release a follow up of outtakes called "Landlocked", though this evolved into "Surf's Up" instead with only a couple of tracks ("Take A Load Off Your Feet" and "Til I Die") kept - several others were reworked for future releases. This situation is also the reason why "Break Away"/"Celebrate The News" and the "Add Some Music To Your Day" B-side "Susie Cincinnati" were non-album, they were intended to be included on the cancelled Capitol and original Sunflower tracklistings at the time they were released on single.
  • Face on the Cover: A group shot of the band with some children.
  • Fiery Redhead: "Deirdre"
    Always had our love, Deirdre
    I love your red hair
  • Gratuitous French: "At My Window"
    Le moineau est venu
    Se poser à ma fenêtre note 
  • Heavy Meta: "Add Some Music to Your Day"
    The sunday mornin' gospel goes good with the soul
    There's blues, folk, and country, and rock like a rollin' stone
    The world could come together as one
    If everybody under the sun
    Add some music to your day
  • Heel Realization: "It's About Time"
    I used to be a famous artist
    Proud as I could be
    Struggling to express myself
    For the whole world to see
    I used to blow my mind sky high
    Searching for the lost elation
    Little did I know the joy I was to find
    In knowing I am only me
  • Mundane Made Awesome: "Cool, Cool Water", which is literally about the delight of drinking water.
    When I'm just too hot to move
    Cool cool water is such a groove
    In a shady spot when I'm layin' down
    Only thing movin' are the ants on the ground
    When I'm thirsty and I reach for a glass
    Cool water tastes like such a gas
  • New Sound Album: Particularly "Got to Know the Woman" and "It's About Time".
    • Not to mention the country rock "Cottonfields" from the European version of the album.
  • One-Woman Song: "Deirdre"
  • One-Word Title: "Deirdre", "Forever"
  • Pacifism: "It's About Time"
    It's about time we get together
    To be out front and love one another
    Brothers sisters everybody
    We better start to help each other now
    We need it now
    When we're sharin' our love brother
    That's when we know we can shape another world
  • The Power of Rock: "Add Some Music to Your Day".
  • Regional Bonus: The rerecorded single version of "Cottonfields" was added as the first track on the original UK and European versions. "Got To Know The Woman" and "Deirdre" were swapped too.
  • Shout-Out: A sample of the opening a capella chord of "Deirdre" was later used for the Cave of the Past theme in Earthbound; this same sample would later be reused for the track "Amalgam" in Undertale, which incidentally released just three months after the 20th's anniversary of EarthBound's American release.
    • Also, "Forever" was made famous to the general public through Full House. It would subsequently be remade by The Beach Boys on their 1993 album Summer in Paradise, sung by John Stamos.
  • Vocal Tag Team: Every then-member of The Beach Boys got at least one lead vocal on this album.


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