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A Japanese ero-guro group describing themselves as "freak-show punk," blending rock music with dark theater, formed in 1998. The group consists of a core band and a troupe of actors. Their performances include skits and scenes interspersed with rehearsed and improvised music, and they often perform spontaneously in public areas. Through the group, troupe leader Miyaaku Sensha conveys a world which he describes as "the antithesis of modern society." To that end, the members don black uniforms and white makeup, performing a variety of atmospheric and plot-related roles in harmony with the music.

Band Members:

Miyaaku Sensha (leader, Harsh Vocals), Tsukikage Mika (melodic vocals), Ikyou Akane (female backing vocals), Morita Testsudou (guitar), Kirihira Ranse (bass), Choujou Shouko (piano, synth), Kamata Eiki (drums)

(Often joined by a guest shamisen player)


Yoshie, Toki Utamo, Amau Chiyako, Kotobuki Souya, Kiriko, Azami Chihiro, Kuchikase Kanako, Mayuzumi Kaiko


  • Kagamimachi ni te (2004)
  • Mousou Renai Tan (2008)
  • Origin of Blood (2009)
  • Setsudan Igaku EP (2010)


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