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Sanguisugabogg is an American death metal band. Characterized by their heavy midpaced grooves and perverse sense of humor, as well as their memetic social media presence and large and ever-changing collection of merchandise, Sanguisugabogg's explosive ascendancy from bedroom project to one of the vanguards of the "caveman death metal" movement and one of the fastest-rising acts in death metal as a whole is one of the unlikeliest success stories of the late 2010s and early 2020s.

Founded in Columbus, Ohio in the mid-2010s by Cameron Boggs (guitars) as a bedroom black metal project, the project eventually turned towards death metal, and after numerous initial failures to get a lineup to record it, Boggs managed to recruit Cody Davidson (drums), followed by Steph Barnes (bass) and Devin Swank (vocals), the latter of whom Boggs met via a chance encounter on Facebook. The band properly formed as an entity in 2019, and this lineup went on to record a demo in Davidson's mother's basement, which they were able to put out via Maggot Stomp Records. Pornographic Seizures rapidly took off in the underground, and the band began relentlessly playing shows across the eastern Midwest and Northeast. This continued into 2020, when the band wound up being one of the last metal acts to complete a tour before the COVID-19 pandemic, and while Steph Barnes ducked out at some point during the year and was replaced by Cedrik "Ced" Davis, the band put their quarantine time to good use by tinkering with their full-length debut a bit more.

In early 2021, the band announced a deal with Century Media Records. Tortured Whole, their full-length debut, was released in late March of that year, and the band is planning on touring as heavily as possible on the album as soon as they are able to. At some point in mid-2021, Boggs left the band, and Ced Davis moved to guitar.


  • Pornographic Seizures (2019) (demo)
  • Tortured Whole (2021)
  • Homicidal Ecstasy (2023)

The band contains examples of the following tropes:

  • A Good Name for a Rock Band: The band was originally named "Sanguisuga" ("bloodsucker" in Latin), and when Cameron Boggs learned that "bog" was British slang for a toilet, they thought that the idea of combining their band's name with their own last name as a double entendre would be hilarious.
  • Black Comedy: Their sole lyrical theme, with generous heapings of Crosses the Line Twice for good measure.
  • Caveman Death Metal: Next to Gatecreeper, they are easily the most famous act in the movement, and they are also easily the most brutal death-leaning, though they also feature prominent hardcore elements.
  • Doting Parent: Ced Davis' dad, who responded to his son's struggle to find a van in good working order in time for the band's first post-pandemic tour by giving him his own personal work van to use for the tour, and helped him rig up a bunk setup in the cargo area so Ced and the rest of the band wouldn't have to sleep on the bare floor.
  • Fan Music: "Turkish Blood Orgy" and "Gored in the Chest".
  • Gag Penis: The video for "Menstrual Envy" features the band demanding the addition of a "dong clause" to their recording contract that stipulates that they are to receive "big dongs immediately upon signing" with a minimum of fifteen inches per member. They get their wish, only for the giant dongs to grow faces and mouths and develop ravenous appetites for human flesh, and Ced's giant dong goes on to brutally kill a hapless fan. By "Gored in the Chest", the dong monsters have fused and rapidly grown into a dong Kaiju, forcing the band to enlist the services of Kabukiman to slay the monster.
  • Hardcore Punk: They have prominent beatdown hardcore elements, particularly their style of groove, and Cameron Boggs has played in hardcore acts in the past. They also have a substantial Periphery Demographic with hardcore fans, which helped fuel a lot of their early buzz.
  • I Love the Dead: "Posthumous Compersion" and "Felching Filth".
  • Metal Scream: Devin Swank is a Type 1-2 hybrid, sporting throaty gurgles with noticeable hardcore influences.
  • Misogyny Song: "Turkish Blood Orgy" had shades of this, but despite accusations of misogynistic lyrics on Pornographic Seizures, most of the lyrics were gender-neutral. By their own admission, this was never really their intention; they just got high and watched horror movies, then wrote lyrics reflective of what they watched, and when it came time to write the lyrics for Tortured Whole, they deliberately sought to avert this by explicitly featuring male victims in their songs.
  • New Sound Album: Homicidal Ecstasy is significantly more technical and has much more prominent brutal death and slam elements, as well as introducing noticeable nu metal elements.
  • Nobody Loves the Bassist: They do not have a bassist as of 2022, as Drew Arnold moved to guitar, and unaccompanied bass parts are now handled by Ced and Drew running their rigs through guitar and bass amps and using a pedal to switch as needed. The decision to do this was apparently a whim; they were inspired by Pig Destroyer's old setup with Scott Hull running through both a guitar and bass rig, and decided to try it out on a winter 2022 tour just to see what happened. It wound up working so well that they opted to keep it and never looked back.
  • Pædo Hunt: The protagonist of "Dick Filet", who lures in predatory pedophiles and tortures them to death.
  • Retraux: The music video for "Dead as Shit" is a deliberate throwback to the mid-2000s era of Newgrounds and other pre-YouTube providers of user-generated video content.
  • Sampling: The sample of John Daly's drunken braggadocio that precedes "Uningest" live is something of a minor meme among the fandom.
    "You can't drink like me, you can't smoke like me, and I guarantee your dick's not as big as mine... you can't fuck like me. So don't try to be like me, motherfucker. Get your shit straight, and fuckin' let's party together, you cock suckin' mother fucker!"
  • Silly Will: The will of the deceased in "Felching Filth" specifically requested that a beneficiary of their will perform anilingus on their corpse.
  • Special Guest: Roger Beaujard (Mortician) has a guest vocal appearance on "Menstrual Envy", while Aaron Heard (Jesus Piece) appears on "Face Ripped Off".
  • The Stoner: The entire band is open about their heavy usage of weed, psychedelics, and dissociatives, and by Boggs' estimation, virtually all of their material has been written while extremely high.
  • What a Drag: "Dragged by a Truck".