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Or in short: Japanese counterpart of Culture Club

SHAZNA was a Visual Kei/Japanese rock band that was active from 1993 to 2000. And the time period from whence they debuted speaks much of their music as they are somewhat reminiscent of mainstream sounding music of the day such as Alternative Rock (early), New Wave Music and Glam Rock. They also have a somewhat more 80s taste. Though it does help that IZAM (leader of the band whose choice of fashion was rather iconic due to its extreme cross-dressing feminine look) was influenced by Boy George and Culture Club, hence the almost similar fashion.

They've reached popularity after the release of their major debut single, Melty Love on August 27, 1997. This would since become their Signature Song from now on and be covered by visual artists in the future. Despite only 8 years being together, they've had an extensive career and released many singles and albums. When they disbanded in 2000, each had gained successful solo careers. IZAM by then had a less feminine look.


However, in 2007, they've reunited and released one single and album together entitled Heart and 10th Melty Life respectively. On November 3, 2008, they announced that they would disband and played their last concert on March 22, 2009 at Shibuya O-East which they did. While the band was no more, they were recognized as one of the most important bands of the '90s visual kei movement.


Notable members

  • IZAM - vocals (1993-2000, 2007-09)
  • A・O・I - guitar (1993-2000, 2007-09)
  • NIY - bass (1993-2000, 2007-09)

Previous members

  • KATSURA - drums (1993-1996; joined Baiser)

Selected Discography:


  • [1994.11.30] Sophia
  • [1996.03.14] Melty Case
  • [1996.08.01] Raspberry Time
  • [1997.01.22] Promise Eve
  • [1998.01.22] Gold Sun and Silver Moon (named "Rock Album of the Year")
  • [1999.06.30] Pure Hearts
  • [2007.08.08] 10th Melty Life


  • [1997.06.04] Lavender Color Shazna Feeling/Lavender Color SHAZNA no Kimochi
  • [1997.08.08] Melty Love
  • [1998.01.01] Silent Encounter
  • [1999.04.28] Pure Hearts
  • [1998.12.26] Dear September Lovers Shazna Live at Budokan '98
  • [2009.07.15] Complete. Last Live/Kanketsu. -LAST LIVE-

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