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Dressed for BUSINESS.

RJD2 (born Ramble John "RJ" Krohn) is a hip-hop DJ, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. In the wake of the many, many, many DJ Shadow wannabes that sprang up in the early 2000s, RJD2 stood apart as an original, making innovative and often uptempo instrumental hip-hop tracks with his first two albums (Deadringer and Since We Last Spoke, on Def Jux). And then, cue The Third Hand, on XL Recordings, which sharply split the fanbase into those who liked the sampler virtuoso of the first two albums, and the more indie rock crowd who liked the new singer/songwriter approach. His most recent album The Colossus, released on The Orchard marked yet another departure, into more producer-like territory with a much larger number of guest stars than any previous albums.


Main Discography

  • Your Face or Your Kneecaps: 2001 (Notable as being his first release, but was only a mix album)
  • Deadringer: 2002: Def Jux
  • Since We Last Spoke: 2004: Def Jux
  • Magnificent City with Aceyalone: 2006: Def Jux
  • The Third Hand: 2007: XL Recordings/RJ's Electrical Connections
  • The Colossus: 2010: The Orchard/RJ's Electrical Connections

Tropes that apply to RJD2 include...

  • Broken Base: Between fans of Deadringer and Since We Last Spoke and fans of the later albums, as well as those who like both.
  • New Sound Album: Third Hand and The Colossus, the former focused on conventional music, the latter returned to sampling, but had a darker sound.
  • Memetic Mutation: THE HORROR.
  • Sampled Up: Unsurprising, given his sources.
  • Sampling: Well....yeah....he is a DJ.


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