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Rabbit Junk is a genre-mashing electronic rock and metal duo from Seattle, Washington. Formed by singer, composer, and producer John Paul "JP" Anderson (formerly of The Shizit) in 2004, the band currently consists of Anderson and his wife, Jennifer "Sum Grrl" Bernert. Rabbit Junk has released five albums alongside several singles and EPs, bending and breaking genres along the way, but always featuring loud guitars, synthesizers, and computer beats.


  • JP Anderson (guitars, vocals, synths, programming) - 2004-present
  • Jennifer "Sum Grrl" Bernert (vocals, live synths) - 2004-present


  • Rabbit Junk (2004)
  • Reframe (2006)
  • This Life Is Where You Get Fucked (2008)
  • Project Nonagon (2010)
  • Pop That Pretty Thirty EP (2014)
  • Invasion EP (2014)
  • Beast EP (2015)
  • Singles from the Lost Years 2011-13 (2015)
  • Rabbit Junk Will Die!: Meditations on Mortality (2018)
  • Xenospheres (2020)

Tropes associated with Rabbit Junk:

  • Concept Album: This Life Is Where You Get Fucked tells three stories in its three sections. "The Struggle" is about various struggles for freedom from 1942 to the present day, "Ghetto Blasphemer" combines black metal and hip-hop to tell a story about modern occult on the streets, and "This Death is Where You Get Life" is about a Seattle road cyclist looking for revenge on the person who stole his bike.
    • Project Nonagon is entirely a sequel to This Life..., calling its three sections "The Struggle II", "Ghetto Blasphemer II", and "This Death II".
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: In "The Revenge of Julian Modely", this becomes the fate of the titular character as he is enslaved by the demon he summoned.
  • Genre Mashup: Rabbit Junk take influence from punk, metal, rap, EDM, and even 80s synthpop.
  • Renaissance Man: JP somehow manages to balance being a producer and songwriter in two bands (RJ and Ovter God) with having two kids and working on a Ph.D.