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Enough said.

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Keep this under your hat: Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Anybody Killa steal beats from Gangsta Rappers, don gang rags and perform Hardcore Hip Hop lyrics under the names Bullet, Full Clip, Foe Foe, Lil' Shank, Cell Block and Sawed Off.

Psychopathic Rydas was formed in 1999, as a sideproject to feature rhymes that didn't involve any horror-based themes and instead focused on the Gangsta Rap themes the group members reveled in early in their careers. The Rydas' first album, Dumpin, was given away for free to Juggalos that correctly answered a trivia quiz in ICP's The Amazing Jeckel Brothers album. The album was also issued under the imprint Joe & Joey Records, rather than Psychopathic Records. All of this basically to avoid any legal issues that ICP could encounter for selling an album with stolen beats and uncleared samples.


An original member of the group was Myzery (brother-in-law to Violent J, via Jumpsteady's wife), who left the group after their first album due to retiring from the music industry to marry a woman he met while touring. It should be noted that this is where he felt most at home, as his East Coast rap style didn't fit in with Psychopathic's usual material.

Esham (as Converse) and Anybody Killa joined the group, but both left due to no longer being a part of Psychopathic Records. Psychopathic newcomer Boondox joined the Rydas for Duk Da Fuk Down in 2007; in 2011, it was announced that the Rydas would be making a new album, EatShitNDie, and that ABK/Sawed Off (who had been back on Psychopathic since 2008) had rejoined the group. Subsequently, Boondox and Twiztid left Psychopathic Records, and are thus no longer members of the Rydas.


Their choice of stolen beats has changed overtime from more old school Gangsta Rap to more popular mainstream artists. You can usually expect the Rydas' rhymes to be significantly better than the original lyrics to the songs they stole their beats from.


  • Dumpin' (1999)
  • Ryden Dirtay (2001)
  • Check Your Shit in Bitch! (2004)
  • Duk Da Fuk Down (2007)
  • EatShitNDie (2011)


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