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The hardest rockers of Runeterranote 

Pentakill is an American Power Metal virtual band made by Riot Games' internal music studio and featuring characters from League of Legends.

In a realm consecrated to dark and uncaring gods, where mortals clash in ceaseless, bloody sagas of metal, one band rose above all others: Pentakill, chosen of the Noisome Host. Now revered in temples and arenas across the land, their supremacy has become absolute - though a time of change is approaching, and the cycle may soon begin anew...

Fictional Lineup

  • Karthus (Vocalist) - All hail Karthus, the Voice of Doom, and Chosen of Perpetuum! His songs are bleak murder ballads, a bitter reminder that all things must die. Though, perhaps, not him?
  • Kayle (Vocalist) - All hail, Kayle, the Bringer of Woe! With strength of a self-righteous angel, she claims justice and judgment soar on her wings of wrath. Surely, if any can rally the warrior host of metal, it will be her.
  • Mordekaiser (Guitar) - All hail Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal, and Chosen of Cacophoni! The brazen giant boasts of his legendary skill with the axe, for none who face its edge live to tell of it...
  • Yorick (Bass) - All hail Yorick, the Four-String Fanatic! He bestrides the realm of the living and the dead, and knows the fate that comes to all mortal things. It pays to beware the honorable man...
  • Sona (Keyboard) - All hail Sona, the Silent Virtuosos! An artist's soul can change the world, and with the harmonious power of creation at her fingertips, she will prove that what is made can yet be unmade.
  • Olaf (Drums) - All hail Olaf, the Blastbeast Barbarian, and Chosen of Stentorus! As wild as a tempest, as brutal as an earthquake, he laughs in the faces of his enemies, his pounding drumbeats shaking the very foundations of the world.
  • Viego (Villainous Vocalist) - Only the broken-hearted can know the true sound of grief, that yearning for perfection that goes unheard by all others. Viego exists in a world of ashes and shadow, when it ought to be filled with light, and now looks beyond these grey horizons for new sounds and visions to make it so...

Key Members (Real Life)

  • Jørn Lande (Primary Karthus Vocals)
  • ZP Theart (Secondary Karthus Vocals)(Various other singers within Riot Games have also recorded lyrics for Karthus)
  • Noora Louhimo (Kayle Vocals)
  • Tre Watson (Composer and Lyric Writer, as well Dissonant One Vocals)
  • Telle Smith (Primary Viego Vocals)
  • Gregg Bissonette (Drums)
  • Benjamin Ellis (Guitarist)


  • Smite And Ignite (2014)
    • Lightbringer
    • Deathfire Grasp
    • Ohmwrecker
    • Last Whisper
    • The Hex Core
    • Thornmail
    • Orb of Winter (Instrumental)
  • Grasp of the Undying (2017)
    • The Cull
    • Mortal Reminder
    • Tear of the Goddess
    • Infinity Edge
    • Dead Man's Plate
    • The Hex Core MK-II
    • The Bloodthirster
    • Frozen Heart
    • Rapid Firecannon
    • Blade of the Ruined King (Instrumental)
  • Lost Chapter (2021)
    • Lost Chapter
    • Predator
    • Edge of Night
    • Gathering Storm
    • Conquerer
    • Executioner's Calling
    • Stormrazor
    • Aftershock
    • Last Stand
    • Redemption
    • Lightbringer (Acoustic Reprise)

This Band Provides Examples of The Following

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: The second half of Smite and Ignite is something closer to hard techno with metal influences contrasting the Power Metal tunes from the first half. Averted with Grasp, however.
  • Beyond Redemption: The narration explicitly says that "Viego is beyond redemption" after Mordekaiser lays him out with a single punch, having tried to destroy Pentakill with his music and throwing a fit when defeated.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: The band may have the aesthetics of evil, but nothing has indicated they're anything but a metal band putting on a performance. Even in the "Mortal Reminder" video, their Sugar Apocalypse doesn't kill the Yordles but instead causes them to rock out with the band, and they defend the world against the Dissonant One and Viego in the Lost Chapter virtual event.
  • Death Metal: Viego's contributions to Lost Chapter.
  • Delinquent Hair: Kayle sports a noticeable undercut.
  • Epic Rocking: Blade Of The Ruined King at 7 minutes.
  • Evil Is Petty: Viego and the Dissonant One's primary motive in the Lost Chapter live virtual concert? To force the world to listen to their music rather than Pentakill's, who they constantly throw juvenile barbs at, culminating in Viego ranting at the crowd when they refuse to obey.
  • Fiery Redhead: Sona has the appearance, which is a stark contrast from her much sweeter canon appearance.
  • A Good Name for a Rock Band: Even more so than Riot's other bands K/DA and True Damage; not only is the band named after the term for one player in LoL killing the entire enemy team at once, every single song is named after an item or a rune from the game as well.
  • Instrumentals: "Ohmwrecker" and "Orb of Winter" from Smite, and "Blade Of the Ruined King" from Grasp.
  • Light Is Not Good: Viego, who wears all white, serves the evil Dissonant One and seeks to destroy Pentakill.
  • Mascot: Mordekaiser. Ironically, Karthus is the singer.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Viego in Lost Chapter shows up with no shirt, charismatic moves, and an utterly gorgeous, shredded appearance.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Sona's wears a flowing black dress that exposes a fair amount of skin, invokes sexy imagery in her performance style, and emerges on a piano in the "Mortal Reminder" video, earning her a flower from a Yordle who seems to find her attractive.
  • Power Metal: What their main genre boils down to.
  • The Power of Rock:
    • In the actual game, all characters that have their skin equipped will attack with a modified weapon resembling their instrument.
    • The band is shown pulling off supernatural feats with their metal in the "Mortal Reminder" video, ultimately causing all the Yordles to rock out alongside them.
    • The entire Lost Chapter live virtual event focuses on the power of metal as an actual force, featuring characters creating and destroying structures, growing gigantic, and casting magic using metal music alone in a conflict between the Dissonant One, who wishes to destroy Pentakill and further his own brand of music, and Pentakill defending themselves and their fans.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: The Lost Chapter live virtual concert depicts Viego as a petty young man obsessed with destroying Pentakill, who he considers "old." Viego throws noticeably childish insults at them and ultimately begins ranting and raving the moment it's clear he's not going to win, before finally being laid out by Mordekaiser when the band catches him.
  • Smug Snake: Viego in the Lost Chapter live event is very convinced he's going to swoop in, destroy Pentakill in a single stroke, and force the world to listen to his music and obey the Dissonant One. The band and their audience quickly prove him dead wrong, at which point he begins to break down into ranting.
  • Sugar Apocalypse: During the music video for "Mortal Reminder" the idyllic Bandle City (here portrayed as a simple Shire-esque village filled with harmless furry critters) is utterly leveled by the arrival of Pentakill. After the initial shock, the Yordles don't seem too bothered, though, as they end up rocking out with the band (although that may just be an effect of being struck by Karthus' Requiem).
  • Token Human: Olaf and Sona. Everyone else is either undead or an Angel.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Viego in Lost Chapter's live event gradually descends from a refined and charismatic performer to a raving, shouting madman as it becomes clear he won't win his confrontation with Pentakill.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Viego doesn't seem fond of wearing a shirt, even while working under a god like the Dissonant One, as his skin and the live event he's featured in display.