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Left to right: D, A

patten are an experimental electronic duo signed to Warp Records. Its members are only known as "D" and "A". They have released three albums and five EPs over the course of eleven years:

Originally, patten was a singular project, with D at the helm. However, after meeting A (who participated in the music video for "Winter strobing") in 2014, patten became a duo, and first performed as a duo at the Warp25 concert, alongside Warp veterans Autechre.



  • GLAQJO XAACSSO (pronounced "glack-geut zack-so") (2011)
  • Ψ (pronounced "Psi") (2016)


  • Lacuna (2006)
  • There Were Horizons (2007)
  • June 30th (with Hisham Baroocha) (2015)
  • Requiem (2017)


  • Phrase Salad Lyrics: More noticable in Ψ: Folded firmly, ink is a lock, drive shrouded, how'd you see now? ~ Locq
    • This reappears throughout Ψ.
  • Sampling: Used liberally by D. patten have sampled many things, including:
    • Trains
    • Water splashes
    • Short snippets of vocals
    • Car alarms
    • Bicycle rings
    • Rainfall
    • Helicopter Blades
    • Glass smashing
    • Other songs (Restricted to their RE-EDITS compilations)
    • Snippets of news reports and interviews (Restricted to their RE-EDITS compilations)
  • Surreal Music Video: All of them. Then again unsuprising since they were directed by Jane Easlight. The most notable ones are "Sonne" and "Drift"
  • Spoken Word in Music: Both D and A have performed in spoken word.
  • Textless Album Cover: GLAQJO XAACSSO, ESTOILE NAIANT and Ψ.
  • Vocal Tag Team: On "Yyang", where both A and D..."sing".
  • Word Salad Title: Sweet Jesus, there is a lot of it. For example, from GLAQJO XAACSSO: "Words Collided", "Blush Mosaic" and "Ndi Bem". See also: "Spaghetti Tree Harvest", "LL2" and "Yyang".
  • Word Purée Title: GLAQJO XAACSSO.