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(L-R: Lizzy, Raina, Nana

Orange Caramel is a three-member sub unit of the K-Pop Girl Group After School. While their main group's image is more based towards sexiness, Orange Caramel's songs have featured a retro Trot sound and are almost always accompanied by a bright, colorful and quirky music video.


  • Raina
  • Nana
  • Lizzy

    Orange Caramel Discography 

Tropes related to Orange Caramel:

  • Breakout Character:
    • They're more popular than their original group (After School).
    • The subunit catapulted Nana as the most popular After School member. Previously that spot belonged to Uee. Even former leader Kahi admits Nana's popularity keeps increasing, while Uee's keeps decreasing.
  • The Cameo: Both Minhyun and JR from NU'EST make appearances in the Shanghai Romance and Bangkok City music videos respectively. However, those videos released before Nu'est debuted, making it a case of Retroactive Recognition.
  • Costume Porn: They have worn many elaborate outfits on stage, but their food-themed costumes during "Catallena" promotions were perhaps the most detailed and complex of them all.
  • Crossdresser: The "girl" in a wedding dress in "Lipstick" and the octopus from "Catallena" are both played by men.
  • The Cutie:
    • Raina is almost the archetype of the cute Asian girl.
    • Lizzy is known for her aegyo, especially saying "aing!"note  a lot.
  • Darker and Edgier: "Bubble Bath" is a song all about a nasty breakup from the girl's point of view.
  • Gratuitous English: Their songs feature this occasionally, but "Catallena" takes it one step further by having Gratuitous Punjabi: "Jutti Meri Oye Hoi Hoi/Paula Mera Oye Hoi Hoi".
  • Heat Wave: The beginning of "Abing Abing."
  • Homage:
  • Jingle: Their song "Abing Abing" is more than a jingle, it's a 3 1/2-minute advertisement for Baskin Robbins patbingsoo with the Paper-Thin Disguise of a music video.
  • Lighter and Softer: To After School's Hotter and Sexier
  • Lyrical Dissonance: "The Gangnam Avenue" is a song about a breakup, set to a lively techno instrumental.
  • Stage Name
    • Raina: Oh Hye-Rin
    • Nana: Im Jin-Ah
    • Lizzy: Park Soo-Young