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We are old we are young we are in this together,
Vagabonds and children (are) prisoners forever,
With pulses a-raging and eyes full of wonder,
Kicking out behind us again...

New Model Army are an English rock band from Bradford in the United Kingdom. They are best known for the songs "Vagabonds", "Vengeance" and "Stupid Questions". They are named after the "New Model Army" - the Parliamentary army from the English Civil War.

Formed in 1980, the band have released fourteen studio albums over a career that's lasted nearly forty years and are still touring to this day.

  • Author Existence Failure: Drummer and songwriter Robert Heaton left the band in 1988 after being diagnosed with a brain tumour and while he would survive this, he died of pancreatic cancer in 2004.
  • Face of the Band: Justin Sullivan is the band's founder, frontman and only member to have been with the band since it's inception.
  • Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly: In Justin's own words: "We've been labelled as punks, post-punks, goth, metal, folk – the lot, but we've always been beyond those style confines."
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  • Revolving Door Band: The band have gone through fourteen different members in their history, not counting touring and guest members.

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