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NS Yoon-G (AKA "NS Yoonji" or "Christine Yoonji Kim") is a mildly-popular Korean solo-artist. That said, she is often paired with loud, Ebonics-speaking Korean men who introduce her songs.


  • Korean Discography:
    • Meori Apa (2009)
    • Ambitious (2010)
    • Time to Fly High (2010)
    • Talk Talk Talk (2011)
    • Tto Bogo Sipeo (2011)
    • Niga Mwol Ara (2011)
    • Neo Spirit (2011)
    • Skinship (2012)
    • If You Love Me (2012)

NS Yoon-G dances to forget her painful memories in the following tropes:

  • Ambiguous Gender: The various animals in Talk Talk Talk fit the bill quite nicely here. The first little puppy seems to be male, since he shows jealousy towards Christine's claymation love-interest. However, the little puppy himself falls in love with a dog resembling Santa's Little Helper from The Simpsons who sports a grey moustache.
  • Amusing Injuries: Yoonji quite literally kicks off an instrumental break in TRIBAW (The Reason I Became a Witch) by punching and kicking two of her male backup dancers.
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  • Break-Up Song: Just Dance is the story of Christine's attempts to forget a broken heart on the dance floor.
  • Cat Girl: in TRIBAW, Yoonji occasionally sports a cat-womanesque leather hood.
  • Dark Magical Girl: Pretty much the whole gimmick of TRIBAW. At the end of the video, her eyes flash from brown to an intriguing shade of ice blue. Perhaps this is a further indication of her witchiness?
  • Euro Pop: "Just Dance" probably fits this mold the best.
  • Family Business: Yoonji is the cousin of Jiyoung, ex-member of the K-pop group KARA.
  • Fanservice: "Don't Go Back" features Noogie in, among many other things, an incongruous tennis outfit.
  • Flowery Insults: In TRIBAW, Noogie shouts "I wouldn't want a truckful of you!"
  • Form-Fitting Wardrobe: Particularly notable in a stage performance of TRIBAW, in which Noogie wears an electric-blue Spandex suit, which bears a striking resemblance to Samus Aran's Zero Suit.
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  • Gratuitous English: This is no surprise since Yoonji lived in California for some years. She is known to use such baseball terms as "foul" in reference to her exes' past offenses. However, as mentioned before, many of the other male rappers with whom she works, including Verbal Jint and Mighty Mouth, also feature near-native Ebonics pronunciation.
  • Grief Song: "Just Dance" tells the story of a young woman who, after being betrayed by her lover, has no choice but to drink and dance to forget him.
  • Impossibly Cool Clothes: That's my Noogie.
  • Kick the Dog: Subverted (literally) in "Talk Talk Talk" when the moustache dog kicks Noogie's nameless lover, while the puppy kicks her in the opposite direction.
  • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo: The moustache dog in Talk Talk Talk strongly resembles Santa's Little Helper from the Simpsons, except for his thick grey moustache and biped dance moves.
  • Lighter and Softer: We have a stark contrast between TRIBAW and the rest of the songs on Neo Spirit.
  • Murder Makes You Crazy: The TRIBAW video ends with the same music box motif from the beginning. As it plays, Yoonji's eyes glow blue, and we see smoke floating up from her hands (which are holding guns). No blood is seen, but she has very obviously killed her six backup dancers (although the two females have been replaced with more men).
  • Ominous Music Box Tune: TRIBAW kicks off with this quite nicely before seguing into the infamous music video in which Noogie whips a chained man.
  • Pistol Pose: At the end of the video for TRIBAW, Yoonji fires two pistols as the sounds of fireworks blast behind her, spent cartridges fly around her, and her six male backup dancers go flying backwards.
    • It's interesting to note that both her hands are hanging at her sides - was she aiming at the floor?
  • Rule of Cool: Spikes and shoulderpads in TRIBAW.
  • Rule of Sexy: TRIBAW. 'Nuff said.
  • Sexy Silhouette: In "If You Love Me", Noogie's silhouette, juxtaposed against physical photographs of the moon's phases, remains perhaps the most revealing leitmotivs in the video.
  • Stage Names: NS-Yoon G (formerly NS Yoonji) was born Christine Yoonji Kim.
  • Stop Motion: "Talk Talk Talk".
  • Surreal Music Video: "Talk Talk Talk".
  • Triang Relations: in "Talk Talk Talk", Noogie loves a faceless man; Noogie's puppy loves her; An odd moustache dog loves noogie's puppy. Meanwhile the claymation rat is left out in the cold.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: In "Just Dance", Yoonji sports approximately nine different outfits.
  • Whip It Good: As the culmination of her revenge towards the man who mistreated her in TRIBAW, she chains him up and whirls a whip around her head with one of the most grimly satisfied smiles you've ever seen on her face. Although Korean censorship laws prevent us from seeing the leather make contact with the man's muscular flesh, the lash is heavily implied.


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