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Candace Mycale Guyton, professionally known as Mickey Guyton (born June 17, 1983) is an American country singer-songwriter. Guyton is one of the few notable contemporary Country Music artists of African-American descent. In 2020, she released the single "Black Like Me", in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement. The single would lead to Guyton's breakthrough in country music, with her becoming the first black female artist to perform at the Academy of Country Music awards and being the first black female artist to be nominated for Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance in 2021.


Extended Plays
  • Unbreakable (2014)
  • Mickey Guyton (2015)
  • Bridges (2020)
  • Mickey Guyton (2021)


  • Remember Her Name (2021)


  • "Better Than You Left Me"
  • "Heartbreak Song"
  • "Nice Things"
  • "Sister"
  • "What Are You Gonna Tell Her?"
  • "Black Like Me"
  • "Heaven Down Here"


  • Break Up Song: "Better Than You Left Me" has her encountering a former boyfriend and telling him that she is doing "better" than she was at the time of their breakup.
  • Cover Version: She covered "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" as a Christmas release, and "If I Were a Boy" on Remember Her Name.
  • Prejudice Aesop: "Black Like Me", a song where she sings about her experiences as a black woman in America and asks for empathy. "What Are You Gonna Tell Her" is this as well, mostly about sexism towards women.
  • Protest Song: "Black Like Me", "What Are You Gonna Tell Her", and "Heaven Down Here" all have a political bent, in terms of talking about social issues such as racism and sexism.
  • You Are Not Alone: "Hold On" is about this.