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Music / Michael Nyman

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Michael Nyman (born 23 March 1944) is an English composer of Modern Classical Music. He is the Trope Namer and a main innovator of Minimalism and his most well-known Signature Style consists of powerful pulsating progressions and melodies sometimes "sampled" and rearranged from older pieces of classical music. His most popular and acclaimed work are his numerous soundtracks. He Also Did various operas, concertos and other.


He is noted for being well-respected in both popular and academic circles.

Michael Nyman is associated with these tropes:

  • Cult Soundtrack: The Piano is his most well-known soundtrack and the signature track The Heart Asks Pleasure First became a modern piano classic.
  • Trope Namer: Of Minimal Music.
  • Trope Codifier: He was among the leading innovators of Post-Minimalism, that explored classical and popular music under the influence of minimalism.