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Michael Giacchino (born October 10, 1967) is an American composer and director who works in films, video games and television, including seven Pixar films. He first gained recognition for The Incredibles.

Won an Academy Award for Up and a Emmy for Lost. Can be seen as a modern-day John Williams, sharing this with fellow composer Joel McNeely (who is now considered to be the Poor Man's Substitute for blockbuster composer Giacchino himself in recent years), whom Giacchino can also be seen as a next-gen Superior Successor to along with the late Frank DeVol due to also their most occasional collaborations with Disney sided with their other film and television works outside of the family-friendly company. He can also be seen as the modern day Stu Phillips in the television business due to scoring episodic music for shows whose theme songs were composed by the show's creators (Glen A. Larson for Phillips and J. J. Abrams for Giacchino). Also known for naming many of his pieces with awful puns and being the usual composer for filmmakers J. J. Abrams, Brad Bird, Matt Reeves and Colin Trevorrow, and for being a frequent composer for projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universenote .

He also created the new fanfare for the 100th anniversary Paramount logo, along with the fanfare for the new Hammer Films.

Much of his work for Pixar can be found on Pixar's Awesome Music page.

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