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Lower Dens are an American indie rock group formed in Baltimore, Maryland. The band was founded in 2010 by Jana Hunter, an indie folk artist associated with Devendra Banhart. Lower Dens mark a significant change from this background, trafficking as they variously do in Dream Pop, nu-gaze, Kraut Rock, and eighties-inspired Synth-Pop.

The band has been through a few guitarists and a couple of drummers, but Hunter and bassist Geoff Graham have been constants. Lower Dens have toured with Yo La Tengo and with Baltimore neighbors Beach House.



  • Twin Hand Movement (2010)
  • Nootropics (2012)
  • Escape from Evil (2015)

The band provides examples of:

  • Epic Rocking: “In the End is the Beginning” is over twelve minutes.
  • Foreign Language Title: Escape from Evil contains two songs with Latin titles (“Quo Vadis”, “Non Grata”), and one with French (“Societé Anonyme”).
  • Important Haircut: Hunter has worn their hair medium long as a solo artist. When leading Lower Dens it they tend to wear it short as part of an overall more androgynous look.
  • Lead Bassist: Geoff Graham, as a prominent player, cofounder of the band, and provider of spooky harmony vocals.
  • The Singularity: The band read up on the subject while working on Nootropics, reflected in some songs like the AI-themed “Brains”.
  • Surreal Music Video: Is “Candy” surreal enough for you?


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