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liana flores (born June 2, 1999) is a British singer-songwriter. She started out on YouTube in 2015 as "Ukulili", mainly doing ukelele covers and tutorials for musical theatre and other songs. She has released two EP's, "the water's fine!" and "recently", as well as other original songs on her YouTube channel, (renamed liana flores as of 2018).


  • the water's fine! (EP; 2018)
  • recently (EP; 2019)

liana flores and her work contain examples of:

And If you discovered how I think of you, my love, I'd be so weak.
(to the tune of "Alexander Hamilton")
Liana Flores, click subscribe
That was Liana Flores, click subscribe
And if you want to, you can hit that like
Help pay my rent! Help pay my rent!
  • Self-Backing Vocalist: Liana sings her own backup on many of her songs and covers.
  • Title Drop: All of her original songs note  save "jupiter rainstorm", as it's an instrumental.


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