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King Gordy is a horrorcore rapper from Detroit, Michigan. Who is recognizable for having his hair braided into two horns on his head. And being morbidly obese. Gordy appeared as the rapper Big-O, "in the film 8 Mile. King Gordy is signed to the label, WEB Entertainment. Gordy is also in a side group, The Fat Killahz.

King Gordy’s albums:

  • 2003: The Entity
  • 2006: King of Horrorcore
  • 2007: Van Dyke and Harper Music
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  • 2007: Cobain's Diary
  • 2008: The Great American Weed Smoker
  • 2009: King of Horrorcore II
  • 2010: Xerxes The God-King
  • 2011: Sings the Blues
  • 2011: King Gordy Presents Jesus Christ's Mistress (Part. I)
  • 2012: King Gordy Is...Pregnant With God's Baby (Part. II)

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