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"That will always be my music, man. I play Kind of Blue every day - it's my orange juice. It still sounds like it was made yesterday."

Kind of Blue is Miles Davis' most famous and critically acclaimed album, released in 1959 through Columbia Records. Since its release, it has become the top selling jazz album of all time and influenced countless musicians, not only in jazz, but in all kinds of genres. In 2002, it was added to the National Recording Registry for its cultural, historical and aesthetic importance.


Side One

  1. "So What" (Davis) - 9:22
  2. "Freddie Freeloader" (Davis) - 9:46
  3. "Blue in Green" (Davis/Evans) - 5:47

Side Two

  1. "All Blues" (Davis) - 11:33
  2. "Flamenco Sketches" (Davis/Evans) - 9:26

The 1997 CD reissue adds an alternate take of "Flamenco Sketches" (9:32) discovered on the master tapes by the engineers as a bonus sixth track.


  • Miles Davis: trumpet
  • Bill Evans: piano
  • Wynton Kelly: piano note 
  • Jimmy Cobb: drums
  • Paul Chambers: bass
  • John Coltrane: tenor saxophone
  • Cannonball Adderley: alto saxophone

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