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When strangers are coming, they come to your house
They kill you all and say, "we're not guilty"

Susana Alimivna Jamaladinova, better known as Jamala (born August 27, 1983 in Osh, Kyrgyz SSR), a Ukrainian singer, actress and songwriter of Crimean Tatar and Armenian descent.

Jamala is perhaps best known for winning the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, giving Ukraine their second-ever victory with "1944". The song, which she wrote about her Tatar ancestors being forcefully resettled from Crimea by Josef Stalin in the year 1944, obviously rustled certain feathers, with some arguing it went against the contest's (supposedly) apolitical nature.note 

In spite of —or because of?— the controversy, Jamala narrowly beat out entries by Australia and Russia (biblically-appropriately enough), giving Ukraine the privilege to host 2017's contest in Kyiv. "1944" is also the first winning song of the contest to not be sung entirely in English note  since the 2007 Serbian entry "Molitva" by Marija Šerifović.

On the heels of her Eurovision win, Jamala joined Holos Krainy as a coach in 2017, which Ukraine's previous Eurovision victor Ruslana also coached in its first season, as well as the jury panel of Vidbir - Ukraine's national selection for Eurovision.


  • For Every Heart (2011)
  • All or Nothing (2013)
  • Thank You EP (2014)
  • Подих note  (2015)
  • 1944 (2016)
  • Крила note  (2018)
  • Ми note  (2021)
  • 5:45 EP (2021)
  • Поклик EP note  (2022)
  • Qırım note  (2023)

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